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Video One In A Million Coincidences You Won't Believe Happened!
10:02   |   views   |   04/17/2018


  • [Music]
  • hey guys what's up it's Charlie here and
  • today we're going to be looking at
  • sixteen one-in-a-million coincidences
  • you won't believe happen have you ever
  • seen something that's made you question
  • reality as you know it yeah me but these
  • people who actually go outside half so
  • check out these crazy coincidences yoik
  • believe really happened but first
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  • bill to coming in at number 10 we have
  • Clif Bar so we all know Clif bars in
  • case you don't they're kind of like a
  • snack bar made of peanut butter or
  • chocolate and on the cover is a view of
  • some mountains and a guy climbing up a
  • cliff well one day a guy was on a hike
  • and he saw something he recognized he
  • couldn't put his finger on it until he
  • pulled out his Clif Bar he had in his
  • pocket as you can see he literally found
  • the cliff the Clif bars from the
  • mountains match up exactly and of course
  • so does the cliff the guys climbing on
  • even the clouds kind of match up a
  • little bit did this guy actually find
  • the clip from the Clif Bar a few people
  • even tried to contact cliff to confirm
  • if this was real or not
  • they didn't say where the cliff was
  • actually taken from but I guess it was
  • this area after all this was taken in
  • America pretty near the cliff HQ cliff
  • Paul's been around forever but it's only
  • until this year that somebody actually
  • found where the cliff comes from that
  • guy must have some crazy vision as I
  • would have never noticed that next up is
  • helicopter so when this guy was a kid he
  • got this photo taken with an army
  • helicopter this was because he dreamed
  • of being a Heuer sámi helicopter pilot
  • well a couple of decades later he really
  • was doing his dream job and he got this
  • photo taken now you may be saying that's
  • not a coincidence he just got the job he
  • wanted as a kid but look at the photos
  • very closely because he could miss it
  • if he reads the number of the helicopter
  • he uses it's the exact same when he sat
  • in as a kid with all the billions the US
  • getting funding they're still using
  • decade old helicopters either way this
  • is an awesome photo and I can't believe
  • this kid actually predicted the
  • helicopter he was going to use as an
  • adult the guy didn't even realize this
  • until he was looking through some old
  • photos he saw the photo of him as a kid
  • sitting in the helicopter from 20 years
  • ago and thought it was cool and later he
  • saw the number and so obviously the
  • exact same helicopter he flies in today
  • this guy's childhood dreams literally
  • came true next up is bird book so I'm
  • sure when you were a kid you had a book
  • of birds for some reason every kid has
  • one and it just lists a whole bunch of
  • birds some of the birds look pretty cool
  • but of course you never see them all you
  • ever see is pigeons
  • like that but one day I was checking out
  • a bird in a book when all of a sudden
  • the same bird landed on the page about
  • itself maybe the bird saw the picture of
  • the bird in the book and thought it was
  • his friend the bird actually seems to be
  • reading up on itself
  • I guess this bird must now think its
  • famous and has a biography but seriously
  • if this happened to me I think some kind
  • of weird voodoo magic was going on I
  • mean have you ever seen a coincidence
  • this insane next up is Cookie Monster so
  • this one isn't as crazy as a 20 year old
  • helicopter photo or a bird landing on
  • itself but this is very funny perhaps
  • the funniest one on this entire list two
  • guys were sitting in a bar but they
  • weren't together
  • now you may think that's normal but the
  • guy who was sitting behind them noticed
  • something funny written on the back of
  • one of the guy's jackets is cookie and
  • on the next one is monster and we all
  • know what that means it's a good thing
  • the monster guy' didn't come in first
  • otherwise this joke wouldn't have worked
  • now it would be kind of funny if this
  • was set up but the fact that this
  • happened all by itself and these guys
  • didn't even realize it is really
  • hilarious it just goes to show guys
  • always make sure you know what's on your
  • back otherwise you might just see
  • yourself in a viral photo on this
