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Video Trouble Makers in Walmart! Mega Bloks Shrednaught | Lexi's New Bike! (Barely Skylanders Hunting #16)


  • hmm I thought your unboxing oh hello
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • what's up everybody we're up in Walmart
  • we're doing some dances and stuff right
  • no enough so basically we're here and
  • we're gonna get a bike for Alexa then we
  • spotted something oh it's a it's a chum
  • bucket hat for it a little one ready let
  • go let go little Chum let go little Chum
  • Bucket you gotta wear it see forgive me
  • chum bucket and then for Michael his
  • favorite princess Sofia no that's all
  • you bro perfect wool do they look at
  • these things minion for figured since
  • we're here and we turn on the camera
  • let's see if we can spot anything else
  • out it's Olaf head snapshot and night
  • shift bad old bashers and it only one
  • shred nut I'm gonna get it right to the
  • skyline troublemaker that's what you're
  • doing in Walmart
  • [Music]
  • Oh snaps there's nothing so let me get
  • this straight
  • we're Skylander hunting for amiibo
  • there's no owner Skylander thank you
  • told might be what's new here nothing
  • [Music]
  • just boom
  • what's his name who's avvocato oh that's
  • a baccata oh you mean mommy's have Ma
  • said Lucado
  • oh do this almost sky grandma I'll call
  • him Luke Otto no that's Lucario but this
  • is chic the dad bike cam I don't get you
  • I don't teach any bicycle well
  • [Music]
  • beep beep found JA those are meal wins
  • yeah I think you know will you eat that
  • $5.00 if you eat a meal worm what it's
  • like a whole meal I'm gonna set up my
  • little obstacle you wanna see if I can
  • make the obstacle Lexi's gonna see if I
  • can do the obstacle I thought you
  • unboxing oh hello gotta run down there 1
  • 2 3 is that funny you guys need to learn
  • how to act in the store
  • [Music]
  • okay Lex you have to find out which one
  • chases in okay what is it it's gonna be
  • super hard to tell
  • [Music]
  • you'll never find out I'm gonna hide the
  • ball away I'm going to quickly move the
  • buckets around you ready stay still
  • go back go back okay this is gonna be
  • impossible no way there's no way you
  • guys followed that how did you follow
  • that I no more no more no more seriously
  • hey Mike Michael you got to bounce this
  • ball to their today watch one two oh I
  • failed go oh here we go one two no no I
  • supposed to hit the third one and one
  • two
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • I think i'ma keep this byte for myself
  • [Music]
  • fluffy baymax let's go check for trap
  • team styling their cakes
  • Oh goodbye mommy all right Helene okay
  • Monster High saladin would eat a frozen
  • cake it's too hard to bite
  • fatty food great the dice like come on
  • slowpoke
  • when once at the end in the oh there it
  • is that's old all those new oh you get
  • those two collectible pieces and those
  • are the cupcakes wallop fry no snap
  • short that's it
  • that looks good you know dude you're
  • gonna take a sample from there it could
  • have been there for like a week
  • try it I don't want to die let's go find
  • Moo me oh I just ran over my own foot
  • [Music]
  • serial cam serial cam stop when you see
  • Skylanders sell it at Target daddy let's
  • target daddy
  • is that like Target superstore cereal
  • camp stop when you see Skylanders look
  • night
  • let's look night through puns why right
  • there Tony the Tiger that's fruit punch
  • oh no pop farts we came for a bike and
  • we're leaving with you almost fell
  • because it was the best terrier there's
  • no new Skylanders so so we came for a
  • bike and we're leaving with celery blue
  • cheese to amiibos to skylander items a
  • sour patch aunt blocking a pop-tart man
  • that's one crazy bike bye bye
  • [Laughter]
  • tastes remember how Kaos used to be over
  • there now look now he's here all right
  • Lexi's first try on the new bike okay
  • you got it I got it you're making me run
  • with you how is it what you're doing
  • Lexi left me get off on the street
  • monkey
  • but elected someone has to lay off the
  • donuts I think it's going like two miles
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • all right we're back home we got some
  • stuff we've been busy doing sick brick
  • videos finally we're gonna get to it
  • alrighty
  • all right we're gonna open this chic
  • you're ready one two three oh nice look
  • at that cut right to the box Wow
  • bushwhack it look at this oh my goodness
  • what and try this again one two three
  • whoa bushwhack take it easy we're on
