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Video Peppa Pig English Episodes | Trick or Treat? Happy Halloween | Peppa Pig Official
01:03:54   |   views   |   10/03/2018


  • [Music]
  • daddy pig has brought a pumpkin home we
  • are going to have a pumpkin party and
  • all your friends are invited we'll start
  • by making a pumpkin lantern
  • oh how do we draw a funny face George
  • control the nose and I'll draw the mouth
  • next we cut it out I'll do the cutting
  • because I'm a grown-up peppa and George
  • can scoop out the inside we use the
  • insides to make my special pumpkin pie
  • and the outside to make our pumpkin
  • lantern lovely now you little piggies
  • need to dress up for the pumpkin party
  • pepper is dressing up as a witch do I
  • look very witchy you need to do some
  • cackling it's how which is love like
  • this very good cackling George is
  • dressing up as a dinosaur Rebecca and
  • Richard rabbit are here with mr. rabbit
  • oh what a sight has the party started
  • yet no you're very early church is a
  • dinosaur girl what are you I'm a carrot
  • gone bad and Richard is a monster carrot
  • oh what a monster carrot looks like yes
  • let's go and get the others for the
  • party
  • [Music]
  • it is almost Halloween children and we
  • are going to have a pumpkin competition
  • whoa have you all brought in your
  • pumpkins yes I agree my pumpkin from a
  • seed my mummy but my pumpkin from the
  • supermarket I've got a pumpkin that's
  • made out of plastic I haven't got my
  • pumpkin here because grandpa is still
  • growing it fine
  • just remember to decorate your pumpkins
  • and bring them back here for the
  • competition tonight everyone rannian
  • grandpa pig I've come to collect for the
  • competition tonight don't worry Peppa
  • your pumpkin is safe and sound in my
  • greenhouse is my pumpkin big grandpa oh
  • yes this is grandpa pigs greenhouse may
  • I present your pumpkin it is the biggest
  • pump team in the world
  • quite possibly but how are we going to
  • get such a huge pumpkin to the playgroup
  • one step at a time granny Pig we need to
  • make this pumpkin into a lantern first I
  • will scoop out all the inside and we put
  • a candle inside to make it glow now we
  • put the pumpkin into the car
  • [Music]
  • the pumpkin is very very heavy daddy pig
  • this study is a complete mess it's not
  • that bad
  • I love cobwebs they give the room
  • character cobwebs mean spiders and I
  • don't like spiders
  • I do spiders catch fries and flies are
  • horrid well as long as I don't have to
  • see a spider
  • hello mr. Scooby likes where have you
  • gone
  • find it I don't want it in the house
  • everyone is looking for mr. skinnylegs
  • mr. skinnylegs is not in the filing
  • cabinet mr. skinnylegs is not under the
  • chair
  • mr. skinnylegs is not on the table oh I
  • wonder where mr. skinnylegs is oh it
  • sounds like mummy has found him don't be
  • scared mummy get rid of it okay we'll
  • take mr. skinnylegs
  • into the garden now mr. skinnylegs has
  • got the whole garden to play bye bye mr.
  • skinnylegs it is starting to rain mr.
