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Video Two's-Day - Organ Trail
21:15   |   today at 08:51


  • hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday
  • today I bring you organ trail this is a
  • zombie parity spin-off of Oregon Trail
  • and I leave this fine group of
  • subscribers I have chosen for
  • subscribers at random we have Burrell
  • glop snort baby hens and ultimate knocks
  • can we survive the zombie infested
  • United States we'll find out i right I'm
  • going to want about three hours for food
  • or for fuel I'll definitely need ammo so
  • to frown take one out of fuel that med
  • kits yes battery yet yeah spend the rest
  • on supplies and then we'll go just don't
  • send axline talk to that I wow bad luck
  • right off the bat and Washington DC is
  • about to be nuked good job ultimate
  • knocks you have measles and if any of
  • you guys are watching this video leave a
  • comment below if you want wild free
  • awesome
  • enjoy the music
  • and one fuel flies out the window good
  • job I was driving so that's my fault how
  • can I save baby hands apparently not
  • sorry baby hands apparently I did that
  • too fast not a good start not to get
  • started
  • how did he sneak up on us
  • yeah all right we have jobs pendants
  • nothing no she saying but yeah
  • wait
  • okay that's true
  • ah not a marksman by any stretch
  • okay snap okay now
  • ha ha ha
  • well
  • right bressingham oh now this
  • entirety
  • betcha I actually
  • ok
  • hmm huzzah $21 now I'm oh you guys gonna
  • see me shoot zombies
  • pure and
  • and keep it
  • now that I think about I'm gonna use as
  • much animal as I take to defend this
  • guy's house as he's giving me free and
  • frame Tommy's have a shot
  • i pastor I'm actually losing ammo on
  • this deal I don't get injured first yeah
  • like that that was my own damn fault
  • alright how's my injury not bad town
  • auto shop we had 21 dollars and nothing
  • worth buying so by the ammo i just
  • wasted and some scrap i could have
  • probably done that more intelligently
  • quiet you you'll come across a horde of
  • zombies an order continue on the road
  • the horde in front of you is currently
  • logged in size and appears to be docile
  • let us attempt to sneak through this as
  • exciting gameplay I just hope the
  • zombies do not hear my voice
  • successfully stuck through the Horde hi
  • moon those measles are definitely taking
  • a toll on ultimate Knox their battery
  • starts making a strange noise but
  • appears to still be working that's
  • probably not a good sign glop snort
  • makes small talk
  • okay then we lose those meisel already
  • you find a backpack with some cat food
  • in it
  • and we are
  • Wow good job Darrell dicking around if I
  • feel and rhodium and ultimately Alex
  • finally loses me though he gave it to
  • rel did you force him to drink it did we
  • just find the cure for measles all right
  • well Santi you lost five fuel out the
  • window forty food okay look up early
  • eyebrows check the zombie activity no
  • bother
  • apparently and zombie activity is Lou I
  • can make it to the end and touch the
  • balls
  • ah damn that was my own fault I sure to
  • start shooting you guys are losing faith
  • in me to guide you through the zombie
  • horde wait but Who am I kidding you
  • never had it now right what our supplies
  • hmm not bad not bad yeah go back to town
  • and combat trainer Gary capacity I do
  • not have the eighty dollars and I can't
  • afford any of this so we shall leave you
  • 122 till next night mark gasps cannons
  • leaking you lose half the can I have bad
  • luck with fuel but it cares measles
  • you scare off a been siphoning your
  • guests seriously what's with the fuel we
  • took the wrong turn ah ran out the rest
  • of next town especially for multi knocks
  • they're all right bharti rest three
  • hours it actually helps if I click the
  • rest of us
  • I'm you mean a medkit to recover any
  • more so med kit for me use it on baby
  • hands sorry again didn't mean to kill
  • you okay we have three dollars so many
  • charms pendants all right
  • way off oh let's get the ball hit
  • you
  • you're done
  • and
  • taste my pics all of doom that sounded
  • wrong $17 no more
