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Video BUILDING MY THEME PARK!!! (Planet Coaster)
22:47   |   views   |   04/13/2018


  • guys I think the channel is big enough
  • now we just hit eighteen and a half
  • million subscribers so we're gonna go
  • Disney look at about a theme park but
  • first most importantly we need to build
  • ourselves because this is not me is it
  • let's hit randomize a few times uh whoa
  • definitely not me
  • ah what is wrong with these people
  • what's wrong with her face Oh
  • oh my goodness are those eyelashes or
  • pupils I don't really know all right
  • let's go to Mayo
  • let's hit randomize randomize randomized
  • wasn't good mustaches up in here I think
  • he started to shave the beard and um and
  • gave up poor guy looks like we're gonna
  • have to make ourselves there's not much
  • choice here we've got this this this is
  • I think I'm just gonna go for this seems
  • the most normal can I actually choose
  • blue no but it says rainbow that's just
  • green not quite why I wanted can I have
  • any of this got blue or is it just green
  • Oh red it has to be a blue one that's
  • pretty cool oh my goodness okay that's
  • definitely rainbows it looks like we've
  • got Oh
  • I'm going rainbows this isn't gonna be
  • me anymore this is gonna be someone
  • completely different with an amazing
  • mustache look at that slug it's like a
  • slug is just chilling out on his lip you
  • know I feel like I'm being pretty mean
  • yeah let's go with clean-shaven and
  • let's add some glasses that's that's it
  • that looks like a theme park designer
  • yeah he knows I'm gonna go for the
  • untucked shirt in white and then also
  • skinny jeans in at you know I kind of
  • like the yellow I think we could rock
  • that oh my goodness we can have hats oh
  • why didn't they give me this option
  • first this is our guy but you can't see
  • his multicolored hair anymore just
  • unfortunate that you can't change his
  • hair at all when he has the crown on I
  • kind of like him without you know what
  • let's make him really what we can make
  • him tiny ah God lost him
  • okay its back we can't change his shoes
  • what a shame right
  • this is us for today and there he goes
  • place your avatar HQ basically where I
  • live right about yeah yes I'm sure
  • drop that dude yes oh it's giving me a
  • dlc already i haven't even played the
  • game yet oh my goodness
  • what are so many people are wearing
  • crowns everyone's everyone's wearing a
  • crown apart from me I feel really out of
  • place how do I play the game I'm so
  • confused
  • quite I'll play oh my goodness look at
  • the cookie man we have challenge as well
  • you need to manage your money to succeed
  • you have limited options and earn your
  • way to a bigger Park embark on a career
  • in theme park management's I don't know
  • which one to do let's just go career
  • let's just see what we can create today
  • oh my goodness who are these characters
  • this cookie man is amazing what
  • princesses t-rex there he is gulp ease
  • island paradise Gopi wants you to turn
  • this remote beachfront into a theme park
  • he hasn't no idea how to go about it oh
  • my goodness but look at this dude chief
  • beef he's not even a cookie he's a piece
  • of meat I'm not expecting that let's do
  • this
  • cuz the the piece of meats freaking me
  • out I need to help gold
  • make this into an island paradise it's
  • gonna take skillful management and a
  • full staff roster to keep everything
  • running smoothly please bear in mind
  • that I have done absolutely nothing in
  • this game before look what we've got to
  • start with there are any of these
  • attractions there's a shark this dude so
  • it looks like we start with the nice bit
  • there's a castle at the front which is
  • good I have $5,000 Oh
  • oh man there's people coming into the
  • park oh no nope they're running away
  • they're like this park is awful I'm
  • going I'm out it's okay guys we've got
  • gulpy Rex there is that's the only thing
  • that is keeping this Park alive right
  • now
  • Hey look at this this is cool
  • I'm gonna place this down and see what
  • happens hey I got it okay I need to
  • place an entrance
  • let's place the entrance here place the
  • exit here connect entrance to the path
  • okay yeah this makes sense okay this is
  • well like the old games ah this is cool
  • I like the building mechanics this is
  • nice I'm just gonna bend it around here
  • and then connects out their entrance
  • made now I need a normal path and
  • because we're going all natural I'm
  • gonna make it a dusty one sweet let's
  • open this bad way eh dude I can ride
  • this yes ah this is beautiful
  • is it it's singing to me as well I'll
  • just fantastic and there's creepy
  • dummies in here as well looks like it
  • we're doing okay this is perfect I'm not
  • sure it fits in it sticks out like a
  • sore thumb but we need money so yeah
  • we've got how many people in our park 75
  • already man there's a lot of things that
  • go in here a burger shop is nine hundred
