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Video iGCSE English Language Question 2 Revision Tips
16:15   |   today at 05:18


  • hi everyone welcome to this second video
  • game this is very exciting series of
  • provisions on Cambridge our GCSE English
  • language so this is focusing on the
  • extended paper and particularly on
  • question 2 and so this is a question you
  • think you need some help on thank you
  • watching
  • okay first really important thing to
  • think about just like a question one is
  • the timing so it's worth ten marks
  • question two so using the two minutes
  • per mark well you should spend about
  • twenty minutes and there are two parts
  • of AFV so it divides up quite nicely
  • into ten minutes per Section and you can
  • keep a good close eye on your timings
  • and make sure you're not running over
  • and a word of warning about this one
  • because it's a nice systematic question
  • there's always a lot you can say about
  • each point that you're making
  • so you could go on and on and write load
  • I'm and don't be tempted to do that
  • remember that it's only worth half as
  • much as question 1 of 3 so just focus on
  • saying what you need to say rather than
  • work so what's nice about this question
  • is they always follow the same format so
  • it will always start with reread for
  • descriptions of a part a will point you
  • to on paragraph point B will point you
  • to one paragraph and then the wording of
  • the main part of the question is always
  • the same select words and phrases from
  • these descriptions and explain how the
  • writers created effect by using this
  • language so first thing obviously is to
  • make sure you are focused on the right
  • paragraph and only focus on the relevant
  • sections what's even kinder of the
  • examiners to do for you if they even
  • give you the first words of that
  • paragraph so you know you're looking at
  • the right section then you want to be
  • thinking right what are you actually
  • looking for a focus in on paragraph 4 or
  • paragraph 7 and you go through and you
  • look for any descriptions of your
  • parents at the clouds in the atmosphere
  • before the storm so you just picking out
  • the relevant things of this question or
  • you pick how many descriptions of the
  • rain and the wind and from the question
  • we know that all you need to be doing is
  • picking out words and phrases until
  • you're looking for the language devices
  • and then you're looking at how has the
  • writer created
  • so basically what they want from this
  • question is a really nice focused
  • language analysis and the easiest
  • simplest way to do that is to follow the
  • formula of speed which hopefully you
  • will negative
  • now some people aren't massive fans of
  • speed for some strange reason and the
  • reason why we recommend it this question
  • is because when you look at the marks
  • key it is the simplest easiest way to
  • wait to pick up those high marks if you
  • look at fan to you completes got
  • references made to a number of words and
  • phrases some explanation to given and
  • effects identify both parts of the
  • questions so you've got to pick out a
  • few words and phrases you would explain
  • them people to identify the effects and
  • you've got to and show that you
  • understand how language works so that's
  • just to get into VAM - if you wanted to
  • get up to those top marks and you want a
  • wide-ranging discussion that speed is a
  • way to kind of to make sure that you do
  • that wide-ranging discussion and if
  • you're looking at developing your
  • discussion then it means that you're
  • going to hit on that next part of it
  • demonstrate the writers reasons for
  • using them and you can think of an
  • overview of the paragraphs overall
  • effect comment on the language features
  • know your vocabulary so if you are using
  • speed you know that straightaway you're
  • hitting on at least Man 2 and it's
  • giving you the scope together times 1 so
  • if you can't remember what speed is if
  • you don't know how to do it it's
  • basically a fleshly a better version of
  • PDE so you have your signpost your point
  • the evidence evaluating discuss the
  • signpost is a really really simple way
  • that goes on the beginning of your
  • speedy paragraph which is just where you
  • signposts of the writer to the examiner
  • sorry of what it is you're talking about
  • so firstly in paragraph 4 and it's just
  • using those little connectives so next
  • or additionally or furthermore finally
  • just to kind of launch them into your
  • paragraph then you make a point about
  • what you're going to end up analyzed but
  • this is where you pick out the language
  • devices you say what the language
  • feature is it that they have used you
  • put your evidence in try and embed it
  • nicely use a little phrase to introduce
  • that quote to show this is or this is
  • illustrate to fry and then the evaluate
  • and the discuss of important that these
  • are the bits that might get marks so
  • really think about having a bottom heavy
  • paragraph or your evaluate and discuss
  • makeup the main body of it and this is
  • where you comment on the effect on the
  • reader you say what it suggests so you
  • tell what the writers showing and we try
  • and pick apart that evidence you put in
  • and discuss it's just where you take it
  • that bit further so you don't just leave
  • it on realm so but you don't leave it on
  • so what you take it a bit funny add some
  • more efforts you explore a word you take
  • it further or you look at what something
  • might suggest or what the writers
  • intentions might be so it makes it clear
  • just give me that systematic approach so
  • you know you're getting most marks and
  • if you do it you're less likely to miss
  • out higher marks and it means you've got
  • a number of points so if you get three
  • speed paragraphs in three four a three
  • fifty you know you've done everything
  • you need to get into at least an two and
  • hopefully last one so a top tip for
  • using speed and it's to learn your
  • language terminology to really easy
  • revision technique of this question so
  • when you're making your point and you're