  • you don't ask you all right
  • Wow does that have to shoot it all as a
  • $13 okay we have 13 fuel can do people
  • stop throwing it out the window we're
  • gonna buy now let's go back and check
  • our supplies we have fuel we have
  • scrapped we have blah blah all right
  • we'll we'll get some fuel one can of
  • fuel some more scrap just in case do
  • things a scrap and
  • that's all i can afford so i can buy one
  • more scrap yes I but why how's the car
  • down now to repair that car repair
  • and
  • as a written here leave
  • navalur falls off from the station wagon
  • let you replace it from supplies weapon
  • knave a people fly there
  • collapse or has cholera what are you
  • doing back there Brel did you give a
  • more gasoline
  • your batteries broke but you were able
  • to fix it okay grammar
  • he found an abandoned car but there was
  • nothing to be scavenged farmland jobs
  • hey we can get back that muffler
  • this is going to be like literally a
  • stroll through a park of zombies so far
  • it's just a stroll through a park of
  • zombies I should say chest high walls
  • with zombies
  • I only helped down d that entire day
  • going under mmm med kit m 00 channa do
  • we have 3 45 work okay for ammo and
  • scrap well we don't have that much money
  • so blarg goodbye everyone a bike gang
  • follows you out of the settlement use
  • wise but only wnat
  • these guys can relate
  • what
  • by bandits die hello band attack but
  • they come over Eddie and swivel your box
  • like skin
  • Oh
  • vamos scotch it
  • has a survived the attack 162 next
  • landmark you hit a pretty nasty bump at
  • their own and to scrap flies up tie the
  • stuff down people and Brel stop putting
  • gas on everything yes we'll go take a
  • look you see shady-looking fill it with
  • a game of cups set up at the side of the
  • road care to try your luck two out of
  • three chance to win only twenty dollars
  • which we they have 77 new
  • I'm surprised he didn't try to eat me
  • coops are known as cholera finally dad
  • cake can we get some polish sighs
  • Shh go ahead slap me for that that was
  • horrible that was horrible that was
  • absolute crud ninth $42 suicide pew pew
  • pew pew pew pew you yeah so many zombies
  • it's almost like there's an apocalypse
  • or some guy
  • starting to lose the crawling zombies
  • online courses no how could I miss it up
  • wow that was that was close how did I
  • mess that up $42 alright let's do the
  • recovery get the food well let's just be
  • a stroll in the park with zombies the
  • park of concrete walls that rebar would
  • and narrow narrow escape
  • touch opposite the zombies get the box 9
  • food hmm now we have forty nine dollars
  • let's go check the auto shop today's
  • special super last tires okay well we
  • seem to throw mufflers and batteries out
  • the window but we can't buy them and we
  • can't afford the super tired so fuel to
  • games some food 20 units and I think
  • we're done here and we'll leave down 196
  • a you spend some time cleaning guts out
  • of the car but that I just like drag
  • baby hands to the car and leave them to
  • bleed out or something that's a pretty
  • horrible thing to do me if you'll ken
  • went missing good job Burrell stop
  • playing with it you just don't want to
  • own up to it this time did you
  • entire box while driving promote shack
  • by cell jobs pendants and will be
  • suicide and you die first since you guys
  • only say no the fire upset times hey
  • guys should wait till you
  • on stand up into the boy
  • I die I'm dying I know Jesus and live
  • kill ding Chun day gotcha so I should
  • have said
  • right through the freaking groin $18
  • leave I probably could have done more
  • there should repair the station wagon oh
  • crap okay I did not kill ver el I am
  • sorry baby hands and you people stuck it
  • in kidnapped it's annoying stop and
  • we'll car repair the car dude dude dude
  • fine then all the scrap good job me more
  • all right good rest up
  • don't don't don't
  • Oh
  • all right maybe I should put the rest of
  • you down because it's the end of the
  • video this has been appearing I will see
  • you guys in the next Tuesday video

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