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02:50   |   12M+ views   |   09/25/2018 at 23:30


  • so just to give you some context those
  • motherfuckers I was coming down here
  • last night doing 29 miles an hour on my
  • WR and I see out of the corner of my eye
  • piece of metal comes sparking across the
  • road at me i swerve and get around it my
  • GoPro wasn't on I turned around turned
  • on they go for I went to go talk to him
  • and as I went down what's going on oh my
  • my fucking kid
  • dude I was doing 29:29 my ass about 49
  • this doesn't do 49 to dirtbike it is not
  • do 49 hey man what the hell no fuck how
  • fast I can turn this off and show you hi
  • so I got down I got slow the fuck down
  • when you jump on this now alright if you
  • throw a piece of metal at me one more
  • time which I could get Sasol by the way
  • yes you recording become a 29 down here
  • it also recorded you throw in a piece of
  • metal it also recorded you throwing a
  • piece of metal at me fucking down on the
  • street right a slice up so much higher
  • there in that direction you're over
  • there you're on 30 it wouldn't come
  • anywhere near you buddy dude think about
  • it I was not I was doing 29 you want a
  • fucking throw a medal that's fine all
  • right here oh I'll tell you what no no
  • I'll call the cops and let them take
  • care of it
  • so I really was not speeding I didn't
  • make that shit up I actually was not
  • speeding I never speed down here to my
  • neighborhood I just not how I go so as
  • promised I called the police because
  • that was technically assault and the
  • cops came and said okay well they've had
  • issues with these people jumping in
  • front of cars throwing things at cars
  • and the cop really wanted nothing more
  • but to arrest him so I showed him the
  • GoPro neoz yep that's all I need
  • he goes back and after
  • after talking to him besides they
  • couldn't figure out who actually threw
  • it so they couldn't arrest anyone so
  • he's not allowed to go near my house or
  • anything like that but in the event he
  • throws something else of someone else
  • he's fucking done so pretty sure they
  • were on something meth alcohol whatever
  • was they definitely could not do math or
  • to judge speed so anyway there's that
  • story I think the video actually sucks I
  • hate it pisses me off every time I see
  • it so there it is not what my channel is
  • about so I'm not going to really promote
  • anything so

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Some cracked out idiot threw a chunk of metal at me because he thought I was speeding. Unfortunately the GoPro was off but I turned it on to try and get one of them to admit guilt... which they did, 3 times. But did they get arrested for assault?

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