  • saying what features you can support in
  • those words and phrases then throw in a
  • bit of terminology to really impress the
  • examiner you'll see in the description
  • of band 1 they are expecting that
  • YouTube use the vocabulary accurately so
  • make a glossary is useful for the
  • literature section of your exam as well
  • of all the language in terms you know
  • and really learn their definitions it's
  • important to know them really
  • confidently because you don't want to be
  • learning now you don't wanna be putting
  • in the wrong terms and using them in
  • accurately there's no point in using
  • terminology if you're not going to use
  • accurately but it's a really easy thing
  • to learn and you know even if it's just
  • learning what similes and metaphors and
  • personification are and knowing the
  • difference between an adjective and a
  • verb then that's at least giving you
  • something to go on and you pretty much
  • guarantee there's going to be one of
  • those examples in the extracts somewhere
  • so a really useful tip to make sure that
  • your points are made accurately but
  • obviously you don't most features mark
  • you can take it a little bit further
  • than just using the terms
  • so now I'm ready to approach the
  • question I've got my paragraph in front
  • of me so the first thing I need to do is
  • select my three words and phrases that
  • I'm going to use to build my three speed
  • paragraphs of Part A so I've got
  • paragraph four in front of me and I'm
  • going to skim through it and just reach
  • out and pick out which words are really
  • good at building that description of the
  • appearance of the cloud from the
  • atmosphere so it's the first bit I think
  • I would pick out probably is this one it
  • has no anger yet but it's full of menace
  • I thought that was quite good one
  • because first of all I know the
  • technique there it's personification
  • because the cloud itself from giving
  • emotions and the emotions seem to show
  • that it's dangerous there's no anger yet
  • but it's full of menace so the damage I
  • sense of the cloud victims on my to the
  • print person they're waiting to unleash
  • its fury
  • and there's also loads more that we can
  • pick out both in the next one I quite
  • liked here was that terrible bowl of
  • blackness
  • just because there's lots in that really
  • short phrase so I picked out the fact
  • the adjectives they're terrible is
  • really effective because it's just
  • building up again that atmosphere using
  • with ominous and dangerous there's
  • alliteration there as well bowl a
  • blackness are those bus sound really
  • kind of come out they're quite close to
  • sounds they make an angry sound as you
  • say them and the metaphor as well but
  • the fact that it's described as a bowl
  • because obviously appearance of the
  • cloud it gives us a visual image of it
  • there in the bowl shape kind of hanging
  • down so I thought that was a good
  • quotation then my third one I picked out
  • and again you can pick different ones
  • there's no rule the examines don't have
  • the reproach agent I expect you to do
  • they've got a list of lots of them and
  • they're told you give credit to any good
  • examples so I thought that last one how
  • small my arm on the great canvas of
  • nature was another good one and again if
  • the metaphor so we don't need to rather
  • repetitive here and but I quite like the
  • image that it creates slightly different
  • it's an artist canvas so it makes it
  • seem like it's a thing of beauty and
  • wonder which kind of contrasts the other
  • two things we've said that being a bit
  • dangerous and fearful that paragraph
  • four I think time I treat my patient
  • there
  • and then I'm going to pick out my three
  • rotations from paragraph seven as well
  • so exactly the same I think most
  • magnificent I've ever known is quite a
  • good one to describe the storm here and
  • I've picked ax I've made my terminology
  • not just any adjectives it's the most
  • magnificent so it's a superlative and it
  • should estimate sense of all from the
  • right he's really enormous storm I quite
  • liked as well for a bit of contrast the
  • crouching apology of the man occurs some
  • nice metaphor it's always the opposite
  • affirm personification is dehumanized
  • him into a single action that action of
  • crouching and apologizing so much like
  • you've become pitiful against the power
  • of the sorcerer that's a really good
  • example we can field a great speak
  • paragraph out of really explore and make
  • part um and I always say if you're stuck
  • for language devices if you really find
  • them difficult to spot
  • then look for similes consuming is so
  • easy to go straightaway you look for the
  • word like or you look for the word as so
  • we've got like a demented halo shrapnel
  • so it's nice and easy to spot that we've
  • got a simile there and I like the fact
  • that the word demented game continues
  • idea of personification if uncontrolled
  • its bit mad and a hail of shrapnel we
  • can war in the tree so from the two
  • paragraphs we picked out our three
  • examples from each and I've just
  • annotated them with the techniques is
  • just a little reminder to myself not to
  • forget and another happening when it
  • comes to me so if you know what needs to
  • be in speed it should be really simple
  • to follow that to be structure so start
  • off with your sideways and it can be as
  • simple as in paragraph law or it could
  • be first in paragraph or however you
  • want to do it for there's your sign post
  • then you're going to move on to your
  • point and you're going to try and throw
  • in your terminology issue you know it
  • confidently if not then just put the
  • writer uses words and phrases but try
  • and say specifically how is it
  • presenting it how an answer the question
  • look at what a question
  • martini Jason sausage how does the right
  • to present the appearance of the cloud
  • so I put the right genes personification
  • to prevent the cloud and imagining
  • presence by month the question their
  • abusive technology
  • then I'm going to throw in my quotation
