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Video Metro Last Light Redux Tập 4: Tìm trạm gác quân Red Line
22:15   |   today at 15:03


  • we're almost at the theater now the
  • metro entrance should be pretty close
  • but however small the distance is we'll
  • have to cover it on the surface and
  • there every step you take could well be
  • your last chubak will heal pull yourself
  • together we don't have long before
  • nightfall ok ok with the tunnel collapse
  • the only way to reach the escalator down
  • to the attestation is cross the Senate
  • and trust me we don't want to be caught
  • out here in the fucking death opaw
  • unlocker to emerge display seems lived
  • in vintage probably I don't know and
  • when there are dangers shit shirt and
  • fill this will have to make do no come
  • on take what you need we're all brothers
  • in the network hate reactive I could use
  • a good watch like yours knowing how much
  • hair you got left is the master you know
  • I've had the things roaming at all that
  • even bullets can stop you have been
  • through some bad shit I know but not
  • like what's coming at you remember if
  • you want to live don't drop your guard
  • for needs ok oh that's impressive I
  • heard about this place that plane was
  • headed into Moscow when the whole city
  • caught fire the building will it crashed
  • that's the end rest of the theater the
  • ice is throwing up here it's almost like
  • spring archaeology maybe we'll live to
  • see the summer
  • wait wait wait wait where there's got to
  • be an underground path somewhere around
  • here the ranges would never cross the
  • square out in the open okay we could
  • walk down the wing here okay so much for
  • the Sun those clouds moved impressed
  • [Music]
  • there's the pussy that's heady there
  • this reactive keep your headlight charge
  • watch my back cover your coordinates
  • slowly enough check for future thank you
  • what does what can man do it back let's
  • pull back and we'll be leaving here yeah
  • no way all right ya think I'm gonna be
  • sick read carefully they say these
  • tunnels shelter more than just need a
  • good communist doesn't believe in selves
  • at you but this fucking place of death
  • makes me wonder let's go out to the
  • light check that service room
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • you'll get you up you don't give a good
  • blood
  • that's your stop get down now watchman
  • you a huge fan
  • must be driving
  • they spot us will be lived to shred
  • shit that was close okay um no more
  • tricks like that let's get to the plane
  • before another pair comes through move
  • it I have stories about this place with
  • shit happens hey try opening it i'll
  • give cover jump oh yeah let's try
  • together moving look at you don't lose
  • your head in here understand me ok let's
  • go one range of told me this was a
  • flight from Majorca families returning
  • from vacation enough no I feel me I've
  • never been to the sea
  • wasn't them to be I feel I don't know I
  • feel near
  • Chuck are you seeing this shit don't I
  • to him what is this shoe for you look
  • they're alive
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]
  • shit in Toronto
  • ask them shit the
  • we're going down
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • don't panic what breathe breathe breathe
  • breathe smoke
  • hey what will ya if you hadn't woke me
  • I'd probably have self to clean it like
  • the others yeah like this one take this
  • one here okay okay okay let's get out of
  • this place now now I jump go right I
  • think we'll find the entrance behind the
  • building ship it even pick it up pick it
  • down
  • fucking even
  • you owe me one
  • affordable
  • watch Englishman as soon as we moved
  • away from the plane and we would almost
  • there are you tell you the moving in
  • from the second floor
  • the entrance to the theater is down the
  • next one that we have to move now follow
  • me faster faster come over here
  • keep your hand
  • plastic what are coming we have you
  • going to find the entrance it's too many
  • of them we have to warn the station get
  • evacuated hey yeah well we'll go just go
  • after us
  • [Music]
  • inside
  • let us stroll through the park
  • our short visit to Deb Moscow the
  • phantom of the past is over Pavel and I
  • helped each other out again and are
  • returning down to the Metro is real
  • partners now you can survive the
  • wastelands any other way but now ahead
  • of us lies a populated station the
  • theater is very close to Polly's if
  • Pavel manages to lead me through the red
  • line guard posts I'll be home in less
  • than an hour sorry about that dangerous
  • times right there going up soon are
