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Video Thank You for Your Service Official Trailer #1 (2017) Miles Teller, Haley Bennett Biography Movie HD
02:34   |   1M+ views   |   07/22/2018 at 20:12


  • [Music]
  • I'll root shotgun and lead Humvee and I
  • look for bombs stop the truck
  • you all see the bomb unless they want me
  • to what you got honestly nothing man you
  • don't see it he feels it I was a good
  • soldier
  • I had purpose and I loved it you kicked
  • some ass over there yeah yeah we wanted
  • it to be perfect with my favorite girls
  • it's perfectly am I getting later in
  • life
  • oh yeah you're getting late maybe I'm
  • foolish come on Ethan it's already 4:00
  • p.m. in Baghdad got one chocolate chip
  • smiley face pancake for you
  • she doesn't like chocolate okay I guess
  • I missed that part I'm only you do on
  • your commendation medal and on the
  • achievement medal impressive
  • you never told me you were a hero don't
  • fam you the detail I can take anything
  • but quiet people got robbed you are my
  • hammer out there on that these young
  • guys see you fold man got so below you
  • did a job
  • nothing years come on you after all I'm
  • only you look great
  • no no I got the pain on me can't even
  • have to be fun to pay to perfect their
  • specific incident the trouble no this
  • don't look like much of a life but every
  • when I get up I'm grateful I'm glad
  • because he have only you say hey I'm
  • only you all it takes to put the pain
  • thank you for looking after my friends a
  • lot of hero we're brothers filled after
  • each other I'm only human after all
  • don't put the blame on me
  • you

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Thank You for Your Service Trailer 1 (2017) Miles Teller, Haley Bennett Biography Movie HD [Official Trailer]


Thank You For Your Service 2017 Miles Teller Haley Bennett Biography Biographical Biopic War Drama Official Trailer Movie Clip TV Spot International Film Teaser

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