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Video Sự phát triển của eSports
02:35   |   315 views   |   07/16/2018 at 20:23


  • that's how I second to the noon or two
  • started to the carnival one with all the
  • second Sunday it ends its moody look
  • upon chalifoux back then and it was like
  • very very small Walker 3 was out there
  • for more than 10 years already so it
  • started to actually decline quite a lot
  • the Shia intervention and originally got
  • stuck up to 22 000 euro euro he came to
  • the kingdom are you know the Inca even
  • Judah will return pitching today that
  • all ended up inside ago suddenly it also
  • became like you really begin the street
  • since you had the bandwidth to go for
  • video streaming instead for just sending
  • the audio too so then the audience and
  • the dealership in general just grew so
  • massively
  • he don't say they wanna target chicken
  • Terminator didn't boy she presented a
  • movie videogame verge of giving up his
  • game achievable within Europe Germany
  • has probably the most advanced eSports
  • scene besides Sweden and that was
  • something that we already started back
  • in warfare 3 it was kind of the game
  • that Walker clean counter-strike
  • probably the two games that really
  • influenced the European scene when you
  • come to Korea of course it's on a little
  • bit of a different scale show you the
  • Yankees consider hands to do a combo of
  • water or pull them in equities how long
  • it is I need to pull do with it or
  • international wanna have another the
  • radius or type I do you keep them there
  • even without a push it
  • these sports will grow like a lot
  • because the technology is there now like
  • we have the bandwidth and it's getting
  • better every single time latency between
  • regions is not the sponsor an issue
  • anymore day hundred or higher are gay
  • yah go to zoo algo yo todo el fin se
  • olviden de centavos William Daley
  • that from my brother wouldn't I never
  • throw any case I don't we don't think
  • about how cool take out one another as
  • you walk you get tunnel vision see that
  • I'm going chinglish / two keys on
  • Phillip it again 22k enjoy get killed
  • walk because I heard they're eating the
  • chips

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