  • channel next up is three three six oh
  • seven so when I say the number three
  • three six oh seven you may think it
  • means nothing and it may mean nothing to
  • you but it means a whole lot to this guy
  • one day this guy was doing a marathon
  • teather marathon he wore a t-shirt
  • saying three three six oh seven and he
  • was stunned when his race number was
  • also three three six oh seven the guy
  • then realized even his hometown zip code
  • is three three six oh seven but when he
  • finished the marathon he was blown away
  • as his o'clock time was three three six
  • oh seven I'm not sure what kind of
  • voodoo magic this is but if I was that
  • guy I would be using these numbers for a
  • lottery ticket and you know it's a
  • creepy theory perhaps this isn't the
  • number of days he'll live three three
  • six or seven days is 92 point oh seven
  • years and that is a pretty average
  • lifespan for a healthy guy doing
  • marathons so who knows maybe this number
  • has a dark meaning next up is nature
  • calls one of the worst things that can
  • happen to you is a tree destroying your
  • car this is because it's an act of God
  • so most insurance companies don't pay
  • out well one day a guy returned to his
  • car and saw something very frightening a
  • trade falling down right on it and he
  • was terrified for car which ruins but
  • when he got up close he realized there
  • wasn't any damage at all there was
  • literally a 1 centimeter gap between the
  • tree it's smashing into his car but
  • luckily Mother Nature is on his side
  • today and his car was totally fine yeah
  • Kri just safe the guy thousands of
  • dollars I'm not buying a brand new car
  • who knows maybe this car was a Nissan
  • Leaf okay I'm gonna stop next up is
  • Taylor Swift we usually think of
  • highways as some of the most boring
  • places in the world you're literally
  • sitting in a car for hours on end
  • staring at nothing but Road well one
  • observant driver noticed something funny
  • two trucks for driving right next to
  • each other right in front of him
  • normally this would annoy drivers but it
  • actually made him laugh that is because
  • on the back of one of the trucks it said
  • Taylor and the other said Swift this
  • really is a one-in-a-million thing to
  • have happened someone really needs to
  • frame this and send it to Taylor Swift
  • who knows maybe these truckers planned
  • it then again I've never seen the
  • trucker who's a fan of Taylor Swift next
  • up is lost and found
  • have you ever lost something and then
  • found it later he likely found it in a
  • familiar place where you left it well
  • one day a fisherman dropped his wallet
  • he dropped it in lake odyssey Austria of
  • course he couldn't find it in the
  • massive lake so he had to replace
  • everything inside and buy a new wallet
  • well 20 years later he was still fishing
  • at Lake Atta see that's what's when all
  • of a sudden he fished off his old wallet
  • and all of the things in it in one of
  • his fish nets despite losing it 20 years
  • ago many of the things were still in
  • good condition including the paper money
  • the coins had all rusted away but his
  • IDs were still intact it's amazing the
  • amount of protection is leather wallet
  • gave to it and now everyone knows where
  • he's been fishing in the same spot for
  • 20 years so the Clif Bar photo from
  • before was awesome but this one is even
  • more awesome and amazing one guy was
  • driving down a Canadian Highway that was
  • when all of a sudden he saw an RV in
  • front of him as he was driving he
  • thought the mountains look similar to
  • the ones in the back of the RV but when
  • it got to the exact right point he
  • realized it was the mountains they must
  • have taken that photo there to use in
  • the RV the crazy thing is how perfectly
  • this lines up
  • I guess that camper van really is in its
  • natural habitat next up is double double
  • rainbow have you ever seen a double
  • rainbow it's a pretty amazing and very
  • rare sight well did you know that in
  • even more rare circumstances it's
  • possible to see a 360 rainbow from an
  • airplane well one guy got something even
  • better and rarer than that he saw a
  • double 360 rainbow from his airplane it
  • looks like some kind of amazing portal
  • but instead it's simply a rainbow when
  • he posted the photo online some people
  • didn't believe it and said it was a lens
  • flare but know this really is a double
  • 360 rainbow it's
  • pretty extraordinary to see this in real
