Video Quavo Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

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Quavo Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ
Quavo Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ thumb Quavo Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ thumb Quavo Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ thumb


  • everybody been punching in a request for
  • the honcho to come show his ice well
  • here I am today come skate with me the
  • ice guy what's up GQ you talking to
  • quavo honcho right now we on the rocks
  • ice wait I will start with the wrist
  • cause my wrist is a fool you know saying
  • screw the wrist King and mr. Gucci link
  • there's some right here from icebox and
  • it was free so that's why I like that
  • piece the most this is the honcho
  • bracelet just actually was a gift given
  • to me on my birthday in a set honcho on
  • the piece on the lock this is a rose
  • gold bracelet Cuban link pave settings
  • from Elliott did it shout out everything
  • from New York got to have everything
  • populated up and I say pave said I mean
  • a dip the Dom is real real real close
  • together ain't hugging each other so
  • they can really fight few things and my
  • diamonds fight at night and all these
  • just Cubans I got probably like five or
  • six prices on each wrist this is another
  • one just just a two-tone white and rose
  • pave it on the house side this one cost
  • a little more because of their forget
  • these right here is the honcho rings cuz
  • I am Lord of the Rings don't nobody got
  • more championships than me
  • I'm gonna go like this I got it from
  • like the old like oh dope boys from the
  • eddies had a they're like the One Ring
  • all for forehand but I wanted to move
  • all my fingers so that's why I got it
  • like individually but it turned out to
  • look like the Hollywood sign that was so
  • cool about it so I like it
  • [Music]
  • yeah these right here got pointers what
  • is on the on the sides I just I forgot
  • about him these right here is a pocket
  • famous I styled Cartier's these was
  • 17,000 just a bush down the hole friends
  • yeah I like everything I stuff just
  • right here is a four carat rose kit it's
  • too big for my other ear kind of like
  • weighted down and split my earlier so
  • it's in my safe I just rock it doing the
  • Showtime
  • I rock - what it's too heavy right now
  • this is the 2-tone padded white and rose
  • pave our way out everybody was gonna
  • protect the tip tip tip this it right
  • get you one even when they first dropped
  • it costs me Amy just watch where your
  • rows go chocolate Scott dweller
  • but gets on the whole inside big boogers
  • around it this is probably 70,000 the
  • skeleton with the baguettes this was
  • like oh honey this was a gift from cash
  • from EXO I'm a birthday yeah go face God
  • do a little pave it all the way up just
  • this one horn just right I just did that
  • way piece the original ice box came up
  • with this logo they did this logo off
  • with a og Sizwe son where do you got
  • that way come from good enough which way
  • that way this will be from this right
  • here's the big boy - two-tone Cuban
  • white and rose go big whopping ninety
  • five thousand y'all caught me on a light
  • date took us a lot of my pieces is still
  • at the jeweler getting clean some repair
  • cuz I'm jumping around on the stage
  • going on in the night you know my
  • spinning pieces right now set set ice
  • box
  • it's the spinning QC piece I think he
  • got 50 pointers all on the size 50
  • pointers all on the top and when you
  • spin it don't stop spinning cuz the risk
  • you can take off got the craziest piece
  • of the game the rocket piece and is
  • like a whole solar system this piece
  • right here came from inspired by the
  • Crash Bandicoot game but a cool Boadicea
  • mask and I'm a 90s baby so I do a lot of
  • 90s trippy rare got the evil twin
  • no I'm saying a little bro got to eat
  • between and this one right here was
  • about 150
  • they go - well we know forget about Yoda
  • are you big star Wars fan oh no I got a
  • whiz once in Africa we got these gifts
  • to us I got the Mandela one I got one
  • sake I've got one and I was sitting out
  • when they gave us these and we came to
  • Africa and this one is my mother named
  • my brother real got this for me on my
  • birthday and you know we all love our
  • moments Travis got me this because I
  • named his album birds in the truck and
  • gave me this one we drop dead you don't
  • want to be in the Jura store all three
  • of us is like we trying to beat each
  • other to the pieces I made this and then
  • take off made a rocket that's what made
  • him go get the house so I mean he came
  • back with the house now we got to go his
  • life we can't talk to each other in the
  • eyes guy you got to be real creative and
  • different do you have any like jewelry
  • heroes growing up when you were younger
  • here yeah poochy Busta Rhymes
  • slickery I even like the way Sammy Davis
  • jr. used to run his jury Master P shiny
  • Dan you know then they all the Houston
  • rappers they cute the grills
  • make sure you got a big enough bankroll
  • put up before you go by mister we got
  • some put up a lot

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Quavo, the brashest third of Migos, shows off his jewelry, from his busted-down glasses to his bold Crash Bandicoot piece, proving that no one can compete with the Atlanta rapper’s collection.

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Quavo Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

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