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Video You Might Wanna Watch This Video Right Away....! (2018-2019)
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  • (eerie music)
  • (wind blowing)
  • - [Woman] This is a really crazy fricking--
  • - [Man] It looks like it's a burn-off.
  • It's a burn-off or something.
  • - [Woman] What, or a cover-up from a ship.
  • No, that's not a forest fire, guys.
  • I don't know what that is.
  • (eerie music)
  • (engine roaring)
  • - [Woman] No, it's not.
  • What is it?
  • Carrie, what is that?
  • What is that?
  • Carrie, what is that?
  • (wind blowing)
  • (eerie music)
  • (people chattering) (water rushing)
  • - [Woman] A nightmare for doctors
  • fighting back against bacteria.
  • - While this is not an issue yet locally,
  • hospitals and nursing homes have no way
  • to treat a new superbug.
  • (wind blowing)
  • - [James] What is up, ladies and gentlemen?
  • This is James LaFleur with the Impossible Channel.
  • Welcome back.
  • Hope you're having a wonderful day.
  • It really seems like we're living inside of a movie, folks,
  • sometimes the Truman Show or something like that, you know.
  • (eerie music)
  • (people chattering)
  • But there's one thing that makes us continue on,
  • pursuing the truth behind all of these events.
  • And this feeling that we have, you and me,
  • and probably a good part of the rest of the world,
  • this feeling that we have that there is something out there
  • that is not being told is really big,
  • and it's getting bigger and bigger by the day.
  • (people chattering)
  • - Joined the Royal Navy in 1960,
  • and I specialized in microwave warfare,
  • radar, obviously which uses microwave.
  • But they don't just teach you radar.
  • They teach you all about microwaves and other uses,
  • so I understood about microwave warfare
  • and how it can damage people, how it can harm people.
  • And when governments don't like a group of people,
  • for instance, the ladies who protest at Greenham Common
  • in England about the American missile base, they can't.
  • They were microwaved.
  • We microwaved Catholics in Northern Ireland
  • to make them sick.
  • It goes on all over the world.
  • (machine whirring)
  • - [Man] The miracle of modern medicine
  • has no answer for a microscopic army of germs.
  • - [Man] we do not have adequate treatment against it.
  • - [Man] Bacteria is getting smarter,
  • and scientists are calling it a nightmare.
  • - Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae.
  • - At this point, we have no indication of foul play
  • involving Dr. Cunningham.
  • We're waiting on an ME's report to be finalized,
  • and she said she's still going through the information
  • to try and determine exactly the...
  • We believe it's drowning, but we wanna make sure
  • there's no other indicators or other problems.
  • - It's a weapon that you don't know you're being targeted
  • because the dose is very, very low,
  • which is actually more dangerous than a high dose.
  • It's very, very low, and it may take a year or two,
  • but you can cause neurological damage and cancers.
  • (man shouts in foreign language)
  • - [James] I'm pretty sure, and I'm not even...
  • I don't know exactly if people would wanna know
  • where it all leads, where it ends.
  • You know what I mean?
  • (men shout in foreign language)
  • So it's just like in ancient days or in older times
  • where people believed that the Earth was flat
  • and that the kings told them that,
  • if they were to sail further than the horizon,
  • they would fall and meet monsters.
  • Today, quite the same happens with NASA.
  • You see the stars.
  • Well, you can't go there because, if you do,
  • you will fall because there is no gravity out there, right?
  • And I'm not trying to compare one with the other,
  • but it's quite the same thing.
  • They're telling you, don't go there,
  • not without the equipment, the necessary equipment.
  • - [James] And that's gotta be quite expensive, right?
  • I mean, after going to the moon in 1969,
  • I'm pretty sure, today, they have a lot of bases there
  • and they keep doing research and going there, right?
  • Actually not.
  • According to themselves,
  • they don't have the technology to do so,
  • so it doesn't make sense.
  • I mean, going to Mars.
  • - The ship will be ready for launch in about five years.
  • Five years seems like a long time to me.
  • (audience cheers and applauds)
  • - Are you sincerely trying to save the world.
  • (woman cheers)
  • - Well, I'm trying to do good things, yeah.
  • I mean, saving the world is not--
  • (audience laughs)
  • - That really looks like the thing
  • that jacks into the back of Neo's head in The Matrix.
  • (audience laughs)
  • - Right. - All right?
  • - [James] It doesn't make sense.
  • So again, this feeling that we have
  • that there is something wrong,
  • something that's not being told, is growing.
  • (eerie music)
  • I am skeptical about certain things happening worldwide,
  • and one of them is the weather.