  • I'm going to try and embed it a little
  • bit that blows my sensitive hold up joke
  • paragraph then when he uses the
  • description it has no I could get for
  • this full of menace which leads me a lot
  • nicely to my evaluation so we've just
  • got a reasonable short term section a
  • signpost point in evidence because we
  • don't want to put too much you want to
  • get straight to the point and get into
  • our evaluation of discussion which is
  • where we're going to pick up our marks
  • so it has no idea but from the minute
  • creates an image of the cloud which is
  • almost playing with emotions and that's
  • what we said when we are annotating it
  • now we want to pick out what specific
  • word suggests to us so as the word
  • Menace suggested threatening to unleash
  • it anger so I know it when Menace me
  • something or what does that make me
  • picture in my head but it's just waiting
  • for the right moment to do too though so
  • that's what that description makes me
  • think in my head of the class the
  • writing using the word yet it is clear
  • it's not quite enough fear but when so
  • by evaluating it I've really picked
  • apart what image to create what does it
  • make me think of and I'll try doing
  • what's the personifications well one use
  • that technique what does that make me
  • think of and then I want to try and just
  • take it a little bit further and not
  • just leave it on so what but then
  • discuss it and what I said in my
  • evaluation so I'm going to hit it off
  • with this shows the reader how much more
  • intimidating the storm must have felt
  • the writer as you felt like he was at
  • the mercy of its emotions so I'm just
  • kind of put in why is the right to
  • chosen to do it my discussion just kind
  • of wrap it up and really think about the
  • decisions of the right of mates while
  • I'm thinking of this not just as a nice
  • little story but a crafted piece of
  • writing as my tongue effect on me as a
  • reader so that's what you need to do or
  • one simple speed paragraph if you just
  • follow that formula hopefully that will
  • give you everything you need to get
  • those two top marks and you just do that
  • exact same thing for your other two
  • examples for paragraph four and your
  • three examples in paragraph seven leave
  • me with 6 speed paragraphs all together
  • so to leave you then with a few
  • tips things to remember for this
  • question as I've just said three three
  • paragraph two by three to be paragraphs
  • will be that is the most important thing
  • to take away from it and that's all you
  • need to do every time for this question
  • but to take it a little bit further and
  • try not to repeat this lesson when
  • you're exploring the different examples
  • to try and make different points so if
  • you're thinking about three three
  • paragraphs try not to have three similar
  • metaphors that are all giving an
  • impression of the storm or the cloud
  • whatever it is being angry try and think
  • about maybe different reactions
  • different size so for example we might
  • be looking at the way he in all of the
  • straw and it's also on isn't a fear of
  • it and try and make sure you're looking
  • for those different subtleties and
  • looking at that overall impression has
  • been created and at the same time as I'm
  • saying develop your points of try and
  • add lots of detail to trying to pick
  • apart a language you still want to think
  • actually this point this questions only
  • worth ten marks and try and make your
  • point as succinctly as possible so you
  • don't waste time and you don't lose time
  • on it as well so you can make a good
  • variety of points but you don't waste
  • time with flowery over-the-top language
  • one point move on to the next and the
  • next and try and just avoid repeating
  • yourself so that you can get good
  • classic same two points going um at the
  • same time try and comment on the effects
  • of specific words not every word
  • obviously but try and make out make two
  • words per quotation I have a really
  • strong effect and just try and say what
  • image they create for you in your head
  • and in your discussion if you can or
  • maybe break it down into one for
  • evaluation one to discuss try and be
  • specific about mentioning the effect on
  • the reader and the writers intentions so
  • you show the family you're not just
  • thinking of this as a nice little story
  • but something create crafted and then
  • something has a specific effect on the
  • reader you're really thinking about
  • measurement because that is ultimately
  • what they want to see from you and think
  • about it in terms of they've gotten
  • heavy paragraphs where the evaluation in
  • this discussion are basically focusing
  • on what image does it create for you is
  • it reader what mood what atmosphere what
  • feeling and what the writers intentions
  • and when you're talking about the effect
  • on the reader don't say things like it
  • makes you want to read on or create a
  • good image or it is effective try and be
  • really specific about those effects try
  • and create tools and remove the feeling
  • the atmosphere and that will help you
  • get up into those pylons so hopefully
  • that's given you a good bit of help and
  • advice on this question it really should
  • be easy if you know how to do it and
  • it's an easy one to practice with any
  • kind of text with a magazine article in
  • a newspaper article with a story just
  • pick one out at random pick a paragraph
  • and try and analyze the effect of the of
  • the words and phrases in it so good luck
  • with this one

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This video takes you through approaches and top tips for question 2 of the Extended Paper of the Cambridge iGCSE in English Language.

It contains an explanation of the SPEED structure for analysing language, as well as talking you through how to prepare your answer and giving you a model paragraph as an example.

Once you've watched the example SPEED paragraph, have a go at writing the other paragraphs to complete the question. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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