  • skinnylegs is running back to the house
  • the waterspout climbed up the water
  • spout again
  • [Music]
  • hello Susie I'm glad the nurse has
  • arrived have you just come from the
  • hospital I'm not a real nurse it's just
  • pretend
  • [Music]
  • very good my my who have we here I'm a
  • pirate shiver me timbers I can turn you
  • into a frog what are you Rebecca rabbit
  • I'm carrots fantastic come in there's a
  • fairy princess and a dinosaur waiting to
  • meet you
  • [Music]
  • hello suzi I'm princess papa
  • you must bow would you speak to me hello
  • your majesty
  • I'm not Susie open wide and say ah
  • [Laughter]
  • something funny Rebecca why are you
  • dressed as a carrot I like carrots scary
  • dinosaur
  • Peppa is admiring herself in the mirror
  • [Music]
  • hello I'm a fairy princess I'm the witch
  • you know and I've got a magic wand I've
  • got a magic one too I can turn you into
  • a frog and I'll turn you into it was a
  • wet and windy nights in the Wild West
  • and wild animals were out looking for
  • food at night some wild animals and the
  • brave cowboy Pedro was alone in his tent
  • but he couldn't sleep because something
  • was outside the tent was it a wild
  • animal it is a tiny little bird come to
  • look at Pedro's tent I think it was an
  • eagle a eagles live in the Wild West is
  • everybody all right
  • yes mommy it's nearly home time but we
  • haven't done the potentially vignettes
  • everybody back in the tank
  • good night partners I'm glad there
  • aren't any wild animals out there
  • yes mr. wolf has come to take Wendy wolf
  • home all the parents are here to pick up
  • the children yes my brave little cowboy
  • even brave little Cowboys like to sleep
  • indoors sometimes yes pepper he's very
  • shy come out mr. hawk don't be scared
  • I like hedgehogs they are very good at
  • keeping slugs and snails off my lovely
  • letters yes there are moths butterflies
  • that come out at night
  • they like the torchlight when it goes
  • off they leave when the light goes on
  • they come back and if we leave the torch
  • off we can see another very tiny night
  • animal look up at the sky
  • is it a shooting star no that is a
  • Firefly oh no Peppa it has a tummy that
  • glows big night animals in your garden
  • grandpa no lovely but now it's time to
  • say good night to them good night night
  • animals and it's well past bedtime for
  • you little piggies yes granny
  • [Music]
  • we need a scarecrow scarecrow a
  • scarecrow is a strawman that scares
  • birds away what a good idea granny pig
  • I'll make one come on everyone this is
  • grandpa pigs garden shed there'll be
  • plenty of things in here to make a
  • scarecrow first we need two sticks and
  • some strings we'll find them Peppa has
  • found some sticks George has found some
  • string good I'll tie the sticks together
  • to make the body granny pig has found
  • some straw and an old sack lovely I'll
  • put the straw in the sack to make the
  • egg
  • now the scarecrow needs something to
  • wear here's a bag of old clothes
  • [Music]
  • George has found a dress Peppa has found
  • a coat very good George has found a hat
  • very good George
  • mr. scarecrow needs a face that's right
  • would you and George like to paint a
  • face yes please George paints the eyes
  • and nose Petra paints the mastic mr.
  • scarecrow is ready the little birds are
  • looking for grandpa pig's flower seeds
  • don't worry Peppa mr. scarecrow will
  • scare them off mr. scarecrow has scared
  • the little birds away it's autumn time
  • Peppa in the autumn it gets a bit colder
  • and the leaves change colour
  • it's quite windy let's bear game to keep
  • warm the wind is blowing the ball along
  • the ball is in the pond I'll just use
  • this stick to reach it daddy be careful
  • daddy pig don't worry I've almost got it
  • [Music]
  • a little bit
  • the wind has blown the ball out of the
  • pond oh yes what a stroke of luck hold
  • on to your hats no the wind has blown
  • George's hat off I'll just climb up and
  • get it the trees much too thin to take
  • your weight daddy pig so how can we get
  • George's hat simple
  • I'll give the tree a little shake huh
  • maybe if I shake it a bit harder that
  • sort of thing already happened to me
  • [Music]
  • once upon a time there was a little boy
  • oh yes now Pedro planted that bean and
  • it in an enormous field store that went
  • high into the sky that's right
  • Petro climbed to the top of that
  • Beanstalk and found a horrible big giant
  • but I don't work that I want to princess
  • oh yes there he found a beautiful
  • princess Peppa Pig and Sir George a
  • brave knight let me Big Daddy pig and
  • Grandpa pig
  • Oh waiting to eat dinner I'll go and see
  • what's keeping granny pig what's next in
  • the story Norte granny Pig you woke the
  • little ones to sleep when the story ends
  • grandpa I'm good at ending stories
  • granny
  • Pig you go downstairs I won't be long
  • there's a boy a beanstalk a beautiful
  • [Music]
  • well after they ate the lovely dinner
  • [Music]
  • granny pig mummy pig and Daddy pig are
  • still waiting to eat dinner that bedtime
  • story doesn't seem to be working I'm the
  • expert at telling bedtime stories
  • I'll have asleep in no time
  • [Music]
  • what can be keeping them hello granddad
  • dog I thought you said you were on your
  • way yes yes we're almost there it's
  • taken a while to get my crew together
  • [Music]
  • the children have arrived at grandpa
  • pig's orchard the game is to get that
  • treasure without being caught I hope
  • there are no pirates around here trying
  • to take my lovely treasure peppa and her
  • friends have got the coins without being
  • caught everybody loves chocolate coins
  • gosh granddad dog has been caught try
  • and take my treasure would your dish
  • mine
  • I want it fair and square oh no you
  • didn't oh yes I did
  • Thank You captain hog and dog beard for
  • the lovely pirate game you're very
  • welcome
  • oh yes it's been lots of fun it is dr.
