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Video INSANE Clash Of Clans SCAM ♦ Why Not To Buy A Base Online?
19:28   |   12/13/2018 at 22:29


  • here's a fun fact about this video it's
  • six months in the making it took me six
  • months to make this video now the actual
  • process of doing the video itself only
  • took about two months but planning and
  • waiting for the opportunity is what
  • really took a while so the way I do
  • videos is I have this one giant note
  • okay and on it I just write down all the
  • random ideas that I can think of just
  • completely random ideas then every once
  • in a while when I run out of ideas when
  • I'm just talking and making a video
  • right on the spot I go on to that list
  • and I take those ideas and I push them
  • into like a top ten or something and I'm
  • like okay that works one of the ideas on
  • their voice to call out one particular
  • type of scam inside of clash of clans
  • and here's the thing about clash of
  • clans it's broken down into three layers
  • sort of like the internet so in the
  • internet we have the normal internet
  • that everyone knows about right the
  • thing that run clash of clans is on your
  • Facebook your Twitter your Google your
  • so on and so forth but then there's a
  • deeper layer known as the deep web and
  • right after that comes the dark web okay
  • I think there's three layers for clash
  • of clans as well
  • there is the normal clash of clans where
  • we play we raid we get gold we get all
  • that stuff and then there's a deeper
  • layer one that consists of a lot of
  • modding and things that no one really
  • hears about but we know it exists from
  • donation mods to X mod to BA attacking
  • to Bob arches to server based things to
  • jamming there's there's so many
  • different ways there's even real gem gem
  • generators up there I've heard
  • everything exists everything's there but
  • not a lot of people can get their hands
  • on that and I really really am happy
  • that that is a thing but then there's
  • the Deep Web all right of clash of clans
  • the deeper part and this is where the
  • behind the scenes things happen this is
  • where a lot of money is exchanged things
  • like gem generators like I just
  • mentioned there's fake ones hundreds and
  • hundreds of fake sites and they all make
  • money I can only imagine how much
  • because a lot of people fall for them
  • the youtubers use a similar trick but
  • there's a
  • exactly fake it's just I don't know it's
  • not exactly real either I don't really
  • know what to consider o'clock cash for
  • apps I don't know where to play it place
  • that then of course there's other things
  • like selling your bases on eBay or
  • selling your clan on eBay and then
  • people getting scammed over and over and
  • over so I made that video right everyone
  • knows that video in fact it's going to
  • be one of my most viewed videos of all
  • time it's a video where I went onto eBay
  • and I said I basically looked around and
  • I don't deep into eBay itself in the
  • world of clash of clans that exists on
  • eBay and how the whole selling process
  • and all that works but I want to test it
  • out I wanted to see what exactly should
  • you do should you go and buy a base and
  • should you try to even buy a base is it
  • worth it is it worth your time effort
  • what are the odds of you actually
  • getting that base that was the idea okay
  • so six months ago I decided to make that
  • but I knew I had to post a really really
  • popular video before I did that and that
  • was the eBay video that was about two
  • months ago that I posted it's probably
  • been a month and a half okay so I think
  • somewhere along the lines about a few
  • weeks back I found the perfect
  • opportunity that would link up perfectly
  • with that video and it happened to be
  • the most randomest spot where I found
  • the opportunity but it does prove a
  • point
  • it goes to show that you can't really
  • trust anyone at all
  • you really can't not when it comes to
  • this game so here's the thing that I
  • want you guys to leave in the comments
  • to go before we actually get started
  • with the video what do you think the
  • biggest scams and clash of clans are I
  • mean it could be anything from xmod two
  • things that tricked you to you trying to
  • buy a base leave that below and maybe
  • just maybe I'll make a top 5 on it top 5
  • biggest scams in clash of clans now how