  • level 40 all right you're gonna try from
  • the back one two three
  • oh my goodness right through the box all
  • right now that my fun is over chase
  • wanted to open these up so I'm gonna let
  • him yeah all right now Chase is here two
  • three
  • whoa push my cut dad he's so easy to get
  • out because you look like you were
  • struggling oh who is in there
  • whoo chic you could throw chic in the
  • skyline there bucket all right for those
  • who don't know we did this for a sick
  • bricks video I mean like you just got a
  • ton a ton a ton a ton of sick bricks
  • check out our FG TV channel forever
  • anyway now that we're done
  • we can build a little shred not now
  • right I did take this corner play-doh
  • yeah and surprise eggs and surprise eggs
  • you love surprise eggs huh I know this
  • is a skyline of video we got amiibo and
  • sick grapes right it went over there to
  • be honest you're a little lazy we didn't
  • feel like making a separate video for
  • amoeba unboxings yeah cuz this is the
  • big favor hey I want to build this
  • alright so here's the troll
  • there's just shred nut and here you let
  • me see perfect there's food fight can I
  • open it up are you opening up while I
  • look at these guys I got Megaman
  • shiki-san aqui
  • oh is it cuz you're a boo boo boo boo
  • boo boo baby
  • oh it's tape oh no tape oh nice
  • Oh who's this guy it's the blueberry
  • dude oh okay open up the troll
  • I'm bill it by yourself ya know why do
  • you need my help so we got all the
  • pieces out got the amoebas we've got got
  • a little bucket here it's boom time
  • [Music]
  • secret portal can fin amiibos cool leave
  • Delta sin
  • show them how shredding out works cuz
  • we're all done now I'm chopped up
  • countdown what do I do code oh yeah ooh
  • spinny blade ha ha ha
  • so here's countdown this the first time
  • you ever see him with hands and probably
  • the last time and you could put the
  • Rockets on and off which is cool because
  • it makes him
  • it makes him fully functional now in the
  • back I got confused because I'm looking
  • at them and I thought ah a bunch of
  • noobs at Mega Bloks they don't
  • understand that he doesn't have a winder
  • and I started thinking this is like a
  • swap force wind up and countdown mixed
  • together so you get a wind-up countdown
  • yeah Aunt grant blank and then he walks
  • I guess I gotta take this off of his
  • back as much as I thought it was like a
  • cool mess up he goes in here so this is
  • uh his launcher and this goes in the
  • bottom I'm gonna pop that in right there
  • and then watch this thank you I'm sorry
  • oh man okay okay sorry
  • you forget daddy alright guys don't aim
  • this at anybody's face cuz now I'm
  • officially I'm the I'm the worst dad of
  • the in the world of the day I'm the
  • worst dad of the day so now now
  • countdown if he trapped said not now
  • countdown can ride inside shed net are
  • you getting revenge no no don't get
  • revenge no stop okay that does Jimmy
  • alright guys I've got a slow-motion
  • feature around here and I've never tried
  • it out I want to try it right now for
  • the first time let's try this
  • alright you guys we got it recording
  • right there we're gonna see what it's
  • like from both cam
  • are we ready oh hello troll it's nice of
  • you to meet my rocket alright guys this
  • is everything check out chases new hat
  • cool I like your new hat dude so anyway
  • we got the hell well get the camera I
  • got the countdown shred not see key I
  • know it's chic Megaman and Sonic don't
  • forget to watch all of our sick bricks
  • videos on FG TV sonic boom there's a
  • sick portal that we built it was a
  • three-in-one play set and this was the
  • best one alright say peace out peace out
  • peace out bam bam bam pow
  • [Music]
  • are you buddy
  • [Music]

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We started off going to Walmart for a new bike because Lexi outgrew her old one. However, our Bike Trip turned into a Mini-Skylanders Hunting Video and then we just kept the camera rolling! We even hop on the Crazy Cart in this video, we unbox and timelapse build Shrednaught & Countdown Skylanders Trap Team Mega Bloks set. Bushwhack turns his Axe Power to the Max and helps unbox Amiibo Sheik, Amiibo Sonic & Amiibo Mega Man! There's other randomness throughout the vid like an Amiibo/Skylanders Obstacle Course & even a scare cam!
Thumbs up for Skylanders Trap Team Cupcakes! :)

Some of this would probably belong on our FGTEEV Amiibo Shopping Series but hey it's whatever, we are the same people! :)

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