Video Color Changing Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?

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Color Changing Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?
Color Changing Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved? thumb Color Changing Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved? thumb Color Changing Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved? thumb


  • what's up everybody, welcome back to my channel! hi, how are ya?? now in today's
  • video I'm a little scared.. I'm a little nervous because we're testing out
  • something... Oh something a little weird. now I have been tweeted this picture
  • right here for about a month straight.. it is this crazy foundation that is
  • allegedly going to change it's color as it adapts to my skin tone! now listen
  • here I tried something like this on YouTube a few years ago I was so high I
  • don't remember if it flopped or not! now here we are with this brand now I bought
  • two I don't know why and just in case one was broken you can never be too sure
  • about the internet I googled it I found it and then usually you guys let me just
  • tell you what's good.. before we start filming a review I always go on my phone
  • I like to be thorough you guys know ingredients the weight everything I went
  • back so I haven't even told Christian this yet went back to the website where
  • I bought this it's not there anymore but a three
  • dollar and forty nine cent version is available from a different seller that I
  • did not buy this twenty five dollar item from listen it's already starting off
  • the review a little sketchy I'm scared also this is one of those brands Tati if
  • you're watching this I know this is happy to you and me a lot though using
  • people's faces that did not endorse this product they may have reviewed it once
  • like I'm about to do and now this brand is using their review like they are
  • happy clients so now look if she's smiling I said a lie did you steal her
  • from like a dentist ad regardless I'm already shook so normally I'm down to
  • put anything on my face insert ten puns right here we all know I've tried some
  • crazy stuff in my life but listen the ingredients are a little weird I am
  • going to a face time at my dear friend nor Vina who is the president of honest
  • hasta Beverly Hills cosmetics and let me just get her advice one second I help me
  • hi am I am I gonna get a chemical burn I'm about to film
  • I'm ski I'm truly scared the ingredients are slim what do you thinks gonna happen
  • so this is made in China uh it has a bunch of trademark
  • registrations I'm like how full full faking I feel like this is someone's
  • that grab on they're nice in there like a kitchen and they like yes I like how
  • it says lifts from within I'm like I would love that someone give me the
  • doctor's number okay well I'm gonna text you after this and let you know what
  • happens all right thank you bye babe mmm oh my god well you heard it ether okay
  • we're shady Queens but we don't know really what's in here basically what you
  • guys got from that was this could be fully fake on the box because there's
  • not a real seller so when you guys see something on a box that says made in PRC
  • that means China so which we love make up a tomato over there if it's not
  • tested on animals and it's just shipped over here but this I have no idea so I
  • guess the only thing there is to do is try it
  • so I let's prime this face baby what are we gonna use today oh all right so it's
  • time to prime the skin let's put my hair back a little bit high
  • like I'm actually nervous to film this when have I been nervous now I figured I
  • would put on this oh my god it's literally white it looks like a
  • toothpaste okay so let's talk about this real quick it has one fluid ounce very
  • standard for foundation it says it's gonna give me a lit from within
  • complexion okay besides that it says color changing and adjusting naked
  • please zoom in on that because that's not a real sentence all right on the box
  • it says created for the very latest high definition technology of the film and TV
  • industry Ultra HD advanced formula looks invisible on 4k cameras you guys my
  • youtube channel is where you are watching me in 4k if you're at home or
  • on a laptop if you have that ability and this says this is an exclusive 4k
  • complex I think I got dude okay no we're gonna be fair we're always fair on this
  • channel until we use it okay so it's gonna give me a invisible natural and
  • comfortable makeup feel great for all skin types and features a full range of
  • shades to cover all skin tones are thee for real as one shade like all I call T
  • aside just one shade enough rating my gums you guys already unboxed one I'm so
  • nervous I forgot okay I'll apply half the face with a brush half with a Beauty
  • Blender maybe let's give it a whirl we're doing a normal review Jeffrey
  • we're just gonna prime the skin mm-hmm it's a little Bobby Brown a vitamin
  • enriched face base if you are newer to my channel this is my favorite thing to
  • wear it before foundation it is so hydrating and I am obsessed with it if
  • you go back to my first makeup video actually used this as primer and I live
  • by it
  • all right our skin is nice and smooth ready for some makeup I think oh my god
  • now is there any instructions on how to use this or are we just gonna go for it
  • great that's it fights to sign in me okay ready guys okay oh if I had like a
  • lock like you know any like click it but my wrist hurts I swear to god I'm happy
  • I'm having a complex already what is happening is this a fucking joke well
  • there's the product hold on oh my god is this not okay hold
  • on oh is this not sunscreen or what is that what no fuck what does this not
  • like to you guys give it to him what do you think Zak what the hell there's no
  • sunscreen in this why won't it come out the pump I was like I might like I feel
  • like I'm being flipped oh here comes I have like really okay somehow opening it
  • made it come out oh my god that sound makes me violent okay should we just do
  • it oh here we go okay I guess I just buff it around and it's supposed to
  • change into my skin skin tone skin color I guess oh my god the smell is intense
  • when there's a lot on there you guys I'm scared to put it under my eyes what if
  • something happens how's it looking to you guys
  • yeah no for real yeah just looks like that white cause oh my god sorry I just