  • would that sound alright let's start
  • this video
  • whatever it is in gentlemen so as you
  • guys may have noticed I'm on Twitter
  • instead of clash of clans and as you
  • guys can see I tweet about random things
  • like my clash Royale clan being in the
  • top 200 - occasionally calling out
  • Coulson for posting completely random
  • things like glitch hack a new update
  • idea some channels that we can't make a
  • video without how dare you say that
  • considering your videos clash of clans
  • new mystery Christmas obstacle yeah that
  • just no bro patches no okay but how is
  • that relevant right well if we jump into
  • my inbox for a second and if you jump
  • into this conversation well right at the
  • end of the conversation as you guys can
  • see this was about a week ago okay it's
  • been a week and so as you guys can see
  • break for me ends tomorrow I make a bid
  • on you giving an unpleasant shout-out at
  • 10:00 p.m. Eastern which I never posted
  • because now according to me what I told
  • him is that I'm made I didn't post the
  • video thankfully I decided against
  • posting it since it was supposedly isn't
  • your fault because he this guy kept
  • telling me that it's not his fault okay
  • by the way he's a fellow YouTube instead
  • I'm reporting him for trying to sell his
  • base tell him he got a day to pay up or
  • get his account banned I have all the
  • screenshots I need peace this person
  • says I say eff him for making me look
  • like a scammer and yeah about that we'll
  • let everyone decide on that one I hope
  • you can you get his account banned and I
  • told him I'll just send him a screenshot
  • the text message as long as he reads it
  • whether or not that was ever done I have
  • no idea but how does this lead to
  • anything okay how is this relevant well
  • the thing is the original video I
  • actually didn't post because if I look
  • I've corrupted I made the video it was
  • about 20 minutes long I did I feel like
  • making the video again heck no but am i
  • doing it yes because you're watching
  • this now but yeah that's the actual
  • reason so technically had a whole nother
  • week to fix this whole mess so I can
  • make another video but it doesn't matter
  • it wasn't solved and so let's start at
  • the top shall we
  • actually we need to start on Twitter as
  • a whole so I was scrolling through
  • Twitter one day and I kept scrolling and
  • scrolling and squirrel scrolling when I
  • saw this person's tweet okay bye Jewish
  • Luis okay
  • he's an interesting case when it comes
  • to YouTube
  • but we'll get into that in just a second
  • so what I saw was basically this this
  • was four days ago but it looked like it
  • was in a town hall 8 ha BC I wasn't
  • getting a townhall 8 the thing was I
  • wanted a base for base built ok so I
  • wanted a base that I could build Town
  • Hall 10 our Town Hall 10 or a town hall
  • 11 base builds on and then post those
  • videos for future series it wasn't going
  • to be a typical base build series this
  • series was something different I'll give
  • you guys that it was something epic but
  • I kind of got screwed over so here's the
  • thing it looked exactly like this
  • selling a max townhall 10 for half its
  • worth except in this case it's a town
  • hall 8 need to be sold ASAP slide NDM so
  • on and so forth
  • gets a few favorites gets a few retweets
  • maybe a handful of people DM him so on
  • and so forth
  • so I go ahead and DM him right so let's
  • start way at the top there you go so 12
  • 28 15 this is even before the year began
  • alright it was at about 12:30 8 a.m. so
  • it says hey if you're selling I'll take
  • them but is the name change available he
  • goes yes want the townhall 8 or the
  • townhall 10 perfect the Town Hall 10
  • offer or the townhall 8 well has anyone
  • else asked yes but haven't replied since
  • they asked if it's still available I see
  • I really need this town hall 8 gone
  • alright hold up I'm gonna take a closer
  • look at the images maxed out as you can
  • see mm yawns Mac slab - well I really
  • need the townhall 10 speed build so I
  • tell them that how much for both give me
  • any number and I'll think on it okay
  • interesting right lure them into this I
  • could use a townhall 8 for speed builds
  • as well that way I could have townhall 8
  • 9 10 11 you guys can see how this would
  • play out when it comes to youtube and
  • this he goes 350 both right now thank
  • God I didn't go for that offer
