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Video LIFE OF THE PARTY Official Trailer (2018) Debbye Ryan, Melissa McCarthy, Comedie Movie HD
01:58   |   970K+ views   |   today at 01:37


  • [Music]
  • I don't regret staying at home and being
  • your mom but I regret not getting my
  • degree
  • that's why somebody's mom just enrolled
  • in college I'm referring to myself I'll
  • see you around the quad nobody says that
  • mom well bring it back I think those
  • dads just checked you out just looking
  • at my smock it tends to catch the light
  • mom you're a college girl now and we got
  • to make some changes
  • no we don't know where that's been oh
  • god what are you 20 a nurse Lex no shut
  • up fray I'm older and wiser this
  • essentially a Google ask me anything
  • turn off your Google you're scaring me I
  • think my the Google scared jack last
  • night oh my god but in a good way I like
  • when you intentionally go through a
  • haunted house
  • you

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LIFE OF THE PARTY Official Trailer
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