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Video To The Bone: Keanu Reeves & Lily Collins On The Portrayal Of Eating Disorders | People NOW | People
02:49   |   27K+ views   |   07/22/2018 at 20:14


  • well III want you to lose the weight
  • there was no number of weight to lose
  • but I wanted to get back in that mindset
  • because I knew what it felt like but I
  • also wanted to maintain health and
  • sanity and remain myself so whatever I
  • did was really for the betterment of
  • Ellen's psychology but they got and I
  • was surrounded by my friends and family
  • all the time start shooting in LA so I
  • was held accountable for all my actions
  • and I never allowed myself to go back
  • there because the reasons that I went
  • there when I was younger don't apply to
  • me anymore Lily Collins is at the
  • Sundance Film Festival opening up about
  • her new movie to the bone and her own
  • real-life struggle with an eating
  • disorder the 27 year old actress first
  • revealed that she suffered from an
  • eating disorder as a teen in an
  • interview with IMDB studio after which
  • she posted on Instagram thanking fans
  • for their love and support and saying
  • owning my path being open and having no
  • shame or regrets about my experiences at
  • Sunday Sundance premier up to the bone
  • Collins revealed why she felt
  • comfortable sharing her past struggles
  • watch it is the first time I'm open to
  • being open to talking about my
  • experiences related to the film and like
  • you saw my post it's because I feel very
  • free you know that is the second that we
  • all talk about something more fearful of
  • or we think that makes us different we
  • realized whenever alone and in
  • conjunction with this movie specifically
  • it would be it wouldn't I couldn't do
  • just as to why I'm doing this movie
  • appropriately if I didn't respect my
  • connection to it and to be surrounded by
  • such amazing women during this
  • experience was amazing and to step back
  • and look at this experience ten years on
  • from my old experience this is an
  • amazing perspective and I also got to
  • surround myself with medical attention
  • and now the medical help in fact that I
  • never did when I was younger so my high
  • knowledge just grew immensely of the
  • subject matter and I feel like I learned
  • a lot and I got to have a form of
  • therapy in a way really inspiring that
  • Lilly is sharing her story and to the
  • bone she plays a teenager struggling
  • with anorexia Keanu Reeves plays her
  • doctor watch what he had to say and then
  • as it turns out for Lily Collins who
  • plays the lead Ellen who's the character
  • those struggling with an eating disorder
  • biographical to her so there's this
  • thing of life and art the film is a
  • really almost heroic film I think
  • because it's entertaining it's fun and
  • it's tackling a really important subject
  • and I think it handles it really well
  • that we can have a discussion about it
  • be entertained but hopefully you know
  • the best way with art that it's like
  • entertaining but it's also giving
  • something back hey YouTube don't forget
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"To the Bone" actress Lily Collins opens up about her decision to reveal her past eating disorder. Keanu Reeves, who costars with Lily, also opened up about the movie and its portrayal of the serious subject.
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To The Bone: Keanu Reeves & Lily Collins On The Portrayal Of Eating Disorders | People NOW | People


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