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Video Key & Peele - A Cappella - Uncensored
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  • [scats]
  • (all) ♪ There goes the girl who owns my heart ♪
  • ♪ I knew she was the one right from the start ♪
  • - ♪ Ooh-wah - ♪ Our love is here to stay
  • - ♪ Ooh-wah - ♪ Each and every day
  • ♪ We know that we will never part ♪
  • [scats]
  • (Lyle) Oh, wow.
  • Great work, everybody.
  • Troy, I love that little Motown outro thing.
  • Super soulful.
  • Cool. Thanks, Lyle.
  • Yeah, it just, uh, came to me, so I went with it.
  • Wow. That's crazy.
  • Hey, is this where the a cappella group meets?
  • - Oh, hey, Mark. - Hey, Lyle.
  • What's going on, buddy?
  • - Mark, get over here. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • (Lyle) Guys, this is my buddy, Mark.
  • He just transferred from Minnesota.
  • I thought he could sit in on a few practices.
  • I don't know, maybe join the group?
  • Maybe. [chuckles]
  • (Lyle) All right, guys.
  • Let's do "Always Been My Girl" again, from the top.
  • - "Always Been My Girl," okay. - And...Mark?
  • - Show us your stuff. - You got it, man.
  • - (Lyle) All right, guys. Ready?
  • - One, two... - [scats]
  • (all) ♪ There goes the girl
  • ♪ Who owns my heart
  • ♪ I knew she was the one right from the start ♪
  • - ♪ Ooh wah - ♪ Our love is here to stay
  • - ♪ Ooh wah - ♪ Each and every day
  • ♪ We know that we will never part ♪
  • [scats]
  • ♪ Ooh-wee-ee-ooh
  • [all laugh and clap]
  • (Lyle) You got to be kidding me.
  • Mark, that was out of this world.
  • Oh, gosh, okay, well, hey, it just came to me,
  • so I just went with it.
  • (Lyle) Great. Well, keep going with it.
  • Guys, have a safe weekend, all right?
  • - See you on Monday. - Nice to meet you guys, man.
  • - That was awesome. - Isn't he the best?
  • Cool, guys. Great practice.
  • - Troy, good effort. - All right.
  • [Troy laughs]
  • Yeah, check you later, guys.
  • See you later, alligators.
  • [ominous music]
  • The fuck you think you doing, nigga?
  • I'm doing my thing, nigga.
  • The fuck you doing?
  • See...
  • this is my seven white boys, nigga.
  • - [scoffs] - You need to back the fuck up.
  • Fuck that, nigga.
  • I'm 'bouts to get mine.
  • Do you have any idea how long it took
  • for me to infiltrate this group, nigga?
  • 25 minutes.
  • You think I'm gonna roll over
  • for some falsetto-ass motherfucker?
  • [scoffs]
  • Well, you know what, nigga?
  • White boys is gonna do what white boys is gonna do.
  • And if they want to run with a high-ass-singing falsetto nigga,
  • then that's on them.
  • Oh, that's on them, then?
  • Oh, that's on them, then.
  • Okay, so it's like that?
  • Oh, it's so like that.
  • Well, watch your back, nigga!
  • - Okay. - Watch your back, nigga!
  • 'Cause you fuck with my shit,
  • I'll fuck with your shit, nigga!
  • [echoing]
  • (man) And improvise.
  • Oh, it's so cold out, and it's going to be dark soon.
  • Oh, my God. Yeah, we should build a fire.
  • Right, yeah, um, like...
  • Oh! Fire! Fire!
  • Freeze!
  • Oh, no. It's a black cat.
  • Hey, man.
  • Why the cat got to be black?
  • [laughter]
  • Freeze!
  • [dramatic music]
  • Man, I guess I got to put my dick away.
  • [laughter]
  • [suspenseful music]

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Conflict erupts when a black student joins a college a cappella group that already has a black member.


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