  • hamster the vet found him not eat at
  • theis that time time yet it's bedtime
  • for tittles he sleeps all through the
  • winter and whacks off in spring that
  • sounds nice you like sleepy don't you
  • petrol yes tickles has run away
  • Oh tito's I don't know why you like
  • climbing trees how are we going to
  • rescue
  • tittles chop the tree down man no I'll
  • ring the Fire Brigades Taurus up a tree
  • again we're on our way
  • [Music]
  • fire engines use ladders to rescue pets
  • fruit trees widows is climbing higher in
  • the tree come here you little pickles
  • money cow is climbing into the tree
  • be careful mommy cow oh dear I'm stuck
  • cows are not very good at climbing trees
  • I'm coming up here tittles oh I'm stuck
  • two elephants are not very good at
  • climbing trees what do I do
  • you say welcome to my circus see the
  • impossible the amazing the incredible
  • feats of derring-do welcome to my circus
  • it's got amazing feet granny pig's
  • garden party guests are here hello
  • everyone you're in for a treat the
  • circus has come to town
  • [Music]
  • welcome to my circus please me very
  • scared of the amazing candy I was a
  • strong man once or used to lift tractors
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • yet ah that was a funny bit that's what
  • I call the best circus I have ever seen
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • don't worry pepper no need to panic
  • hello George
  • have you seen the spider it's too scary
  • take it away here there's no need to be
  • afraid pepper Oh spiders are very very
  • small and they can't hurt you but don't
  • worry daddy we'll take it out of the
  • bedroom whoa
  • he's quite big isn't he um I'll just
  • fetch mummy pig
  • mummy pig Peppa feels a little bit
  • braver likes being in my doll's house
  • hello children
  • I hear you found a little spider I'll
  • take him out of the bedroom so you two
  • can play mr. skinnylegs is big isn't he
  • peppa and George like the spider George
  • is putting the spider to bed no George
  • he doesn't want to be in bed are you
  • hungry mr. skinnylegs would you like
  • some cake Peppa isn't afraid of the
  • spider anymore
  • mummy daddy sit down we are all going
  • down tea with mr. skinnylegs
  • [Music]
  • delicious Peppa loves playing tea
  • parties that's all right Peppa let mr.
  • skinnylegs drink his tea you're not
  • scared are you daddy oh no of course not
  • well not so close
  • [Music]
  • kajoor did I get our faces painted first
  • of course miss rabbit has painted
  • Peppa's friends as Tigers
  • there you are Suzy now you look like a
  • tiger thank you Miss rabbit wow I like
  • your face
  • Suzy are you a pussycat no I'm a tiger
  • papa
  • did you like your face painted yes
  • please can't be an ally friends oh dear
  • I don't have to do elephants I can do
  • Tigers yes please
  • there you are pepper now you're a tiger
  • I'm a tiger
  • Oh George what would you like to be
  • dying soul girl darkness or how about a
  • tiger instead I'm good at Tigers oh so
  • am i Tigers don't say woof woof how do
  • you know because Tigers are big cats
  • meow and I'm a cat Patti please kitty
  • teach us how to be Tigers okay
  • Tigers creep very very slowly and then
  • Tigers like to lick themselves clean but
  • this food my dogs are happy take her
  • hello children my goodness you're all
  • Tigers and I'm teaching them to be
  • proper Tigers what do you little Tigers
  • want to do next that's right we have to
  • find George a dinosaur balloon let's get
  • you all balloons mummy pig has one
  • unbelievable here's your giant teddy I
  • like that one mummy they're too big no
  • they're not daddy pig and George are
  • riding on the base wheel I'm glad that's
  • over
  • five times round four one pound
  • it's round Oh
  • [Music]
  • first your strengths all the old
  • aberrant Baylock what do we have to do
  • you hit this button with this hammer if
  • the bell rings you win a prize no skill
  • involved but you need to be strong I'll
  • have a goal one part bad luck
  • oh I'm strong I'll have a go stand back
  • everyone
  • do be careful daddy pig you're not that
  • bit oh yes daddy pig is looking a bit
  • tubby what I'm just saying
  • daddy pig is a bit round in the tummy
  • give me that hammer goodness me
  • I've never seen anything like it that
  • wins all the giant Eddie's we have mommy
  • can we get these titties to my friends
  • what a good idea