  • life is it so uncommon and as far as I
  • can tell this is the only ever 360
  • double rainbow caught on camera next up
  • is pop when you think of fast things you
  • likely think of a cheetah or a Ferrari
  • but you can still see them what you
  • can't see however is a balloon popping
  • usually the only way to see a balloon
  • pop is to use a super slow-mo camera but
  • one guy actually caught a balloon
  • popping on camera by accident he was
  • photographing his friend at the beach
  • blowing up a balloon
  • he used his iPhone but just as he
  • pressed the button his friend blew in
  • too much air and the balloon popped I
  • would have never guessed that an iPhone
  • would have such a short shutter time but
  • I guess this is one rare phenomena next
  • up is perfect timing so you could
  • describe a lot of these photos as
  • perfect timing but this photo is perfect
  • timing for a different reason one guy's
  • brother spent a whole year trying to get
  • a lightening photo one night he finally
  • managed it and send it to his brother to
  • check out the brother was impressed but
  • then saw something in the bottom left
  • corner one of the boats and the dock was
  • named perfect timing it looks like that
  • boat reacting to the image as it really
  • was perfect timing
  • I guess in this photo the name says it
  • all next up is - the girl with the
  • dragonfly tattoo one day I call this at
  • the beach and she had a dragonfly tattoo
  • then all of a sudden a dragonfly flew
  • into her foot and mirrored its own
  • tattoo it really does look like a shadow
  • but no this is simply a tattoo who knows
  • maybe the dragonfly thought it was a
  • mate but either way this is one crazy
  • coincidence and you could even fool
  • people by saying it's a shadow next stop
  • is butterfly book so we've seen a bird
  • land on a bird book this is because the
  • butterfly was very rare the person was
  • reading about how Brera was in the book
  • when all of a sudden they saw it if this
  • happened to me I might not even believe
  • it and think I was hallucinating or
  • something just imagine looking at
  • something in a book and then seeing it
  • come to life good thing they weren't
  • looking at a book of monsters or
  • murderers otherwise who knows they may
  • not be here today which photo did you
  • prefer the bird book or the butterfly
  • book next up is perfect break have you
  • ever broken a plate if so it likely
  • shattered into a million pieces
  • and because of this you weren't able to
  • fix it will this guy dropped a plate
  • from high up and it fell on the floor
  • you may assume that he was totally
  • screwed but amazingly the plate split
  • right down the middle this means he was
  • simply able to glue the plate right back
  • together but that's not the only cool
  • thing about this the fact that has
  • happened it's one in a million I have no
  • idea how the plates broke right down the
  • middle there's literally no damage to
  • any other part of the plate seeing as it
  • was such a clean cut if you
  • you keep it like this and just have two
  • small plates whoever knew that breaking
  • something could be so amazing and viral
  • next up is eggy so this is a very
  • bizarre coincidence involving food have
  • you ever gone to crack an egg in the pan
  • and there's two yolks inside that can be
  • very weird and for those who like yolks
  • very good but for this guy thinks we're
  • a bit different in his egg were four
  • yolks
  • it kind of looks like a fish it's been a
  • made of yolks in his egg it does look a
  • bit alien seeing as there's 4 yolks
  • flies delete it have you ever got this
  • lucky with food before
  • check out the polytop ride : foot for
  • the most perfectly timed and amazing
  • photo and be sure to check out my second
  • channel the crafty they'll be a link to
  • that on screen in a moment so be sure to
  • click it but as always thanks for
  • watching
  • check out some more videos on screen
  • rights now leave like if you enjoyed and
  • if you haven't told you what you're
  • waiting for subscribe to top tens
  • [Music]

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Top 10 One In A Million Coincidences You Won't Believe Happened!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 One In A Million Coincidences You Won't Believe Happened! Here is a compilation of funny and amazing photos that will make you question life and the world as you know it!

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