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Video We Lived With Zero Privacy With Total Strangers
11:52   |   today at 12:36


  • Wow a house hi I'm Garrett and I'm Nikki
  • no no no you did a great job
  • Wow a house hi I'm Garrett and I'm Nikki
  • we're fascinated by how other people
  • live and we're gonna try to find the
  • really interesting living situations and
  • live there experiencing a totally new
  • lifestyle thing is we don't really know
  • each other that we don't know but we're
  • gonna live together with total strangers
  • this week we're living in a communal
  • posture hi welcome to pause here thank
  • you so much podshare is a cool living
  • co-working community across multiple
  • addresses in the city of Los Angeles wow
  • this is beautiful this is huge yes I
  • don't know why I thought this would be
  • small we live small but like in a big
  • space but with a lot of people so since
  • 2012 we have hosted over 10,000 people
  • across the world for any duration of
  • time you can stay one night say multiple
  • months you really doesn't matter as long
  • as you're open to sharing
  • there's toiletries in the bathroom and
  • then there's food in the kitchen
  • so anything marked shared you guys can
  • eat at any point and then the big rule
  • at podshare is the quiet hours so after
  • 10 p.m. and until 10 a.m. please turn
  • your phones to vibrate and whisper since
  • the tiny house basically Nikki and I
  • arrived back at work and split off in
  • different directions I don't think we've
  • talked very much other than for the
  • video yeah I don't know what he's been
  • doing for the last few weeks these are
  • the pods my goodness
  • so here we have 38 38 huh
  • what makes the pods different than bunk
  • beds is this their way and this is
  • something you'll never find in any like
  • bunk bed or like we hate the word so I'm
  • gonna say it for like just one time like
  • we can't cost them the goal of podshare
  • is actually to be the first subscription
  • housing model in the city of Los Angeles
  • and in the state of California and then
  • the country but imagine paying one
  • monthly fee and living anywhere in the
  • country or maybe the world that's what a
  • global citizen is 25 and 27 I want the
  • Sun sure obvious 25 these are like adult
  • bunk beds drugs like this is totally
  • fine right I think this is about Garrett
  • let's do it how many siblings is Niki
  • have crap Jamie I'm gonna say I think
  • Nikki has two sisters I'm gonna say he
  • has a sister don't think Nikki hasn't
  • known man but her full name is Nicola
  • Garrett's middle name is Martin Martin
  • I'm TV ooh these are 22 inch flat
  • screens and you guys have HBO go Netflix
  • HBO yeah you can watch your favorite
  • shows yes okay as we felt a community is
  • like a circle and it's an open floor
  • plan we're like you see me I see you so
  • trust is established nobody
  • no pod sex is hot sex that's a joke or a
  • rule no goals for the pod chair Garin I
  • have to make a friend a total stranger
  • that I do not know right now I want to
  • be friends with them - and this one's
  • probably gonna be very hard I want to
  • get invited to Nikki's wedding people
  • want to share - in a pod they have these
  • double size policies queen-size pods
  • oh but still notes your process so here
  • there are four toilets and there's three
  • showers and it's all co-ed so you guys
  • can use first-come first-serve I think
  • one of my goals is to see if maybe
  • anyone would be interested in Garrett
  • she's getting married in like a month so
  • it's kind of late in the game but if she
  • and I can become close enough friends
  • that she feels bummed that I'm not gonna
  • be at her wedding
  • that shows big progress in our
  • relationship and he believes in love he
  • did tell me that so maybe he will find
  • love in this pod sure no this such a
  • great space and this come on at night
  • and then it's pretty Zen you live here
  • yeah permanently I Paul chair yes so
  • like I'll crash at any part I don't have
  • an apartment Wow
  • will I ever have my own apartment again
  • I wonder so I don't ma'am but I could
  • put it up on that little hook up there
  • go ahead we're here in the watcher in
  • Venice we're literally in my pod it's
  • like five feet between your bed and mine
  • yeah like and my feet hang off like -
  • that's too small for you everything is
  • too small for me in this world I need to
  • change into pants because it's a hundred
  • degrees and I want to wear my shorts
  • there's just a little closet right here
  • yeah I don't think that's what it's for
  • but maybe I can
  • I can guard the closet for you back in
  • the closet all right Oh God yeah when we
  • first got here I was very nervous it's
  • one thing to live with you you're one
  • person but know there's a lot of people
  • I have to live with a lot of boys yeah
  • so you've gone from living with one boy
  • once to now living with a lot of pie
  • like 20 boys is this how you're gonna
  • change all the time okay you're good
  • wait let me out that was like the worst
  • magic trick ever
  • it's like a very ecology vibe it's a
  • very social vibe and I'm just kind of
  • hanging out walking around like it could
  • be really fun they're talking about
  • doing barbecue tomorrow we can play
