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Video The future! Futurist presentation...
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  • I am James Mackie I founded VESK in 2008
  • It became one of the fastest growing hosted desktop companies around
  • Nasstar acquired VESK October 1st 2015 so we are now part of a larger group
  • 84% of innovation is low risk and 16% of innovation is high risk, but has been shown to account
  • for 70% of profits You might think some of this is a bit "out
  • there" There are many areas to cover in technology
  • megatrends AI / Artificial Intelligence
  • AR /Augmented Reality AlphaGo beat the worlds best Go player, to give you an idea
  • of how difficult that is (and I remember Deep Blue (IBM) winning a chess match when I was
  • at school) there are 10 to the power 80 atoms in the universe, calculated with the understanding
  • the universe is 93 million light years across. The number of possible moves in Go is 10 to
  • the power 180. Even the creator of AlphaGo, Deep Mind (now
  • Google) who were based in London and recently acquired by Google, even the creators said they are still not quite sure
  • how AlphaGo won. WhatsApp sold for $19Bn and they only had
  • 50 staff and 900 million users, with thanks to AI.
  • Google now sell 1,000 AI instances for 60 cents ($0.60) so you can buy a thousand decisions
  • based on Google's open source AI. Now publicly available.
  • One of Microsoft's AI is called Microsoft Project Oxford, lots of different uses and
  • applications, one of them is facial recognition, emotion recognition; there are hundreds of
  • human known emotions and MS Project Oxford can recognise every single one to a high level
  • of accuracy. This technology can detect animals in pictures,
  • a lot of this technology is now super human because the technology has better recognition
  • than I would have recognising a friend or an animal in a forest that might be hidden
  • or far away. So to give you an idea a lot of this is now
  • super human in terms of their ability. The last example on AI is autonomous vehicles,
  • lots in the press about this at the moment, a million people a year die in road traffic
  • accidents. If someone was to say to us now "ok we are going to bring along this amazing
  • new way to get around, we call this method 'cars' but it's going to kill a million people
  • a year" you might think twice about it. The other was VR, I have an Oculus here for
  • you to trial, the second version of Oculus. Virtual Reality is great for gaming and for
  • experiences but I don't believe this will have as many uses or as useful as AR.
  • I could have also mentioned BitCoin / crypto currency or drones. all very new and exciting
  • technology that are all going to be megatrends. The reason why I decided AR is every 10 or
  • 15 years there is a new megatrend, in 1981 we had the PC / Personal Computer, in 1996
  • we had the Internet (mass adoption), 2007 was the smart phone so we are due another
  • technology megatrend. Augmented Reality is the technology that will affect everybody,
  • not just in their personal life but in business too.
  • If anybody doesn't know what AR is, by definition "to augment" means to make something larger,
  • so maybe augmented reality is not the best definition. Mediated or mixed reality is preferable.
  • If I had my AR glasses on now I could see everything that is in the room with a hologram
  • layered on top so it's augmenting / mixing real life with holograms.
  • AR is not to be confused with virtual reality. The difference is that in virtual reality
  • the entire world that you are experiencing is virtualised so you're not seeing any real-life.
  • The reason I think AR is more optimal is because essentially if you wore AR glasses and went
  • into a dark room, you would have VR. So how does AR work ? AR uses optical waveguided
  • lens to project light onto a HMD / Head Mounted Display.
  • The term HPU has been cleverly coined and stands for Holographic Display Unit, hopefully
  • we all know what CPU's and GPU's are, so now you know what HPU's are.
  • Why do I think it's going to help us in the business sense ? There are a lot of reasons
  • and I've written about this in a blog. The two main reasons, the first is regarding
  • the input display we use all day everyday. Right now I have to open my laptop, there's
  • this small screen to the side, I saw a lot of other people squinting whilst doing their
  • presentations. Because you are limited by these displays.
  • With augmented reality you can have a monitor in front of you displayed as a hologram and
  • in HD / High Definition, so I could literally just drag with my fingers (hand tracking)
  • to make a larger display, so I could have my Windows 10 desktop and then my personal
  • TV to watch a film, and I could make these virtual displays any size that I want, directly
  • in front of me. If I'm giving a talk like right now, instead
  • of having to look at my laptop, the words would be scrolling in my field of view, my
  • text messages down the other side of my field of view and essentially I could drive my car
  • or multi-task. Am sure laws will be created against driving with your AR glasses.
  • So I am a firm believer that in the near future, probably in 5 years time, augmented reality
  • will be in the workplace and will replace the monitor or input display.
  • Our FD has 12 or 13 spreadsheets open at once on two monitors, however with AR, she could
  • literally have 20 spreadsheets open managing the accounts.
  • The other way is video conferencing, you can now use a new technology called volumetric
  • capturing. Volumetric capture works by scanning an object (e.g. human) and you are then placed
  • into the virtual world in 3D. I could put my AR glasses on, Nigel
  • or a colleague would be sitting on a chair in this room and I could see him in 3D and in great detail
  • such as the hairs on his head and his micro expressions.
  • So volumetric capturing and then video conferencing should replace normal mobile audio phone / video
  • conference calls. This is the future of business meetings and video conference calls.
  • Another important business benefit of AR would be an API for social, so if I were to go into
  • a meeting, when I look at anyone in the meeting, beside that person I will see simple information