  • his next line made me a little bit
  • suspicious he said the combined total of
  • 9,000 gem now let's think about that for
  • a second who the heck sells a bass with
  • 6,000 gems on it like just think about
  • that wouldn't you you spend the gems
  • first and first of all how exactly does
  • the bass get that 6000 gems in the first
  • place to get that much you obviously
  • most likely bought 14,000 gems in the
  • first place right unusual
  • so moving on if you want the town elite
  • that will be $100 it's completely maxed
  • besides that besides like the walls now
  • remembering my eBay video a Town Hall 8
  • is not worth $100 keep that in mind
  • a Town Hall 8 even if it's maxed is
  • about 70 at most okay maybe $65 70 $75
  • around that range so $100 that's called
  • getting ripped off anyhow and I'll throw
  • in an iTunes gift card who with a sales
  • pitch right interested
  • well these bases exist right how do you
  • transfer them over I obviously know what
  • store game center but I'm just
  • confirming a few things for the sake of
  • the video yes lmao and through throw
  • well Harvey spelled that game center
  • thing is you've been trying to sell them
  • since October so weird so now I just
  • want to jump back to his thing for a
  • second and I want to show you guys that
  • yes he has been trying to sell this
  • gosh-darn base since October and I
  • looked into that before doing this whole
  • video so take a look right there there's
  • the base this is the base that I was
  • attempting to buy there you go there's
  • just 6,000 gems okay and look at the
  • date - October 15 all right that means
  • that he failed to sell it for about four
  • months
  • or did he is there more well let's keep
  • going
  • well taking a look over here I send him
  • a screenshot of that and he goes not a
  • lot of people have 250 to spend on Town
  • Hall 10 yeah your Gaston right no one
  • spends 250 on Town Hall 10 unless of
  • course there are youtuber and attempting
  • to make a video I think he should have
  • been suspicious - like why exactly would
  • anyone in the right mind spend 250 on a
  • trash townhall 10 but alright let's keep
  • going can you join my clan with it with
  • a townhall 8 or Town Hall 10 don't need
  • a townhall 8
  • Town Hall 10 don't need a townhall 8
  • right now this is my client I send him a
  • picture of ion
  • them X okay so here's the thing he goes
  • he reveals this right then as of right
  • now this was supposedly his base but it
  • really isn't all right I'm a middleman
  • for the Town Hall
  • 10 so I'm gonna text my friend and get
  • the info real quick
  • he's an in real life friend so no
  • worries I really want you guys to
  • remember that line he's an in real life
  • friend so no worries so I reply back to
  • him a little bit later hmm I think you
  • know who I am I think you know who I am
  • so probably not in your best interest to
  • scam me hopefully we can have this done
  • by the end of the day I actually call
  • them out right there even before any of
  • this took place okay it's pathetic that
  • you think I actually scam funny how you
  • worded that it's pathetic it's pathetic
  • that you think I actually scam shouldn't
  • you say no I'm not trying to scam you
  • just blatantly say that I don't know
  • kind of weird so and all really
  • analyzing this but it doesn't matter
  • I've sold like two bases to have a
  • gaming and I'm pretty sure you know who
  • that is yes I know who that is but I
  • don't see how that proves your point
  • not saying you will let me know when
  • you're ready all right so he goes yo
  • some guy wants oh by the way I have to
  • cut out some parts of this messages
  • since there is itunes information stuff
  • in here but regardless the whole main
  • point of the video is right here okay so
  • this is where things get really real I
  • have the info just requested to join
  • your clan um I'm in let me know when
  • you're on Jenny accepted me I am on I'll
  • buy it for 190 ok that's what I throw in
  • all right I know that that is the
  • approximate amount that I maxed almost
  • maxed Town Hall 10 sells for on eBay I
  • know that because of the video itself
  • and all that research I did but I decide
  • to push it around with him okay for the
  • sake of video hi I'm on I'll buy it for
  • one night I can't go that low it has
  • almost $100 with the gems on it no it
  • does not
  • it has 6,000 gems on it not 14,000 can
