Video Trump Attacks Conway and McCain, Nunes Sues Twitter: A Closer Look

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09:05   |   Mar 20, 2019


Trump Attacks Conway and McCain, Nunes Sues Twitter: A Closer Look
Trump Attacks Conway and McCain, Nunes Sues Twitter: A Closer Look thumb Trump Attacks Conway and McCain, Nunes Sues Twitter: A Closer Look thumb Trump Attacks Conway and McCain, Nunes Sues Twitter: A Closer Look thumb


  • -President Trump and one of his closest allies in Congress
  • have spent the week whining about people who are mean to them.
  • For more on this, it's time for "A Closer Look."
  • ♪♪
  • One of the core themes of Trump's campaign
  • was that he'd be tough.
  • He promised to return to an era where people
  • weren't so sensitive and politically correct,
  • and he called his opponents weak.
  • In fact, there was one insult he kept returning to over and over.
  • -We have a bunch of babies running our country, folks.
  • We have a bunch of losers. They're losers. They're babies.
  • Oh, please. Please. Don't be a baby, okay?
  • I know all these things. I mean, I'm not a baby.
  • I'm not saying I trust everybody in the White House.
  • I'm not a baby.
  • Our companies have been just taken
  • like we're a bunch of babies.
  • We're losing our jobs like a bunch of babies.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Babies don't have jobs.
  • Which means he has fired a baby.
  • "Take your crib and go."
  • And, of course, it's not just Trump.
  • Right-wing pundits on Fox News and elsewhere
  • have been lecturing progressives for years
  • not to be so sensitive about stuff like, say, racism,
  • and they love to use schoolyard disses
  • they think are really cool.
  • -America's left-wing college professors
  • and other snowflakes on campus.
  • -Tonight, a quiz. Are you a snowflake?
  • -Actually, most of the snowflakes work at CNN and NBC.
  • -I don't give a damn
  • what the little snowflakes think about anything.
  • -We have a very special guest. A therapy llama.
  • All these snowflakes in college, they get so stressed out,
  • you know, they like to pet the llama,
  • and we're going to show you guys that.
  • -Oh! Oh, a therapy llama.
  • Maybe you can bring it to the White House.
  • It'll blend into the President's hair.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • And yet -- And yet...
  • the guy who called his opponents babies
  • has spent his entire term as president
  • whining about people being mean to him,
  • from "Saturday Night Live" to John McCain to Google.
  • In fact, this morning, he once again lashed out
  • at George Conway, the husband of one of his advisers,
  • Kellyanne Conway.
  • George Conway is a longtime Republican lawyer in D.C.
  • who has called Trump mentally unfit for office.
  • And as always, Trump could not help but fire back.
  • -He says this -- "George Conway,
  • often referred to as Mr. Kellyanne Conway
  • by those who know him, is very jealous of his wife's success
  • and angry that I, with her help,
  • didn't give him the job he so desperately wanted.
  • I barely know him, but just take a look.
  • A stone-cold loser and husband from hell."
  • -I'm sorry, but you are the last person
  • who should call anyone else the husband from hell.
  • You've been divorced twice, you paid hush money to a porn star,
  • your affairs were all over the tabloids,
  • and you misspelled your wife's name.
  • If anything...
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • If anything, "Husband From Hell" sounds like the name
  • of a Lifetime movie about you.
  • And I hate to tell you, but just like "SNL" did,
  • they're gonna get Alec Baldwin.
  • Trump can't let -- He can't let go of even the pettiest feuds.
  • For example, this week, he repeatedly slammed
  • the late senator and war hero John McCain.
  • Trump is still mad that McCain voted against
  • his healthcare bill with that infamous thumbs-down,
  • which I have to say is an effective way to say no
  • to a pushy [bleep] like Donald Trump.
  • Based on every picture of Trump,
  • he probably didn't even know thumbs could even go that way.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • "Where do I -- So I stand on my head?"
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Trump... [ Cheers and applause ]
  • Trump has been attacking McCain
  • in tweets and comments to reporters all week,
  • and then today he complained that McCain didn't thank him
  • for letting him have a funeral.
  • -I endorsed him at his request.
  • And I gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted,
  • which as president, I had to approve.
  • I don't care about this.
  • I didn't get "thank you." That's okay.
  • -Because he was dead. Man, you know...
  • I don't know if McCain's a ghost,
  • but he's clearly haunting you.
  • Trump's always been obsessed
  • with even the smallest perceived slights,
  • but lately he and his fellow conservatives
  • have turned their attention to a new target -- the Internet.
  • They think the Internet is biased against them.
  • In fact, Trump has become obsessed with the idea
  • that Google in particular is rigged to make him look bad.
  • -"Facebook, Google, and Twitter,
  • not to mention the corrupt media," he says,
  • "are so on the side of the radical-left Democrats."
