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13:05   |   views   |   01/06/2019


  • happy new year everyone welcome to our
  • channel little rusty
  • if you guys like this video please give
  • it a thumbs up comment and subscribe and
  • if you're new or newer to the channel we
  • want to know where you're from
  • what's your favorite food and how did
  • you find this we are having Capote lay
  • but not just any ordinary Chipotle where
  • we go in and get globs of sour cream
  • what are we having today mark so these
  • are called their life style bowls and
  • it's specifically for people who are on
  • a specific diet okay and it caters to
  • that this one right here is paleo mm-hmm
  • Kito and whole 30 paleo is like things
  • that you can find when you're a caveman
  • caveman keto is very high in protein in
  • fat and then I've never heard of whole
  • 30 it's like a 30 day diet and you eat
  • like a lot of whole foods no dairy no
  • alcohol no like grains I think so other
  • words healthy it's like my heart was
  • crushing as you cut eliminating things
  • that you could eat from it didn't what's
  • up with you yeah a little spice never
  • hurt anyone right you know so we decided
  • to do this because we know that a lot of
  • you out there and including us it's the
  • near resolution time and what am i new
  • your resolution is to maybe kind of be
  • back up my pre-wedding weight mmm a year
  • ago I don't know I gain like 15 pounds
  • since our wedding and I can tell you
  • where all of the weight has gone ha ha
  • ha
  • so this me right here is barbacoa okay
  • which is interesting because I would
  • never get this at Chipotle no it's
  • always like my last choice
  • hmm - carnitas oh this one has odds a
  • grilled fajita vegetables in here I
  • think this one does - I see some onions
  • mmm I was pretty good with them grilled
  • veggies mm-hmm and we never get those
  • well so supposedly he could only order
  • this online and they have to go pick it
  • up
  • yeah but since Tripoli could just order
  • your stuff anyways you just have to
  • remember what's in these bowls yeah so
  • we want online Oh Marc got us these cute
  • is it backwards for me am i holding it
  • back my lanyard gets wait is it
  • backwards either way all right ladder is
  • cool because there's no such thing as
  • backwards spill the tea yeah we're all
  • like telling people were eating healthy
  • but this is like a vodka it's not vodka
  • okay I'm gonna go for so this is the
  • only one the keto one is the only one
  • that has cheese in it I love cheese
  • hmm this one tastes closer to what I
  • would normally get your cheese makes a
  • huge difference I do miss the sour cream
  • though I love sour cream but I know you
  • solve it with just more guacamole from a
  • broccoli
  • I do like sour cream but I don't miss it
  • actually this is like oh I think I know
  • why they make your order online why so
  • that you're not tempted to add sour
  • cream and oh yeah that makes sense right
  • so we knew of these menu I don't because
  • I read an article that said Chipotle
  • just released three new like menu items
  • like actually four we don't get fourth
  • one yeah because and we thought the
  • timing for them was so spot-on cuz was
  • right after New Year's yeah and a lot of
  • people you know all right
  • trying to lose weight well yeah I it's
  • also because we had about two weeks off
  • almost two weeks off and like we just
  • were not watching what we were eating at
  • all not that we know when we're on a
  • routine we're a little bit better about
  • it cuz it's like okay we try to eat at
  • home and volleyball but like almost
  • every meal eating out we did do a lot of
  • walking but have you weighed yourself
  • recently so we insert b-roll footage of
  • us on the scale or okay you say okay
  • because you know you're much lighter
  • than me no yes so we're gonna reveal our
  • way oh my gosh mmm guess how much we
  • weigh yes yeah hello and we'll me so in
  • the next video I don't know I don't want
  • to commit yet I like that yeah I guess
  • our weight
  • you won't offend us
  • hmm actually mark was on keto for a
  • brief period of time was it right before
  • our wedding it was I like the four
  • months before the wedding okay
  • and basically I think for that diet you
  • eat a certain way so that your body goes
  • into a state called ketosis and so it
  • the first energy reserve it uses is fat
  • you have that right yeah so it's funny
  • because yesterday I was cleaning out our
  • bathroom and I saw this bottle or
  • something and it was called like keto
  • strips or something so I guess you me
  • pee on it
  • yeah and then it tells you if you're in
  • the ketosis state or not yeah
  • I feel very invigorated for 2019
  • yesterday mark suggested us watch this
  • show called was it called
  • oh it's with Marie Kondo on the art of
  • tidying up something like that
  • yeah the art of tidying up and of course
  • we wash it at like 11 o'clock at night
  • and then right after I'm like inspired
  • until 3:00 in the morning so you did
  • take a nap like the whole day so you had
  • the energy to do something productive
  • from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
  • hmm yeah but watching the show gave me
  • some pointers and tips on like how to
  • organize so the first thing I did was I
  • purged my closet which on camera I
  • believe he need to do that very soon
  • because out I would pee over we have a
