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Video Do All Black People Think the Same?
11:07   |   today at 01:54


  • all black people aren't going to be the
  • same COO and I agree with you and that's
  • why I'm gonna disagree Carlo I don't
  • need that kind of foolishness around
  • [Music]
  • right over here I thoroughly enjoy fried
  • I love it you know I understand the
  • stereotypes about it and all that kind
  • of stuff but I I love it I just don't
  • really like fried food I'm not really a
  • fan of chicken
  • I've never ate it so yeah you've never
  • had fried chicken I have had it I don't
  • I don't enjoy it I don't really eat
  • fried foods I try to eat pretty healthy
  • stuff
  • [Music]
  • three-two-one
  • I'm always on the wrong side would you
  • guys be offended if I had dreads since
  • I'm biracial since I'm half black and
  • half white so where is the line like if
  • someone's a quarter black I'm not gonna
  • sit there and come to your face and be
  • like you're not a hundred percent black
  • therefore you can't like that's not my
  • place however if you are a white person
  • and you have dreads in your hair it's
  • like what what what does that mean to
  • you and you're not even wearing them
  • right like you need a wash up I just
  • don't see how a race can own a hairstyle
  • to be honest like hairs hair there's all
  • kinds of hairstyles in Africa I still
  • don't think that like a single race
  • group can say this one hair style nobody
  • else can do it but me
  • this cookout needs to just die like no
  • more cookouts no bra just go home like
  • there ain't no cookout I'm sorry I
  • strongly agree because I I don't like
  • the idea of perpetuating this concept
  • that all black people have to be the
  • same and think the same and act the same
  • I don't think he's fully understood
  • people like Kanye are creatives and he
  • uses like creative speech and some
  • people just take him at face value or
  • like like kind of like the literal sense
  • of what he's saying and if you did that
  • every creative could be taken the wrong
  • way
  • I disagree that like I don't think that
  • he's so creative and that his words are
  • being misinterpreted like he's making
  • very specific phrases like black people
  • chose to be slaves that's completely
  • untrue and in my opinion that's just
  • unacceptable
  • I think that's and that's people
  • misunderstanding what he said I don't
  • think how do you interpret that no I
  • think what he's saying is there's a
  • there's a mindset where we're you know
  • we're like here so okay like he was
  • trying to say it in the term of like you
  • know it was a choice for you to stay
  • there when you knew that you could have
  • done whatever else to get out and maybe
  • would have ended up dead but it would
  • have been better than being a safe so
  • this negates knowing this negates the
  • millions of people who did don't you
  • believe that today there are people
  • whose mindset their corporate slaves or
  • there or there you gotta be careful with
  • the language you use Kanye's an artist
  • he's a lyricist so you can't say stuff
  • like that
  • they're history yet and some people
  • don't know that it was millions and
  • millions and millions of blacks who
  • fought oppression who fall asleep but
  • you're right in that he needs to be more
  • conscious of his word choice because
  • there's not everybody who's gonna
  • understand that and that's why I say
  • yeah somebody as smart as Kanye I think
  • he's doing this for shock value and for
  • money and if he's doing that he's
  • setting people back and that's why I
  • can't rock with him on it what scares me
  • is the second somebody Beek in PC or not
  • or they or they're able to articulate
  • what they're trying to say well or not
  • that they're excluded from cookouts and
  • from from a culture from from your
  • identity and I think that's scary
  • because I'll tell you right now the more
  • we treat people who are different and
  • isolate ourselves even I think the worst
  • of this for us long term and to be
  • honest we're going to drive more more
  • people to have closeted feelings and
  • emotions and this goes back to people
  • saying like like would you rather have a
  • racist next to you that's hiding it or
  • would you rather have a racist next to
  • you that's letting you know how they
  • feel and you know where they're coming
  • from who and I agree with you and that's
  • why I put that's why I'm in a disagree
  • column he can come eventually once we
  • have some conversations but right now I
  • don't need that kind of foolishness
  • around the children
  • [Music]
  • I said strongly agree it was created to
  • monitor the minority in the group back
  • in the day it was Irish it was galleons
  • and so it's ingrained into the system of
  • policing and that's the problem I think
  • we have to reframe what policing is now
  • and until we do that it will always be
  • targeting people of color because that's
  • what it was created to do I see it as
  • like there's a little bit of a
  • socio-economic piece to it it's like
  • kind of saying the sec mostly prosecutes
  • white people through like years of
  • institution racism you know where
  • there's poverty and there's communities
  • that are kind of like have created this
  • like a perfect storm of
  • issues like whether it's legal issues
  • people robbing each other selling drugs
  • or whatnot you know the idea is if you
  • police that neighborhood more you're
  • gonna have more of them arrested can I
  • ask you the can I be like do you feel
  • like there are equal amount of rests
  • happening on Wall Street than there are
  • happening in the hood like the white
  • collar like crimes are I do think
  • they're less like monitored unless you
  • know but without having all the data
  • that I need but I do feel that that they
  • don't suffer as much consequence they
  • dominate when they commit crime they're
  • true you got to look at the prison
  • industrial complex here too in the u.s.