  • -"Google is helping China and their military,
  • but not the U.S.
  • Terrible.
  • The good news is
  • they helped crooked Hillary Clinton and not Trump.
  • How did that turn out?"
  • -"Google search results for 'Trump news'
  • shows only the viewing reporting of fake-news media.
  • In other words, they have it rigged."
  • -In fairness to Trump, he probably thinks Google
  • is biased against him because if you search his name,
  • all the results are bad.
  • In fact, if you type "Donald Trump" into Google,
  • you just get an error message that says,
  • "Why are you doing this to yourself?"
  • And it isn't just the news articles that are bad.
  • Even the "people also search for" tab is damning.
  • Three of the top results are
  • Michael Cohen, Robert Mueller, and Barack Obama.
  • Pretty easy to see the thought process there.
  • He committed crimes with Michael Cohen
  • and is being investigated by Robert Mueller,
  • and can we go back to Barack Obama?
  • Conservatives...
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • Conservatives have been whining about media bias for decades.
  • It is not sincere.
  • They're just working the refs
  • because they don't want fair treatment --
  • they want special treatment.
  • And now they're doing the same thing to social-media companies.
  • And the dumbest example of that came this week
  • from California Republican Congressman Devin Nunes.
  • He's the guy who was in charge
  • of the Russia investigation in the House
  • until he had to step down because he was bad at his job.
  • Remember him? The guy who looks like
  • when you open your phone and the front-facing camera is on?
  • You know, Michael Scott, but somehow dumber-looking?
  • Like Trump, Nunes has been whining
  • about social-media bias against conservatives,
  • but now he's going one step further.
  • He's suing Twitter for supposedly censoring him
  • and for allowing fake Twitter accounts to be mean to him.
  • And he's suing those fake accounts, too.
  • Nunes, who is also a dairy farmer,
  • is suing two parody accounts called -- and this is real --
  • Devin Nunes' Mom and Devin Nunes' Cow.
  • [ Laughter ] That is right.
  • Devin Nunes is suing a fake account called Devin Nunes' Cow,
  • and he's mad because it got too many re-teats.
  • [ Cow moos ]
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • [ Laughter ]
  • The next card says,
  • "Audience carries me out on their shoulders,"
  • but I don't think...
  • We'll skip it.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • But that wasn't the dumbest part of the lawsuit.
  • The dumbest part was the fact that in order to make his case,
  • Nunes provided example tweets from the fake accounts,
  • tweets that until now
  • most people had never even seen before.
  • For example, the account Devin Nunes' Mom
  • posted a graphic claiming that Trump, Putin, and Nunes
  • were attached to each other like a human centipede.
  • Nunes put that graphic in his lawsuit.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Dude! What is wrong with you?!
  • Before you filed this lawsuit, no one had ever seen that.
  • It's like you passed out at a party,
  • and someone drew a dick on your forehead,
  • so you got mad and took a selfie and put it on Instagram.
  • And to be clear -- to be clear, we here at "Late Night"
  • would never have made a graphic like this,
  • and we certainly would never have been allowed to show it on TV,
  • but now it's part of an official lawsuit
  • by a member of Congress, and we have to show it.
  • In fact, and again -- Again, I hate --
  • I hate that I had to do this.
  • But legally, I had to have it printed on a T-shirt.
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • There we go.
  • We might even sell it in the NBC Store
  • in that secret room behind the door that says "Weird [Bleep]."
  • You know, where they keep the anatomically correct Alf dolls.
  • Just to give you an idea
  • of how badly this lawsuit has backfired,
  • in the lawsuit, Nunes' lawyers write
  • that the account Devin Nunes' Cow
  • had 1,204 followers.
  • Obviously, that's a very small number.
  • But as of this taping,
  • because of the publicity from the lawsuit,
  • Devin Nunes' Cow had -- and, again, this is real --
  • [ Laughter ]
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • And, by the way, we've had to change that number all day.
  • When this airs six hours from now,
  • I'm sure it'll be like a 1.5 million.
  • In fact, the fake cow account now has more followers
  • than Devin Nunes' real account.
  • Even Devin Nunes' actual cows are following it now.
  • So a Republican congressman
  • is suing people for being mean to him on Twitter,
  • and the President is feuding with a senator who is no longer alive.
  • There's nothing I can say to make you guys feel better but...
  • can I get you a free T-shirt?
  • This has been "A Closer Look."

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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and one of his closest allies in Congress whining about people who are mean to them.
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Trump Attacks Conway and McCain, Nunes Sues Twitter: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

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