  • closet where it's a kind of L shape and
  • I would look over and I'm like he's not
  • worn that shirt in like since I met him
  • so it needs to go
  • he needs to touch every piece of
  • clothing thank it and then go into the
  • trash trash bag or whatever or donate it
  • I did kind of feel silly because part of
  • the strategy they say you're supposed to
  • do is touch each piece of clothing and
  • then you say thank you to the ones that
  • you no longer have joy and so obviously
  • all the ones I touched and said goodbye
  • to are like my smalls and mediums
  • because girl I don't fit those anymore
  • and I don't I don't want to keep doing
  • this like I'll wear those when I lose
  • weight because that just won't happen I
  • will buy new clothes once I get to
  • my ideal body type or whatever so yeah
  • we don't know how long this is gonna
  • last we're thinking maybe in the month
  • of January we'll do like diet food
  • coupons Chris is the only video we did
  • go work out what day was that Thursday
  • and I was so sore we went to the hip hop
  • class it's almost been a year since our
  • wedding and so we went back to our
  • friend who taught us all the choreo he
  • teaches hip-hop classes on Thursday
  • we're like let's go and I didn't even I
  • barely made it through the stretches so
  • then it kind of made whenever I have
  • that it's like I'd rather I want to work
  • my momentum up so that a stretch is not
  • gonna like be the end-all of like you
  • know you know I'm sitting right so in my
  • mind I've said at least I want to go on
  • Tuesday and then maybe do weights with
  • you another day and then at least do
  • that like work my way up I don't want to
  • do like I need to go like everyday cuz
  • that's not gonna work it's not
  • sustainable you need a easier way back
  • into a routine yeah why are we just like
  • I'm not just going through church cuz
  • that's not exciting for me yeah but like
  • picking up a hobby that's like active oh
  • right like hiking or aside from you know
  • eating healthier is there anything
  • you're really keen about accomplishing
  • this year mmm I want to start golf
  • lessons mm-hmm I don't know how like
  • that's gonna happen
  • why I don't know if you have no interest
  • in it then it's like the likelihood of
  • me starting it nothing I think that's
  • maybe the resolution is not like playing
  • off but understanding that you can do
  • things that don't involve me I know
  • you're trying to be sweet and you want
  • to do everything together but like
  • recently we went on Disney we went to
  • Disneyland and I went on a roller
  • coaster not knowing it was a roller
  • coaster and I was very miserable but
  • then I got kind of
  • I had fun at the end there I mean your
  • resolution should be doing things that
  • you think you wouldn't like I want to
  • try cooking more this year but that
  • involves like more cleaning so I don't
  • know oh we have a ninja foodie mmm which
  • is Calaca it's the pot and an air fryer
  • all in one which is I think it's pretty
  • quiet yeah so maybe we could do more
  • recipes using that and eat it on a
  • mohawk do we need cable still yeah like
  • you do watch it but it's not like enough
  • it's not like we need it is that our new
  • year resolution doesn't need is this a 1
  • we get rid of all the wants in our life
  • you know it might need or if I I want
  • for me yeah need you're just saying that
  • I need and I want you so you have to get
  • rid of half of me no funny because after
  • watching that tidying up show everything
  • every time I asked mark like hey should
  • we throw away these excess bags he's
  • like do they bring joy to you and I'm
  • like that's not the point for everything
  • I thought that was just with clothes
  • what I guess is it with material things
  • too
  • what what should we focus on next before
  • we end up this mukbang focus on the
  • kitchen focus on the garage I want to be
  • on the same page as you because I don't
  • want to start something and then you're
  • kind of just like well let me catch up
  • first I need my clothes first oh you're
  • gonna do that today I don't know what oh
  • there's so much to do today
  • laundry but that's what happened on the
  • show having that mentality and then it
  • just it's doable you just have to
  • schedule time in we don't have two
  • little kids running running we only
  • watch the first episode we all have two
  • little kids running though see it's
  • causing tension this is why we need to
  • address it now
  • yeah I think you're causing tension
  • secret word of the video yes I'll let
  • you pick tension and all the words all
  • right tension is the word of the video
  • we're super excited to spend another
  • awesome year with you guys here on our
  • channel if you guys haven't already make
  • sure you subscribe like this video
  • comment down below and we'll see you for
  • our next video bye bye
  • you

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We're kicking off the year a bit healthier and checking out Chipotle's new lifestyle bowls catered to specific diets. They have bowls for those on the paleo, keto, and whole 30 diet (the fourth bowl they have is called double protein).

In this mukbang, we chat about our goals/resolutions for 2019 and discuss how the art of tidying up has helped give us direction with organizing things around the house. Enjoy and we wish you all the best in 2019!


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