  • that's huge business so and if you look
  • at a group of citizens that have been
  • perceived as no value having to society
  • or whatever okay boom we're gonna push
  • them we're gonna pipeline them into that
  • system yeah I also think that you know
  • the qualifications to become a police
  • officer are so low and it's like my life
  • is literally in your hands man like if I
  • get pulled over maybe that will be the
  • day that I go home to be with the Lord
  • and I think that that's really tough for
  • me because you don't want to be
  • distrustful of the police but they're so
  • incredibly distrustful of us that it's
  • like you could literally kill me my
  • father what worked in law enforcement
  • and he's a black man so there are some
  • law enforcement officers that don't feel
  • that way however I think a lot of it
  • does have to do with fear and the fear
  • of black people so I think that if we
  • kind of address that fear level and that
  • didn't portray black people especially
  • black men is you know big scary guys
  • that that would change a lot of stuff
  • boom walk-in which one I agree that I
  • act differently around people that
  • aren't black just because like Corporate
  • America doesn't want to hear me talking
  • doesn't hear me speaking in slang and I
  • am NOT happy about it like I wish that
  • it was different but I feel like I need
  • to do to fit into that group I strongly
  • disagree I am me wherever I go I'm a
  • proud black man and I'm gonna speak my
  • truth every day of the week if you don't
  • like it ain't on me that's on you
  • and I feel like it's a disservice to
  • anyone I'm around them from not being my
  • authentic self because my white friends
  • might want to think about me because
  • they want some flavor so if I go in
  • being something totally different those
  • different things one thing is are you
  • changing yourself are you changing how
  • you're communicating who you are and I'm
  • changing I'm communicating Who I am and
  • I still remain the same like do you have
  • a white voice do I have a white horse
  • I know I know Cole I'm a black man trust
  • me every every black person growing up
  • in America can code-switch here's the
  • thing the question was do I act
  • different when I'm in different
  • surroundings and no but see how would I
  • ever be accepted if I'm always cold
  • switch it that means I'm always
  • acquiescence to something else you see
  • what I'm saying so in order to be
  • accepting you gotta bring you do you
  • guys wouldn't you say coats which do you
  • mean you change the actual words you say
  • or do you mean you change the tone of
  • your voice I change how I say it and I
  • change what I say I will walk into a
  • business meeting different than how I
  • walk in to the basketball court so
  • that's me changing to fit decision
  • scenario to benefit the end goal and I
  • don't view that as a negative I view
  • that as me focusing on what the end goal
  • is but I feel like society has made
  • American Society has made black people
  • operate in that fashion because nobody
  • asks is white people too cold switch
  • they can Britt they can be white in
  • America China wherever they accept they
  • wear around like visas but I'm the only
  • one that has to go around and say oh hi
  • how you doing
  • well not right yeah I'm glad that we all
  • strapped yeah yeah I love that you know
  • we can have these discussions and like
  • still go home knowing that we're family
  • and I and I love I love being black I
  • love that blackness has expressed many
  • different ways it's not just one way I'm
  • proud to be very shy and proud of my
  • immigrant past proud of my black half my
  • ancestors brought their own freedom from
  • slavery yeah I love being black I
  • wouldn't have it any other way I mean
  • yeah it presents its challenges but I
  • couldn't fathom being something else so
  • I am very proud to be an
  • african-american community
  • [Applause]
  • these habits alone

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We brought Black people together to see where they stand on issues related to being black.
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