  • volleyball and basketball and ping-pong
  • like I feel like a little kid at summer
  • camp it really does feel like summer
  • camp if we're going to be living with
  • what is it 36 other people I'm gonna see
  • how many of them I can meet like how
  • many people I can shake their hands
  • oh so that's good god that's so many
  • people alive people hey champ
  • hi how goes making a friend I just need
  • some time I don't think there is such a
  • thing as sometimes it's just different
  • for you and for me to meet that's true
  • all right if you want time to yourself
  • I'm gonna go meet this person
  • - hi - Garret
  • nice to meet you Julia what are you
  • working on so far I think I'm liking
  • this more than Nikki everybody here is
  • like really friendly and I'm really
  • starting to get the hang of the communal
  • living aspect I'm kind of exhausted
  • meeting people and being invested in
  • meeting people is personally exhausting
  • it's not something that comes easily to
  • me okay have a good night George me see
  • like if I were home right now I'd be
  • like playing video games in my underwear
  • so far I think I'm making more progress
  • with the total strangers than I am with
  • Nikki I think she's kind of in an
  • uncomfortable position with so many
  • strangers I don't blame her
  • it's pretty uncomfortable this space is
  • the only space that belongs to me and
  • like anyone could look inside which is
  • crazy there's like no space to retreat I
  • need to not think about what others
  • think of me right now even though I've
  • got like 36 roommates the roommate I'm
  • most focused on is Nikki can I hear it
  • well psych 7 a.m. it's too bright for me
  • you keep sleeping since I can keep
  • sleeping we go for a run so far this
  • Tommy you lifestyle has me a little
  • healthier I woke up this morning and
  • just like immediately like you roll over
  • and you can see like six people sleeping
  • Darrin and I are gonna make breakfast
  • we've got some avocado toast and
  • hopefully other people will want to
  • share with us and we'll make some new
  • friends
  • trying to see if something wants these
  • it's a good way for you to make a friend
  • would you like an avocado toast okay
  • that's okay
  • no worries anyone want some avocado
  • toast
  • no okay hey miss can I just eat this one
  • no hoping everyone ate already always
  • how did you sleep
  • that's okay yeah while fall asleep the
  • barbecue tonight
  • oh man I said I should invite Kelsey
  • you're on a meet her
  • yeah I love you oh you gonna teach me
  • how to play volleyball today
  • for realsies yep bump set spike yeah put
  • your hands together like this and then
  • fold them over okay
  • thank you let's use that other ball the
  • best strategy is to just make sure the
  • ball goes high and in the middle of your
  • side Oh Nikki does that she's good she's
  • very good my goals were to make a friend
  • I've done my goal I've made a friend who
  • will come and get matcha with me so we
  • did it but I think I changed my goals I
  • have not yet gotten invitation to a
  • wedding try and get to know some people
  • a little bit better make it a favor goal
  • just like do better at saying hi to
  • people there's a big barbecue tonight so
  • I think that'll help
  • I think her fiance's coming to this
  • barbecue tonight and maybe if I work on
  • her fiance one of them will invite me to
  • the wedding so nice a lot of major guys
  • come to your wedding
  • well I'm sorry was that forward you
  • should get some food and talk over that
  • anyway and he just get some food I mean
  • you can't come with you
  • what I mean we're not would you actually
  • call it where is it I don't know it's in
  • Washington State okay if you'd really
  • like to sure I think I did way better
  • today we had that barbecue in the
  • backyard jumped into a bunch of
  • different conversations I met a bunch of
  • new people and it really it's not as bad
  • once I just kind of dive in and do it
  • I'm really proud of Nikki though because
  • she like really grew to like meet people
  • and like gain this confidence of like
  • she can go up to anybody and talk to
  • them now it was like really cool and I
  • got an invitation to the wedding I'm an
  • introvert it's Who I am
  • but every once in a while we can do this
  • but then I just got to go back gotta go
  • home living a pod share is great you're
  • gonna meet so many interesting people
  • that are gonna come through your life
  • that you would never have encountered
  • you're gonna become a better person for
  • living here like this place is so unique
  • being around so many people and him
  • being the person I know the most I think
  • has really brought us closer together no
  • matter what if I can find Garrett
  • there's someone who knows me it made me
  • like trust him more I think for sure I
  • did not get anyone to hook up with
  • Garrett though
  • so that's only so much I can do
  • you're never lonely but you're never
  • alone that's it I can't I got to leave
  • we got to get out of here
  • I want to just take a shower without
  • wearing sandals and at some point I'm
  • gonna need to masturbate bipod chair my
  • pond chair
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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