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Video The Most Satisfying Slime ASMR Videos | New Oddly Satisfying Compilation 2018 | 11
11:07   |   16M+ views   |   today at 12:22


  • Hi everybody.(NinaCosplays:Hoi) what's up hoes
  • how are you?(NinaCosplays: Good you?)
  • love you boi
  • AWW i love you too
  • hey whats poppin its fruity gollopin
  • crunch
  • clay mixing is fun ;-; not
  • I hope it does not turn brown lol
  • Question: have u ever made slime before? Yes
  • nice pigment
  • Another pigment one
  • I am bored
  • How was ur day
  • *super fast motion*
  • poke
  • poke poke poke poke
  • lololol
  • poke
  • Blue i think
  • So flufffyyy
  • Slime recipe: youll need glue, borax and water.
  • First u take your glue and add any coloring if u want i use food coloring (optional)
  • mix 1 tsp of borax in one cup of water.
  • add the borax mix to ur slime until it pulls away from the sides of the bowl.
  • knead and ur done
  • u can add extras like floam beads and clay or my fave GLITTERRR
  • Beads are best tho
  • question: do u have a pet?
  • leave ur answer in the comments below
  • Oooo crunchh
  • crunch
  • crunch
  • CrUnCh
  • crunchhhh
  • crunch
  • crunchhh
  • i saw this clip in most unsatifying slime complations why is it here
  • why is there music over the slime noises whyyyyy
  • GlItTeR
  • idk but this is unsatifying for me
  • pokeee
  • another clay mixing i think its going to turn into a light purple gray color
  • i was wrong
  • my fave color is blue what is yours?(NinaCosplays: Cottoncandy blue is mine)
  • I luv cloud slimes even though ive never ben able to get my hands on one of them they look so cool
  • dwizzzleee
  • slime smoothieee
  • whatttt
  • crunch crunch
  • cRuNcH
  • CrUnCh
  • CrUnCh
  • CrUnCh
  • the slime look jiggly kinda
  • krunchy?
  • oh its gold covered clay
  • how dumb of me(NinaCosplays: YOU AINT DUMB)
  • super fluffy looking
  • ooooo rainbow my fav . to bad my bro poop on one and now i hate it
  • jiggle jiggle jiggle
  • jiggle
  • iceberg slime
  • i think
  • looks over activated
  • whatttt was that
  • is that paint?
  • another clay mixing
  • Ihave a cat
  • his name is CHI
  • He is 9 wks old
  • Krunchy slime
  • what is ur fave slime instagramer mine is slime og
  • right now i am playing with a green butter slime
  • irrelivent
  • ive never done captions be4
  • it memorial day here today so happy memorial day :-) (NinaCosplays:U 2)
  • if ur watching and its summer brake lucky 4 u (NinaCosplays: Aw Thanks)
  • i thought that they where cutting a stress ball for a second lol
  • is this sapposed to be satisfying (NinaCosplays: Yes)
  • another cloud slimee
  • looks like bubble gum cotton candy (NinaCosplays: Yea it does, its cool!)
  • omg the dwizzlessss
  • ahuhchuhhwu
  • so jiggly
  • jigglre
  • jiggle
  • jiggle
  • jiggle
  • clay mixing
  • if u made it this far into the vid congrats
  • if ur watching this on a monday
  • FINISH URHOMEWORKKIDSORYOULLNEVER goTO COLLAGE (NinaCosplays: They said; Finish ur homeowkr kids or youll never go to collage)
  • ooo galaxy slime
  • CLAYYMIxing
  • exuse my poor grammer
  • i am very tired of writing subtitles (NinaCosplays: Aw Take a Nap then)
  • fluffy
  • micky mouse
  • that reminds me vut is ur fave disney character comment down below with #captionSquad
  • iceberg i am assuming
  • why do peoples do that
  • jiggle
  • jiggle
  • jiggle
  • jiggle jiggle jiggle jiggle jiggle
  • hi little piggy
  • no he is drowning
  • i hate jiggly slimes
  • who colors theyre slime brown
  • instant snowww
  • avalible on amazon for 100 easy payments of $40
  • jiggle
  • jiggle
  • jiggle
  • jiggle
  • i spent a 1/2 hr of my life to caption this vid so u better be grateful y'all
  • p.s vat is ur fave show on netflix?
  • mine is stranger things cant wait until season 3 (NinaCosplays: Same)
  • vat is that water stuff that exlploded from the slime
  • the persons hands all dirty now :-(
  • any way yall i have to go
  • it has been a pleasure of captioning this video for the whole world
  • u thought i was gone? Iam backkk (YAY)
  • jiggle

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New Oddly Satisfying videos.
Most Satisfying Slime Video Compilation

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