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Video my hillbilly neighbor is pissed that we're having a garage sale
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  • sorry I'm cleaning out all the rooms and
  • I just had to put stuff in the back and
  • none of this stuff was in the back by
  • the way oh we got some more people sorry
  • maybe you can find something you want to
  • look good
  • you never know
  • [Music]
  • all right well let's help you better
  • tell your dog suck it no me aren't you
  • [Music]
  • maybe baby
  • coming up done come in come in
  • [Music]
  • you
  • you know I've been keeping my mouth shut
  • about that dog lately you know I haven't
  • been saying nothing even though the dog
  • she's not gonna do that you have some
  • junk in your backyard so I wouldn't be
  • talking that's what we do no I just
  • assume you do stop final
  • you
  • she's not doing that as soon as this is
  • done everything's going in a big
  • dumpsters their dogs bigger dude stops I
  • know and then I got your dog who's like
  • a pitbull so don't lock me by the way
  • not been mastered she's that she's a
  • nice dog she's not gonna do anything to
  • my dog is nice everyone loves her
  • shall we rec work a lot I've sold a lot
  • of that junk today that no the weed
  • whacker yeah I works
  • ten dollars okay how about eight
  • but the little bit baseball yeah I think
  • so
  • I don't know you'd have to try it
  • do you could plug it in it's electric
  • what are you gonna get what are you
  • gonna get that mattress off my bed's I
  • see it's too much on my sack I don't
  • think it's on your side at all by the
  • way that new neighbor why is he so
  • annoying play musical out how does he
  • have an annoying dog but it plays well
  • he's he's just doing yard work
  • [Music]
  • my Eddie baby come here
  • Eddie oh geez hey come here baby
  • [Music]
  • who was that Billy you lost a shoe that
  • you lost a shoe
  • [Music]
  • you guys put your baby in the house
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • what's up with that Billy
  • well it kind of is though he's like okay
  • oops oops Oh
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • what happened to that River I'm in a
  • situation here we have to leave now
  • what no please take a couple more never
  • dupe no this is serious I just sharted I
  • don't know what that means I tried to
  • fart a little shaky mom I just shorted I
  • know let's go what's disgusting person
  • ever I met mother

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We're doing a little spring cleaning around the house so we thought we'd have a garage sale to get rid of some of the clutter. Unfortunately, our neighbor billy has been a little on edge lately and feels the need to rip everyone a new one.


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