  • most kind thank you very much
  • [Music]
  • that's the biggie shadow fr it must be a
  • giant it's not the Giants the shadow is
  • being made by a cloud Wow
  • what sort of cloud is it it's a big
  • cloud it's called a stratocumulus yes
  • Edmund elephant is a clever clogs our
  • shadows are getting longer that's
  • because the Sun is getting lower in the
  • sky
  • it's nearly nighttime yes Emily when the
  • Sun sets the shadows go away Papa George
  • the time it is bedtime I'm a bit sad
  • about my shadows gone away don't be sad
  • pepper the electric light can make
  • shadows and we can make Shadow Puppets
  • mummy pig is using her hands to make a
  • shadow puppet it's Intuit sing tweet
  • tweet I'm a little birdy my turn pepper
  • has made a spider
  • my name is mr. skinnylegs Oh scary
  • George is making a shadow puppet George
  • I'm sure George has made a dinosaur
  • that's really scary
  • very good George time to switch the
  • lights out
  • good night pepper good night George
  • good night shadows George does not like
  • wearing his rain hat George you must
  • keep your hat on
  • why because you must keep dry why
  • because you might catch a cold
  • why George do you want to play in the
  • garden then keep your hat on going to
  • jump in muddy puddles George does not
  • want to wear his rain Oh George where's
  • your hat
  • cheap George has caught a cold oh poor
  • little George
  • you don't sound well okay don't worry I
  • ring dr. brown bear dr. brown bear
  • speaking I see put George to bed and
  • I'll be straight round
  • thank you dr. brown bear goodbye whoa
  • George be taken to hospital and give the
  • medicine no George just has to go to bed
  • disgusting poor George
  • let's get you straight to bed George you
  • have to stay in bed for a bit George
  • does not want to stay in bed George you
  • have to stay in bed until you are better
  • why because you have to keep warm
  • dr. bear says so hello our play begins
  • [Music]
  • at home but who is this oh dear Danny
  • has forgotten what he says next grandma
  • you must go in the photos sorry you
  • don't look like my grandma big eyes you
  • have look who is here
  • trust in time petal the hunter help just
  • in time
  • Pedro the hunter Pedro is a bit shy
  • Pedro would you like me to come on with
  • you yes please you are a very naughty
  • boy
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • who wants to help build a big sandcastle
  • what a good idea granny pig now I'll
  • just check on the boot granny pig is
  • going to help the children's build up
  • big sandcastle and Grandpa pig is doing
  • important float things ah this is nice
  • Oh baby I'll just close my eyes a little
  • bit
  • [Music]
  • children are making a big sandcastle
  • they need lots and lots of sand they use
  • buckets to make the castles turrets what
  • a splendid castle grandpa pig is fast
  • asleep and the boat is drifting away we
  • have to wake grandpa up shout as loudly
  • as you can oh no grandpa pig is still
  • asleep wrappers too far away to hear us
  • we're castaways me we'll be here for a
  • hundred years we'll have to eat wild
  • fruit and berries and we'll have to eat
  • insects and slugs the parents are here
  • to collect the children
  • [Music]
  • my hello everyone how do you had a nice
  • time yes actually I just left something
  • behind
  • [Music]
  • Danny has found a pinecone Peppa has
  • found a shell Suzie has found an old bit
  • of rope Freddie has found a pebble
  • treasure oh just have a little sleep
  • Pedro always takes his glasses off
  • before he sleeps let's creep up on Pedro
  • yes Danny Peppa Suzy and Freddie are
  • creeping up on Pedro yes sorry you're
  • lucky we're friendly pirates
  • we've got treasure that's nice let's put
  • it in the treasure chest
  • [Music]
  • now we can bury it yes
  • and I'll stay here and guard the pirate
  • ship okay pirate Pedro but don't fall
  • asleep this time I won't the Pirates are
  • off to bury the treasure chest over a
  • hill mark the spot x marks the spot
  • Pedro has fallen asleep again
  • [Music]
  • look George a big dinosaur good morning
  • can I help you
  • we'd like the dinosaur in the window
  • please certainly good choice this is the
  • Dino roar it roars it walks and it sings
  • a dinosaur song Dino lore Dino roar
  • listen to the Dino roar war will take it
  • George is playing with Dino roar in the
  • garden don't play too roughly with Dino
  • roar George he has moving parts and
