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Video Страшные кадры цунами в Японии! после землетрясения
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  • one set additional sets we're moving
  • upstream Miyagi Prefecture tsunami ways
  • in Sendai area a large part of the city
  • has been struck engulfed by the tsunami
  • farms being washed away along with
  • houses we don't know the extent of the
  • damage or the number of casualties or
  • the number of injured yet at this time
  • but obviously that tsunami being
  • extremely large you can see the white
  • for living in the coastal areas please
  • do move to higher ground the tsunami has
  • already hit several times along the
  • Pacific Coast area of Japan that tsunami
  • that huge tsunami you can see from our
  • live helicopter cameras hitting Miyagi
  • Prefecture in northern Japan and Sendai
  • City from the major earthquake that hit
  • Japan on Friday afternoon Japan's
  • Meteorological Agency revising the quake
  • upwards to magnitude of eight point four
  • one of the largest earthquake since the
  • 1995 earthquake that hit the Greater
  • hunching area
  • this is from our camera reporter in
  • Miyagi and it looks and it looks like
  • the tsunami has a Gulf several cities in
  • Miyagi Prefecture live footage of Miyagi
  • as the tsunami has struck the area
  • obviously engulfing farms homes
  • alongside the river in Sendai City this
  • is in Miyagi Prefecture tsunami live
  • coverage of tsunami engulfing the city
  • in Sendai for those of you that have
  • just tuned into NHK world you're seeing
  • live coverage from our helicopters of a
  • tsunami engulfing Sendai
  • area in the MV prefecture
  • you
  • for safety and this is a look once again
  • at Kamiya shoe city an electic
  • prefecture and it looks like a tsunami
  • has been a golfing engulfing the port
  • you're seeing live footage of it tsunami
  • engulfing the port area of kamae city in
  • watts a pre-victory we've been reporting
  • earlier on that they the Meteorological
  • Agency has issued a warning for tsunami
  • up to 6 meters deep 6 meters high and
  • this is what's happening right as we
  • speak a large tsunami engulfing the port
  • of caller
  • Kamaishi in USA prefecture

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Страшные кадры цунами в Японии! после землетрясения 11.03.11


Цунами в Японии стихия природа катастрофа разрушения tsunami destroy weather OMG

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