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Video Orange is the New Black | Inside the Emmy® Shoot | Emmy® Magazine
02:54   |   33K+ views   |   07/18/2018 at 22:08


  • I find that anytime we really get to a
  • place where we're sharing and who we
  • really are and talking honestly and that
  • can be uncomfortable and vulnerable but
  • that seems to be where the truth is and
  • that seems to be what people connect to
  • nothing is taboo for us we push the
  • envelope and we go there and audiences
  • are smart and they want to be you know
  • stimulated and our show provides all of
  • them there is no character represented
  • who does not represent in fact a part of
  • all of us we're all just a scintilla
  • away from this kind of incarceration and
  • we all know it
  • whether you're transgender or
  • black/white butter you can Chinese I
  • think people feel represented on the
  • show and that's what people are clicking
  • to it it's a group of people that you've
  • you know never really seen assembled on
  • television before and yet the way the
  • stories are told people sympathize with
  • them so I think that's really just
  • hooked people in Genji codes writing is
  • extraordinary she has the ability to I
  • don't know rub things together like
  • tragedy and comedy and pathos all in the
  • same scene and from moment to moment
  • it's like the roller coaster ride
  • well I think that Genji wrote something
  • that was just so singular that I guess
  • the thirst was out there for seeing like
  • original stuff like I think everybody
  • really cares about you know what we're
  • doing there and we know that we're you
  • know making something that just feels so
  • special I love the story and playing
  • krazee-eyez that's a lot of fun but
  • what's even really even added excitement
  • to it is that we're all on set to get
  • and it's just fun at the end of the day
  • we have an amazing cats who really love
  • and support each other and in our crew
  • what everyone's amazing and I love going
  • to work every day we're all bringing our
  • a-game to make something really special
  • and with that kind of environment that
  • kind of atmosphere you have
  • good sense of camaraderie and there are
  • a lot of laughs I'll get along really
  • well it's a really great group of people
  • and it's fun to get to go to work and
  • and be like in a TV show but not have to
  • put on any makeup or hair there's like
  • no vanity incredible talent incredible
  • passion wonderful writing a vision of
  • where it's going and I think that's
  • really important it's an extraordinary
  • thing I feel crazy lucky there's nothing
  • like us on and it's great to be a
  • pioneer on Netflix you know which is
  • amazing it's it's a great thing to be
  • part of

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Series stars Uzo Aduba, Danielle Brooks, Laverne Cox, Natasha Lyonne, Taryn Manning, Kate Mulgrew, Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling, Yael Stone, Lorraine Toussaint, Jason Biggs and Michael Harney glamorously defy their behind-bars personas.


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