  • dollars that seems so expensive yes haha
  • how do I get rid of this I want to
  • delete it
  • goodbye Bush and you get out of here
  • you're in the way here's our main man
  • that chief beef oh no it's cheap beef
  • he's back oh this is popping off how
  • many people are in the queue that is
  • money in the bank
  • oh my goodness and the burger shop has
  • cannons it's pretty phenomenal we're
  • gonna put insanity over here I think
  • this is the best place start test I
  • go on the ride camera oh dang and see
  • what happens here what's it gonna do
  • it's going it's going up your legs
  • I've got mechanical legs oh no this is
  • gonna be bad oh I just realized what it
  • does there's a bird up there oh no oh
  • it's gonna keep going isn't it backwards
  • and forwards oh wait this is gonna throw
  • them at the top okay I think it is I
  • think it is I think it is ah no wonder
  • this thing is called insanity on my word
  • people are gonna love this or really
  • hate it that's good let's open it and
  • find out in a second
  • this guy's got this guy's got my hair
  • and click on him I can guest camera all
  • this is weird
  • like like zoom in on him look at his
  • hair how comes I could get that it looks
  • phenomenal
  • it looks great so shiny and pink and
  • blue and and green oh I could be his
  • eyes as well I can literally become him
  • this is cool so you can like build a
  • theme park and then experience it if
  • they made this in VR this would be great
  • I'm jealous we're in a bad place
  • I've got like no money and I need to buy
  • toilets but the toilets a $1100 this
  • could get messy real fast theft reported
  • victim unsure of when occurred there are
  • no security guards who got theft did
  • what happened who who what that did was
  • it you Will Smith is that you I had much
  • more money than that at some point I
  • must have been pickpocketed oh he had
  • 508 dollars he's had $500 stolen this is
  • unacceptable
  • I need a I need a security guard here he
  • is the security guard and the main man
  • for the job just hiring one more
  • importantly how does he look oh yes that
  • is the kind of guy that I want
  • protecting my guests in my Park look at
  • this dude's just look at him he's
  • beautiful
  • is he gonna is that a Taser I think that
  • might be a Taser do not mess with this
  • dude and that's a walkie-talkie
  • definitely don't mess with this dude
  • right we need a roller coaster how much
  • of these things
  • six thousand fourteen thousand or three
  • thousand weed alone alone of $10,000
  • wait I've already got alone
  • okay add a new loan what have we got to
  • lose huh 20 grand
  • hey now I can build a massive
  • rollercoaster let's go for the 14,000
  • one oh my goodness is huge it's actually
  • massive um obstructed I really wanted to
  • put it here I want it to go green
  • what is it obstructed by water wait wait
  • wait I can raise it really high and it
  • will work okay let's see if this happens
  • yes this is it I don't know how this is
  • going to work and it's gonna look
  • abysmal but I think we can do this
  • having it over the water as well is
  • gonna be great BAM a 14 grand spent I
  • just I'll just smash the bronze
  • objective achieve a park value of
  • fifteen thousand we just complete that
  • almost with one rides which is
  • impressive this is so ugly look it's so
  • bad but it's gonna work at least the
  • queue is long right let's test this bad
  • boy start test ride camera oh yes let's
  • go let's see how this goes is called the
  • American arrow oh geez look above the
  • water as well did you see that it kind
  • of went through it kinda went through
  • metal there not sure that's the safest
  • thing but we're gonna find out here we
  • go here we go yeah was this worth
  • $14,000 I think so it's got a loop in it
  • oh this is great you have to duck under
  • that bit though and this bit jeans the
  • sunset looks beautiful
  • oh this is yeah this is exactly what we
  • needed yes oh this is great yeah I'm
  • sold let's see if everyone else is let's
  • open this how is it oh my gosh there are
  • loads of achievements I don't think you
  • can see those but they're in the way can
  • I open it is it safe
  • looks like it's safe let's go now
  • everyone can go from this and then
  • literally destroy their souls by going
  • on this the janitor it's not quite doing
  • a good job is he Oh Oh who's the first
  • brave volunteer this
  • man right here he looks ready he's
  • wearing the cargo shorts
  • he's got the he's got he's got the camo
  • on ah look at all these unlucky guests
  • some people are running towards it my
  • goodness the hype is real ha ha ha
  • look how many people are coming up oh
  • this is gonna be fantastic
  • here they come ha ha go go
  • beautiful it may have the ugliest
  • entrance and exits in the world's but I
  • think people are gonna enjoy it oh look
  • another theft who is thief in they
  • thieves
  • $345 someone here is making a pretty
  • amazing income from just thieving off
  • these people that's like eight hundred