  • there many watchman we were lucky to get
  • you okay there's a nest in the building
  • by the next plane oh you want a
  • nightmare well it's waiting for you out
  • there no sense going just three men
  • that's your major so if its culture you
  • wants the gun show is up there above us
  • all the actors will survive down here
  • people come from all over the metro to
  • see the shoes nutrition for each
  • campaign and now we're 30 this happens
  • all the time
  • so that's our plan the station next to
  • this one is revolution square one of
  • herbs drill and evolution spitting
  • distance to polis so I as a good
  • communist which I am will vouch for you
  • they'll have to let you through and
  • you'll be home in no time what do you
  • think you're the one they just told us
  • about yes we are great come in then say
  • oh my spartan friend have a look around
  • there's plenty to see you huh I'll talk
  • to my people and find you Bertram have a
  • good rest but you do understand that we
  • can't wait here forever I don't make
  • good okay
  • bullets are the last surviving
  • theatrical critique bullets for mercy on
  • your souls i disgust myself listed
  • when all around this radiation death
  • okay that is a really smelly Spears wow
  • that's a demon so scary just like the
  • real thing when do we become your father
  • have you got enough money to last a week
  • solid you learned scholar soon log in my
  • life oh so they can save up Oh centrally
  • sides in deadly what you give up already
  • shit good luck man still naked two
  • stalkers instead of near eight look I
  • got money for three days drinks are me
  • you already have too many
  • now you can't beat that million your
  • back now you're just being greedy now
  • you can't fit that million your back
  • well come back if you need anything
  • well well that's your mind made all the
  • arrangements we can go to the revolution
  • in arms never let us aim through the
  • theater you are a couple of days ago she
  • number advantage in the platform ID from
  • his wife show me your ticket barely
  • difference sure I'm coming the design
  • well Stanislavski you can watch the show
  • if you like now wait till you at the
  • dressing room I if you'd be so kind that
  • can
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • no enjoy the show sorry man time to move
  • on you patron of the art
  • [Music]
  • like this either sorry for the other two
  • seconds and impressing the way of your
  • mind you're just like us anymore I trust
  • dearly min wilshere I'm boogly love you
  • girls but they've been busy with work
  • I'm very recent I'll come back soon can
  • I promise yeah please dude you google
  • bits in the iono let me use your power
  • just nature if all you want is gone and
  • you'll get once again yep you bet it's
  • no good why can't your boyfriend by you
  • come for any Wolsey that's a no-brainer
  • are too hard sure looks like you're a
  • bitch woman hungry huh well he wills
  • it's a hard life with a soft
  • [Music]
  • anyways I tell you we should be going
  • but staying to the fact you're still
  • alive huh tell me okay here you are move
  • our specials to the old stock and
  • accusing it for a couple year or paw
  • that's great so let's drink of tuam
  • open smooth stuff and this is a good
  • place but yeah home is the best
  • yeah I've traveled all over the metro
  • and people talk all kinds of shit about
  • the red line that it's awful their food
  • and we shoot goblets for nothing and you
  • can't even tell a joke without getting
  • arrested wait let's have another gig
  • here girls are tongue Wow so yes a life
  • is a bit strict one party one leader one
  • ideology but be awarded and everything
  • is shared food medicine fuel shelter no
  • Richmond true but no burgers either
  • another dig and now to equality come on
  • at you no no no no ski that nah whoa so
  • vexa uh well was i ah yes yes look look
  • at the fart stations that freaking eat
  • each other sell their kidded slaves as
  • like a stone age daft his own devices a
  • man becomes a beast no water were there
  • is all that matters that's that's our
  • salvation so you can believe whatever
  • but I am yet I'm read until the day I
  • die I drink to order oh yeah
  • good I'll jump fella but bottoms up what
  • comes up so my friend that's how it goes
  • don't be mad at him just doing my job to
  • protect the red line then you are
  • musketeer and from the wrong side of the
  • barricade private take this camera then
  • yes matrice he's sharp
  • [Music]
  • welcome back comrade major Eddie's
  • private that was so stupid of me I
  • bought that top move it

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