  • I've been reading comments,
  • and I've been looking at social media and all those things.
  • I'm impressed by the number of trolls
  • trying to convince people that chemtrailing
  • and geoengineering, it doesn't exist.
  • It's not a coincidence that
  • chemtrailing, HAARP, geoengineering,
  • everything is happening right now
  • while they gave you a phone to stare at.
  • Not only phones.
  • You know what I'm talking about.
  • When you get inside a car, what is the first thing you see.
  • A TV.
  • Was that common? No.
  • So you know, people used to look at the sky.
  • Now, they just don't.
  • Right now, either you think like this, or you are the enemy.
  • Wake up, folks, before it's too late.
  • - [Woman] If you want the Keymaker, follow me.
  • (ominous music) (footsteps)
  • Get out.
  • I am so sick and tired of his bullshit,
  • on and on, pompous prick.
  • (door shuts)
  • A long time ago, when we first came here,
  • it was so different.
  • - [James] What if they have a plan?
  • What if this is all an agenda to get us cornered?
  • - And he said, "If it doesn't go through to the bone,
  • "he'll aim it at your head and make you make a mistake."
  • And that's really got me interested
  • from that point because I thought,
  • "Well, how can microwaves
  • "going into your brain make you make a mistake?"
  • (heavy metal music) ♪ What the fuck is going on ♪
  • - It is a perfect stealth weapon,
  • and when governments don't like a group of people...
  • It's a weapon that you don't know you're being targeted
  • because the dose is very, very low.
  • (drowned out by narrator) - [James] I'm impressed.
  • I mean, by now, not only the governments,
  • they have all admitted it.
  • It's happening.
  • They've opened the game.
  • They've said, "Yes, we're doing it."
  • - One that has gained my personal attention
  • is stratospheric aerosol injection or SAI,
  • a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles
  • that can help reflect the sun's heat
  • in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
  • - [James] And it's a silent thing.
  • This is exactly what people are feeling.
  • I mean, this is exactly what's going on.
  • There are so many people trying to explain
  • the anomalies in the sky, the Wi-Fi clouds,
  • double sunsets, bizarre rainbows everywhere,
  • clouds that don't make any sense.
  • Is this all engineered by HAARP and microwaves?
  • Are we being microwaved?
  • Because this is a little different, folks.
  • It's like this.
  • If you do not agree with the game,
  • you're gonna be microwaved.
  • - It is a perfect stealth weapon,
  • and when governments don't like a group of people,
  • for instance, the ladies who protest at Greenham Common
  • in England about the American missile base, they can't.
  • They were microwaved.
  • We microwaved Catholics in Northern Ireland.
  • - [James] We're talking about Facebook being the filter.
  • Think about it.
  • They would only need to know who you are and tag you.
  • Once you're tagged,
  • they would microwave a certain region or you, yourself.
  • So of course, this leads into another conspiracy,
  • the one in which a lot of people believe in a certain agenda
  • that they will diminish the population
  • because of this and that.
  • How are they gonna do it?
  • One of the ways, of course,
  • could be with microwave, and HAARP, and antennas.
  • There are so many people that wanna know about
  • 5G technology and all that, CERN.
  • What is all this, right?
  • What is all this?
  • Why is it happening now?
  • So I just want to point out something
  • that I've realized after all these months,
  • after all this show that they've been putting in our faces.
  • You've realized it's a show, right?
  • I mean, think about the last two years.
  • They guaranteed that every single person in the world
  • would have a phone in their hands
  • so that they could chemtrail the skies.
  • And us, we wouldn't even look up.
  • We wouldn't be able to realize the changes
  • that would be happening right in our faces, just like now.
  • If you ask your neighbor
  • about chemtrailing or geoengineering,
  • they're gonna call you crazy.
  • And of course, this is concerning.
  • Not only that, they've been planning to shut down,
  • theoretically, the web.
  • So it will be weird if that happens, of course.
  • I do hope that this is just a hoax.
  • At the same time, I do feel that,
  • somehow, all of this is connected.
  • I'm talking about the cracks, the ocean receding,
  • strange sunsets, sunrises, cloudy-looking sky.
  • All of these things,
  • even the censorship that they're trying to come up with,
  • this show they're putting, there's something wrong with it.
  • And I believe it's all connected,
  • but what are they really hiding?
  • I mean, come on, leave a comment.
  • What do you think they're hiding?
  • Don't forget, subscribe, and I'll see you again.
  • (eerie music)

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You Might Wanna Watch This Video Right Away.... (2018-2019)
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