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Video Use Rock Band Drums on Computer Without Lag with Ableton
04:07   |   97K+ views   |   06/21/2018 at 21:54


**Annotation Server Down.. Ill add um soon**
An easy super low Latency way to hook up your xbox 360 or PS3 Rockband 2 drum set to a computer.

4 Things Needed in order:

1. Xbox wireless receiver
Plug and play for windows vista/7 - Plug it in and wait.

2. ASIO Driver Installed (Free)
Install Software (google it ASIO4all)

3. Ableton Live 8 (To use with my provided setup)
Install software, goto prefrences, click audio tab, choose ASIO for the driver type and audio device.
Set to 64 Samples (if sound is choppy you'll have to increase this and you will have more lag) You can download a trial off ableton's website.. or get it some other way ;)

4. Pinnacle Game Profiler
Install and import my provided mapping file

Finally: Enable my Pinnacle file, start Ableton and open my provided file, and play.

Here are the 2 files needed for a quick setup:


ableton live asio rock band drums drum set computer how use

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