  • over eight hundred dollars they've
  • stolen it's wrong with you guys
  • oh this is the longest queue in the
  • world I'm glad that she made it that
  • long Wow you are all beautiful people
  • wait no no no no don't do it do not do
  • it this dude is going to pee himself Oh
  • No please don't do it please don't do it
  • please don't do it
  • we're losing money pretty badly actually
  • this isn't good look all the red Oh No
  • okay we're gonna leave that for now I
  • want to try out the creative mode as
  • well and see what happens I want to see
  • what we can build here watch we choose
  • we're gonna go for grassland TDM land oh
  • it really is just grassland I mean like
  • Africa is lion Knights Rock Park
  • management staff robots cosmic cow yes
  • this is exactly what we need we don't
  • need any rides
  • we just need cows lots and lots of cows
  • Oh No what have I done
  • why are they all trying to UM why they
  • all trying to leave I've I have I built
  • it the wrong way which ways the entrance
  • which way is the exit who knows they're
  • all trying to leave though oh no these
  • guys have no idea what's gonna happen to
  • them literally a wall of cows
  • although they just turned around you
  • don't have a staff building I know I
  • know
  • okay let's at least build a ride we've
  • got some past but I don't know why the
  • cows are just staying here that's kind
  • of stupid
  • ah yes I got them to move this is
  • amazing
  • there's so many rides as well look how
  • many there are we wanted lots of chief
  • beefs beef and cows oh I just realized
  • how like ironic and weird that is
  • actually that's not good so I want to
  • find out what happens if you make a
  • roller coaster that isn't finished we
  • have what's the most expensive to avoid
  • price high the most expensive his
  • impulse but I want my own Giga
  • invincible sounds good so it goes really
  • high straight there downer oh my
  • goodness that is a bit horrific it goes
  • down as far as it can go and then flicks
  • all the way up golden look at this
  • absolute deathtrap start test here we go
  • this is what you are looking for what
  • happens when you fire it off the edge
  • this is gonna be unreal it might take a
  • while to get up there but it's gonna be
  • good I wonder if you can open it though
  • because you have to do a test to see if
  • oh oh oh yeah this is not good
  • oh dear it's gone all the way back down
  • back to the drawing board there we go
  • here we go yes yes release and all it's
  • happening it's happening it's happening
  • here we go what's gap
  • okay this guy is well happy about it
  • oh no look all of the carriages have
  • come off and then they explode okay
  • let's see what happens again I'm gonna
  • get done and it's still testing oh no
  • this could actually work
  • can we actually open it oh this could be
  • tragic really tragic I want to see this
  • happen here it comes
  • and there it goes oh my word and the
  • only thing it's complaining about is no
  • entrance oh that's horrible I thought my
  • cows go okay I don't know where the
  • guests can actually get in okay this
  • guy's enjoying it yeah this might be a
  • problem actually no one can get anywhere
  • guys I've hired too many mascots way too
  • many cannot open as the writers untested
  • no it's so bad so bad all the bits just
  • explode into fire hugs as well that'd be
  • pretty cool as a ride monthly profit -
  • five thousand that's a shame
  • good job I'm not paying for it start
  • playing with a special effects I'm not
  • quite sure I've created I just kind of
  • created some Brown cloud here not sure
  • that's the effect I was going for and a
  • giant ring that's gonna blast any a
  • guest into oblivion can I put them on
  • here just put a cow in the ring can I
  • put them all in here oh they can just
  • move past it that's pretty unrealistic
  • are people happy yes people happy look
  • like green this is ridiculous
  • but people are happy so the happiness is
  • always maximum doing something right
  • look at these guys oh my word
  • I want to try something else I want to
  • make the terrain huge size massive
  • intensity a hundred percent ready go oh
  • my goodness Omega Omega Omega respond
  • with this only this more just happens um
  • are they now having some kind of cave
  • rave is that happening right now it is
  • oh look at this oh that's great I need
  • some lights we need lights we need
  • lights
  • I didn't find a light but I found a
  • Kraken monster look at this you can put
  • it underwater wow that looks like
  • something from subnautica haha wasn't
  • why I was trying to look for though I'm
  • like all this stuff you can have
  • tentacles poking out
  • oh that's cool so if you had water
  • around that would look immense but I
  • don't beautiful absolutely beautiful
  • whoa you can make it go really high like
  • really really high what's why would you
  • ever need this ever okay it's hit the
  • surface whoa
  • I call it t-rex Mountain apparently oh
  • I'll just say the guest thing was
  • declining apparently says it right there