  • might get broken George cannot play with
  • Dino roar in the garden George wants to
  • play with Dino roar in the bath George
  • if you get Dino roar wet he'll stop
  • working George cannot play with Dino
  • roar in the bath
  • it is nighttime George has taken Dinah
  • raw to bed with him maybe Dino roar
  • should sleep somewhere else George
  • cannot have diner raw in his bed at
  • night it is morning
  • why is George looking so sad George
  • cannot play with Dino roar in the garden
  • in the bath or in bed never mind George
  • Dino roar can still raw oh I think the
  • batteries must have run out daddy pig
  • already alright and with singing a song
  • with
  • [Music]
  • oh now children
  • I'm for bed good night children
  • peppa and Suzy are in their sleeping bag
  • no more giggling please what was that
  • funny noise I don't know
  • there it is again
  • Susie where are you going I'm a bit
  • scared
  • Oh would you like to come in I think I'm
  • a bit scared - can I come in please
  • of course I think I might get there
  • later I might be scared later - and me
  • come in everyone
  • can we have the Bing bong song please
  • all right we're playing a tune and we
  • singing a song with a bang and and a
  • Bing
  • [Music]
  • and my vacuum won't work and my computer
  • has switched off mummy pig tries the
  • light switch but the lights do not come
  • on it must be a power cut
  • what's a power cut a power cut is when
  • there is no electricity electricity is
  • what makes everything in our house work
  • yes but in the mean time we need to find
  • a torch I think there's a torch in the
  • cellar okay I'll go and get it will you
  • be okay daddy just remembered I think
  • the torch is in the kitchen mummy pig
  • has found the torch okay Peppa is making
  • a funny face we'd better tell daddy
  • we found the torch daddy you stood in
  • the centre looking for the church what a
  • stroke of luck
  • [Music]
  • and Susan playing in peppers bedroom so
  • does George know George this game is
  • just for big girls don't play with your
  • own toys peppa and Suzy want to play on
  • their own I'm a tiny little fairy
  • princess doesn't like playing on his own
  • George wants to play too
  • George you have to play somewhere else
  • George wants to play with Peppa he feels
  • a bit lonely George I need some help I'm
  • making chocolate chip cookies someone
  • needs to lick out the bowl George likes
  • helping mummy make cookies but he likes
  • playing with Peppa more
  • [Music]
  • come on daddy pig it's time to go to
  • work
  • mummy pig is working on her computer
  • hello George I beg your pardon
  • pepper I was just saying hello I'm not
  • pepper pig I'm not be pink oh yes of
  • course
  • hello mummy pig hello and this is daddy
  • pig
  • George ah and hello to you too daddy pig
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • no thank you
  • goodbye is enjoying pretending to be
  • mummy pig but George is getting a bit
  • bored sorry daddy pig
  • nearly finished oh come on daddy pig
  • it's time you did someone goodbye mummy
  • pig and Daddy pig bye daddy pig is
  • digging in the garden hello George mummy
  • pig and this is daddy pig
  • Oh daddy pig is here to swap that's very
  • kind of you daddy pig Oh
  • now be careful it's a very deep hole I
  • did your best clothes daddy pig I want
  • to make pig snorts too
  • [Music]
  • we go to the playground oh where has the
  • sky gone don't worry Peppa
  • it's just fog Oh what's folk fog is a
  • cloud that is on the ground instead of
  • in the sky oh it's very thick fog I
  • can't see a thing
  • hmm maybe we should go back home yes
  • we'll go to the playground another day
  • oh it is too foggy to find the
  • playground
  • so peppa and George have to go back home
  • now which way is home oh we lost daddy
  • pig don't worry I know exactly where we
  • are oh this way
  • who put that tree there
  • daddy pig has walked into a tree are you
  • okay daddy pig yes I find this way daddy
  • pig do you know where you're going yes
  • of course I do
  • I don't ever find our house again I'm
  • sure we will pepper only we're lost too
  • we are not lost I know exactly where we
  • are
  • see you later ducks good luck finding
  • your pond
  • daddy pig has found the duck pond yes
  • what a stroke of luck
  • daddy says thank you you're most welcome
  • mrs. duck we do have a big dinosaur a
  • real whopper would you like to meet it
