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Video 미친 연주에 구경하던 남학생들까지 놀람 ㅎㄷㄷ (GIFT 버스킹 직캠) [자막]
04:55   |   11/14/2018 at 20:17


  • When I look into your eyes
  • It`s like watching the night sky
  • Or a beautiful sunrise
  • There`s so much they hold
  • And just like them old stars
  • I see that you`ve come so far
  • Just to be right where you are
  • How old is your soul?
  • I won`t give up on us
  • Even if the skies get rough
  • I`m giving you all my love
  • I`m still looking up
  • And when you`re needing your space
  • To do some navigating
  • I`ll be here patiently waiting
  • To see what you find
  • `Cause even the stars they burn
  • Some even fall to the earth
  • We got a lot to learn
  • God knows we`re worth it
  • No I won`t give up
  • I don`t wanna be someone
  • who walks away so easily I`m here to stay
  • and make the difference that I can make
  • Our differences they do a lot to teach us
  • how to use the tools and gifts
  • we`ve got yeah we got a lot at stake
  • And in the end, you`re still my friend
  • at least we did intend for us to work
  • we didn`t break, we didn`t burn
  • We had to learn how to bend
  • without the world caving in
  • I had to learn what I`ve got, and what I`m not
  • And who I am
  • I won`t give up on us
  • Even if the skies get rough
  • Giving you all my love
  • Still looking up, still looking up
  • I won`t give up on us
  • God knows I`m tough enough
  • We got a lot to learn
  • and we`re worth it

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Everybody was surprised when the boy starts to sing with his beautiful and unbelievable voice. We, Citii production bought for the band GIFT a Straight Cover License from the original publishers, so please don't claim copyright issue on this clip.

BAND GIFT(기프트) Youtube:

ROXTA MUZIK(록스타뮤직앤라이브) Youtube:

Vocal(보컬) 이주혁
Bass(베이스) 김형우
Drum(드럼) 정휘겸
Keyboard(건반) 배환 (세션)
Electric Guitar(일렉기타) 권동현 (세션)

제이슨므라즈 - I Won't Give Up remake by Gift 직캠

비긴어게인 2 방영으로 대중화된 소름돋는 버스킹 / 핵소름 노래레전드 길거리공연 라이브(Live):
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* 이 영상은 홍대 또는 신촌에서 에 의해 녹화되었습니다 (This clip was filmed by Daily Busking in Hongdae(弘大) or Sinchon(新村), South Korea).
* 타 플랫폼 공유에 관한 사항은 본 채널 PC 메인화면 상단 '정보' 탭을 참조해 주세요.


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