  • look at the monitor oh wow we getting ready for my funeral new challenge oh my
  • god okay let's keep going maybe maybe it changes as we go what do we know let's
  • do the forehead guys let's go over my eyebrow okay there is one side of my
  • face fully buffed and blended out how are we feeling boys bitch I swear to God
  • okay does this look like my skin tone for real like all jokes aside because
  • I'm not seeing it like why for real hold on hold on hold on I'm looking with the
  • mirror now since the last time I put it down it's less white it's less chalky
  • okay let's try it with the Beauty Blender it starts to melting the egg
  • let's try this side my dog's like I pick I'd like legit sunscreen
  • and here my cheeks ASMR wasn't my teeth against my gums hi god smell is it
  • making me sick this is so weird at the Beautyblender I'm like a little shook
  • okay so now that this sides on I see a slight change over here oh my God look
  • at my face I'm like am i free a great cast oh she really knew what was about
  • to happen huh Oh feels weird like really good look I haven't even done my throw
  • or anything I just like look at look at the difference I know we're gonna start
  • off the New Year like this you guys okay let's give it one minute and let's let's
  • see what happens maybe magic like it magically changes in like a minute
  • five minutes a day tail it's been a full minute and I don't see much change I'm
  • feeling like I'm having a James Charles flashback marry moment right now I can't
  • believe this is real like is Nate twitching right now Zakhar no can you
  • grab him I need to see what my man's opinion is on my new look okay zach is
  • gonna go grab me I feel like I'm crawling into my casket right now Chris
  • like this doesn't work on anyone like bitch I'm fair so I can only imagine
  • this on any other skin tone it would be a complete disaster I don't get it like
  • look at my hand this has been on there for a minute now and I'm like yeah I
  • think they're coming look at my hands ACK it's been like what 20 minutes okay
  • can you just go like this just to know my sufferings just please touch that
  • oh yeah sticky yeah I'm like how could I leave the house I feel like I'm like a
  • flyswatter things are just gonna it's gonna come up here like you know what I
  • think we need a break is that you babe
  • go behind the camera no no no just come here ready for it this is a new
  • foundation okay first reactions go hey babe what's up
  • I'm like white shit all over your face that's the foundation oh don't touch my
  • skin if you like sticky yeah well sticky is like looks like there's white dots
  • what where I thought I seen like no no no maybe Oh something that looks like
  • there's like little like almost like salt oh my god okay I'm really insecure
  • about that close up of an angle in 4k but fuck it bring it in I'm like I feel
  • like I'll wipe some of it off though wait where where was it it was in this
  • lighting if it wasn't in the shadows right there hmm
  • okay now go behind the camera we're Christians that are and tell me how it
  • looks from thick far away look at my so there's none of my neck and then one
  • shade fits all allegedly all right baby thank you for that a review all right
  • I'm gonna wrap this up and I'm gonna see what happens all right let's just see if
  • I was to continue on to my normal routine it's just to concealer like I
  • normally would let's just see what happened
  • I need to just know something else besides my face it was getting brutal
  • the sunscreen stench is not sister satisfactory you feel me why does it
  • conceal it looks so good thanks cam Wow why does the concealer almost blend
  • in with the foundation foundation okay now just two for a laugh let's set this
  • bitch by the way Geoffrey start setting powders February thank you that looks
  • nice normal makeup okay well I think it's safe to say normally this early on
  • in the game I would not be able to give you a approval or not but gosh darnit
  • this this foundation whatever this is the TLM foundation color changing and
  • adjusting whatever this is wait you guys I have a confession I've never done this
  • during a review before but now it wasn't I wasn't on here oh it is actually do
  • you know what I'm about to say on the box
  • listen we have to be fully transparent all times on the box I've never done
  • this January how you doing girl what does that say Christian okay in there it
  • says it on the bottle now is it a 15 and what percent because listen I have so
  • many foundations here okay I have so many products sitting here you guys some
  • of them have SPF some of them don't I have tried so many products that have
  • SPF they do not smell as strong as misty LM okay I gotta say that I don't know
  • how I skipped over that I think I was so traumatized by nor Venus ace time
  • was about to happen I fully skipped over that I'm so sorry I've never done that
  • before it was literally right there but um okay
  • there's SPF in there I think the whole bottle must be SPF I don't know what
  • other products can you be in here because my face is suffocating I'm
  • feeling a little weird and I can't wait to get this off my skin so it's safe to
  • say that the TLM foundation color changing and its packaging are not
  • jeffree star approved I would say this has been a really cool journey but that
  • would be a lie I would say that this has been really fun that would also be alive
  • because I'm scared for my skin's safety and well-being so I've never done this
  • during or at the end of the review but girl we're going in the trash early
  • we're not recommending this if you have seen the viral picture run from it girl
  • all right you guys I hope we all got a laugh from today's video I'm sure I have
  • no idea what's about to happen but I do know that it needs to come off I've
  • never taking makeup off enduring everybody like this before but girl I'm
  • actually scared for my life so oh that's a good look yes there we go
  • are you guys thank you so much for watching today's video I have a lot of
  • crazy stuff coming for 2019 we've already started the year off with a bang
  • and there's a lot more coming so I will see you guys on the next one mwah bye

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Hi... Today is my first review of 2019 and my face already wants to retire hahaha We are testing and reviewing the viral skin color changing foundation! You guys highly requested this.. I'll let the footage speak for itself.

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