  • these are its footprints we just have to
  • follow them
  • these footprints look very real are you
  • sure there's no living dinosaurs about
  • Grampy rabbit a quite sure daddy pig
  • look there are some green sticks
  • [Music]
  • it's a big dinosaur yes it's my bopping
  • ginormous dinosaur slide
  • that is some dinosaur he's a
  • brontosaurus you're a bit of a clever
  • clogs aren't you all right my little
  • explorers are you ready for the next bit
  • of the adventure yes we have to find an
  • egg foxes love hunting for eggs Freddy
  • Fox has a very good sense of smell
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • now look very hard and try to remember
  • them all the little fish Teddy a
  • jack-in-the-box and mr. dinosaur have
  • you remembered them yes okay you just
  • have to go outside for a moment I'm
  • ready
  • all right you can come back inside
  • one thing is missing from the table do
  • you know what mr. dinosaur is little
  • fetch Jack in a box so who's missing
  • teddy that's right
  • Teddy's gone well done pepper and George
  • it was quite easy for us we are famous
  • detectives ah but that's only half the
  • mystery where's Teddy gone oh I don't
  • know what are those little things on the
  • floor the magnifying glass makes the
  • cake crumbs easy to see oh I wonder if
  • Teddy has been eating cake and the ones
  • this way Teddy's eat the crumbs lead
  • into peppermint George's bedroom how can
  • we find Teddy ask me some questions but
  • I will only answer yes or no mystery is
  • solved do you still want to be a
  • detective when you grow up pepper is
  • quite hard next I want to be the one who
  • makes mysteries once upon a time in a
  • castle there lived a little princess and
  • she was called the sleepy princess
  • why was she called that I'll get to that
  • later
  • what's the sleepy princess pretty yes
  • she was very pretty
  • she loved looking at herself in the
  • mirror well the others in the castle
  • were the small prince queen mummy II and
  • King daddy that's right they were all
  • living there as well of course but he
  • was very handsome like me anyway there
  • was also a dragon a dinosaur oh yes it
  • wasn't a dragon it was a dinosaur living
  • outside was a huge fierce dinosaur
  • yeah maybe the dinosaur isn't quite that
  • fierce daddy pig sorry George
  • no the dinosaur was very gentle it ended
  • lots of drugs daddy pig oh sorry I was
  • being the dinosaur sleepy princess I'm
  • coming to that you see the sunset and
  • the stars moon came out and everyone got
  • very sleepy but the most sleepy of all
  • was the sleepy princess
  • [Music]
  • baby Basset there is a box of golden
  • treasure at the end of the world but
  • it's too far for me to go because I'm
  • too little Georgie said I will carry you
  • there so Georgie Pig walked to the end
  • of the world he can heave all times Ewok
  • are you sleepy yet none he walked
  • through forests across mountains across
  • seas he walked to the end of the world
  • and found a big box of golden treasure
  • oh and a big dragon
  • oh yes a big green dragon with little
  • wings and breathing fire
  • [Music]
  • luckily it was a very friendly dragon
  • and he said you can have the treasure
  • but then Georgie Pig began to surely he
  • shrank and he shrieked and he's front
  • until he was the same little doggy pig
  • as he was before
  • how will we get back home now said baby
  • bear I can fly you home said the dragon
  • say Georgie Pig and baby bear hopped on
  • the Dragons back and flew all the way
  • back home
  • to the little house in the forest and
  • then it's the end George is asleep
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • yes lots of fun go round and put your
  • head through that hole welcome to the
  • dinosaur garden
  • say hello to my dinosaur friends don't
  • be frightened they are not real but this
  • is exactly how they would have looked
  • walking the earth together it's not what
  • Triceratops lived in the Cretaceous
  • period Stegosaurus was Jurassic they
  • would not have walked together how do
  • you know that I'm a clever clogs anyway
  • who wants to ride one dinosaurs in
  • potato city because dinosaurs ate
  • potatoes yeah anyway children like
  • dinosaurs
  • Rhona
  • roller pour the vegetable roundabout
  • swing tato city where the magic of
  • vegetables never ends
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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