  • but we've just gone down from 100
  • percent to 99 that isn't too bad again a
  • majestic view oh I can actually do this
  • I can fire this off the top no this is
  • gonna be great hydraulic launch okay yep
  • let's do that
  • 90 degrees downwards and a little flick
  • off the end and we'll see how far this
  • bad boy go shall we
  • let's test there we go hydraulic launch
  • we're in a race car which is kind of
  • cool
  • did it work hello-o oh yeah it's working
  • it's definitely working oh goodness that
  • it's crazy look how far it's gone are
  • you kidding me it lighted all the way
  • over here Wow
  • what if I put water there make a big
  • hole and see if it can land in it here
  • it comes here it comes
  • we're getting a hole-in-one come on come
  • on come on yes we have reached oblivion
  • let's see if this works are we this is
  • the ugliest theme park ever Aragon's
  • what that goes so far it goes all the
  • way to the underworlds there we go
  • oh this is fun now what if we filled
  • that with water I haven't seen a water
  • calm ruff standing dirty definitely
  • dirty oh okay there we go and it goes
  • the Train
  • let's try oh it's just floating to the
  • bottom oh dear that's better
  • you can make it kind of go like halfway
  • up this is rough water so it's got waves
  • here it comes
  • I've never had so much fun
  • splish okay let's see we get a
  • hole-in-one with this one as well let's
  • test this we've got one going down a
  • 90-degree angle but this one has a ton
  • and I mean a ton of hydraulic lifts oh
  • well that's not as quick as I thought
  • it's gonna be that is that's
  • disappointing
  • very disappointing look at this abysmal
  • terrible effort let's see what happens
  • if we do that we're literally gonna
  • launch in the air right here we go here
  • we go here we go oh my all the way up to
  • where it came from what that's crazy
  • that is actually crazy it's like
  • Jurassic Park over here what happens if
  • we do one of the slow ones off the edge
  • like the river rapids yes there's only
  • one way to find out test it might just
  • hit the end I don't think it's gonna
  • fall off just because it's gonna track
  • oh oh it's gone oh don't get oh it did
  • fall oh my goodness everyone's safe
  • everyone good yeah now these people seem
  • to just be going for a jolly ride but
  • yeah that rides just to oblivion it's
  • gonna take them a while but when they
  • get up to the top they're just gonna
  • it's just gonna end
  • heids a slow ride to their doom wow this
  • has taken so long that it's changed to
  • nighttime is called it's lights on I
  • don't know no come back here we go
  • and Andy didn't
  • no right that does it I'm making this
  • happen right let's speed this up you're
  • going to full throttle this is gonna
  • work this time I promise you just each
  • off the edge here we go
  • Hey oh wow that is quite a drop that's
  • the highest drop we've had so far what
  • if that lands on its wheels I am
  • commissioning this ride come on land on
  • the wheels Hey
  • oh yes forget the explosion at the end
  • that is safe right chief beef
  • entertainer three is unhappy excuse me
  • it's time to find a new job but are you
  • kidding me no no this is not happening
  • everyone's getting unhappy they've
  • realized this isn't actually a theme
  • park it's a deathtrap
  • oh no the complaints are coming in no I
  • didn't want this to happen no I'm gonna
  • have to banish you and have to banish
  • you all oh no they actually look really
  • sad I kind of feel I feel pretty bad are
  • they're all complaining I think we need
  • to hire some new people
  • robots oh wow okay that's a big robot
  • that's a really big robot I bet you're
  • unhappy now aren't you look at this dude
  • he's cool he's kind of like the guy from
  • crash bandicoot right I just don't know
  • why I've created I tried so oh no he's
  • gone up too many as +17 I have failed I
  • have failed miserably I think everyone
  • is going to leave this is bad I can't
  • really blame them but guests think the
  • helium ring is great value so that's not
  • too bad I also think the camera has kind
  • of died on me which is bad yeah I think
  • I should be done here that looks like
  • some kind of hello neighbor level it's
  • insane at least some of the cows are
  • enjoying themselves I think so anyway
  • this dude is oh my goodness yes so guys
  • I hope you enjoyed this video this is a
  • random one I wanted to try out this game
  • for a long time I probably won't make a
  • series on it as you can see I'm not very
  • good at this game but um it was a lot of
  • fun if you agreed and enjoyed this video
  • then please me because I like that we
  • greatly appreciated if you feel like
  • sticking around every single day for
  • brand-new content then please do
  • consider subscribing to join team TDM
  • today
  • with daily videos bar from that guys
  • thank you so much for watching me build
  • and destroy a theme park and I'll see
  • you guys next time goodbye
  • [Music]

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