  • such as their name, but also more detailed information such as their CV, their LinkedIn profile,
  • previous job positions, plus any information I specifically save about this person; maybe historic video clips or important notes about
  • the individuals personality. This would be at my eyeballs immediately.
  • So that was the Hololens which is excellent.
  • There are many others but two specifically AR headsets are very good, the Meta 2
  • So you can create 3D art with your hands a print it
  • Which is very good with hand interaction
  • Then there is Magic Leap who have just received $1.4Bn of investment from Google, Warner Bros and other Silicon Valley big wigs
  • Magic Leap have already been valued at $4.5Bn and they still don't have a product out to market
  • We are huge proponents of the HoloLens
  • And this is something we want to offer, a Windows holographic desktop with the HoloLend
  • Only 50% of the user experience is visual, the rest of the experience comes from other accessories
  • such as haptic sensing, haptic suits, 3D sound, 3D smell
  • If you were playing a game and someone fired something at you, you would feel the bullet hit you
  • You have 3D sound which works very well, 3D smell and the Meta 2 has full hand tracking
  • It's a way to be far more immersive with the world around you
  • AR multi-directional walking machines. The Void in Utah uses "Presence" to trick your mind into thinking you're walking in a straight line but in fact you are walking around a room
  • There are all of these very clever technologies to make the experience so immersive that you feel like you are in another reality, rather than your own
  • So I tried VR 20 years ago and I was very excited but the tech just wasn't there. However now Facebook announced they now have 1 million hours of 360 video
  • You can now buy a 360 camera for £300 and anyone can take 360 video to then publish for viewing through a VR headset or even a smart phone and look around the room rather than just in one place
  • To take it a step further and look at AR in the future, I've been looking at the Softcell lens for a number of years
  • It's a contact lens with a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) made of acetate paper and when you blink, the kinetic energy from your eyes recharges the Softcell lens
  • So rather than having a huge HMD, you can watch and experience AR through a contact lens. You will have a full field of view through the contact lens
  • One of the most interesting technologies that I have come across is called the EyeTap
  • When you are looking out, essentially all you're looking at is rays of light. The EyeTap sits in front of your eyes and via a camera,
  • essentially replicates those very same rays of light. Recreating your own reality in a way. Projecting those rays of light on to your retina
  • So if I had the EyeTap on now I would see everything I can see now, nothing would change
  • At the moment the problem with the HoloLens and the Meta 2 is they have this very slight neon border around them and the hologram colours are slightly off
  • So you know it's not real, whereas with the EyeTap, if all the light is being re-projected into your eyes, when a hologram is then layered in front of you
  • with the same level of light, the same contrast, the hologram actually blends perfectly with everything else you are seeing
  • this technology could one day appear to be as real as a hallucination or dream
  • The guy who developed this, Steve Mann, has recently been employed by Gribetz, the founder of Meta
  • Now onto the slightly more "out there" is to discuss the different types of interface to use with AR
  • The BCI / Brain Computer Interface is a way to interface a brain with technology, in this case AR.
  • Microsoft want to use Cortana, Apple use Siri for voice instruction , however I think going one step further would increase the speed
  • of operation. I have purchased as you can see here an EEG or Electroencephalogram, this one is 11 channels and by B-Alert ABM, I also have a 32 channel EEG
  • that was retired from a hospital, you can purchase these from for vastly reduced amounts of money
  • with 32 channels you can measure many areas of the brain and measure for responses from alpha, theta, delta and sigma
  • and the way EEG works is that is measures 100,000th of a volt / a micro volt from your brain and amplifies this by around 5,000 times
  • a right leg driver is used to remove hum from the 50Hz mains power. You then receive the raw EEG data
  • so I've been running a number of experiments on how the brain reacts to particular stimuli
  • EEG has been around since the 20's so it's a relatively old technology. My plan is to increase the amplification of those brainwaves
  • so we can attempt to read and transmit neurological data from one subject to the other, making each experiment more accurate
  • I've written a blog on this which goes into more detail regarding H2H or human to human consciousness and thought communication
  • I firmly believe in the next 5 years that AR will be the next technology megatrend in business.

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The next technology megatrend; Volumetric capturing, haptic sensing, 3D smell, AR and sound.
In this talk I discuss the latest AI tech, touch on VR and go into detail about the huge potential and future of AR in business.

AR to replace output displays such as monitors, laptops, mobile devices.

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I start by discussing how AI has evolved in 2016 such as autonomous cars, open source AI, AlphaGo, DeeperMind, WhatsApp AI and Microsoft Project Oxford.

I then continue to discuss haptic AR such as suits, 3D sound, 3D smell, "Presence",

Augmented Reality also known as mediated reality or mixed reality you can now see in full HD, AR in HD.

The HoloLens uses HPU's, I also talk about the Meta 2 and MagicLeap.

In business I talk about volumetric capturing for AR 3D video conferencing and I talk in detail about how in less than 5 years, monitors will be replaced by AR; holographic screens.

Samsung 360 camera.

Towards the end I discuss the future of AR such as the softcell Lens and the awesome EyeTap. I then continue to discuss the BCI or Brain Computer Interface namely using EEG.

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