  • you do 275 are you insane at this point
  • okay
  • anyhow so as you guys can see I can find
  • a similar base I basically find almost
  • the exact base at in fact this base is
  • better this guy's in champs it's a level
  • 172 and he's selling it for 200 well if
  • you buy it now it's 325 odds are people
  • are going to bid
  • it's going to end at about 220 225
  • things on those eyes this is a really
  • solid Town Hall 10 I can find a better
  • base for cheaper I just trust you more
  • than a BAE keep that line in mind as
  • well I've tried to buy three accounts
  • off eBay I'll know all scammers what's
  • your counteroffer to 275 200 260 okay
  • this is where we fully go at it as 7,000
  • gems wrong it has six thousand guns and
  • I really good GG damn near max lab 7k
  • gems is nothing like one upgrade at one
  • level and that is true at townhall ten
  • seven thousand gems is absolutely
  • nothing at this point you realizes that
  • I can care less about gems and I was
  • serious when I said I only wanted the
  • base for base builds jamming that base
  • is gonna do me absolutely nothing so I
  • tell him tell him to spend the gems if
  • he wants 240 and zero so he realizes
  • that and he puts it down quite a bit do
  • 40 hold up let me see what troops and
  • heroes again oh and send me a screenshot
  • of the name change that hasn't been used
  • alright keep that line in mind alright
  • there's three lines you guys should be
  • keeping in mind right now this gets
  • really interesting now you guys can sort
  • of see me playing at the obvious over
  • here obviously if he kept pushing it the
  • way he did here I would have just been
  • screw you I'm out of here I'm not buying
  • your dumb base but I didn't I kept going
  • so it says I've been in the YouTube
  • business you have twice the amount of
  • subs as me key to business nice alright
  • so this is where I talked about Jewish
  • lowish for a second
  • I remember him I remember I used to
  • watch his videos a very long time ago
  • probably back when I wasn't even a
  • youtuber thing is he started along the
  • lines of some of the top youtubers the
  • only thing was he managed to grow as
  • fast he reached about 15,000 subscribers
  • and sent out a tweet to everyone saying
  • that I'm gonna sell my account and the
  • YouTube business is just not even
  • business the clash of clans channels are
  • terrible the community is trashed
  • there's too much hate things along those
  • lines
  • he wrote this whole message thing I
  • probably still have it in my screenshot
  • somewhere but the thing is I was like
  • yeah you're absolutely right it
  • completely agreed with him and it was
  • tough funny thing that inspired me to
  • make a channel and change things that
  • was a little tiny something and I
  • mention in one of my first videos I
  • mention it that yet
  • the community is trash and it needs work
  • so that was one of the biggest
  • incentives I had when it comes to making
  • the channel the way that I did funny
  • right
  • so jumping back to here I've been in the
  • YouTube business you have twice the
  • amount of subs as me I know how much
  • money you make oh yeah definitely and I
  • have a good idea of how much you made
  • mm-hmm
  • forty dollars more for a good
  • trustworthy trade that's not too bad
  • is it isn't it so how about twenty five
  • dollars more for a good trade this is
  • where I keep going 25 to 25 inch done to
  • 35 and done deal look at this
  • the owner is being stubborn AF lol I can
  • relate tell them to 34 kicks to 40 and
  • I'll throw in a $10 iTunes gift card
  • okay well now remember $10 isn't even
  • half an upgraded $10 isn't like that's
  • nothing rather far indeed which I'm not
  • going to do either I don't got time to
  • farm can you please go can you please do
  • 235 all right but here's the thing he's
  • giving me the iTunes info right I'm
  • giving you the game center info which
  • allows you to log on to the account yes
  • but I need to make sure he gets off it
  • if he can push me off whenever doesn't
  • help much
  • keep that fourth line in mind as well
  • alright guys so this is where the scam
  • part of all this really starts all right
  • you ready I'll make sure that for you
  • he's my in real life friend good guy he
  • has a mini account with Sheila he will
  • lock in - all right so this is where I
  • know that I need something to back
  • myself up if i'm gonna ever end up
  • making a video on something that I
  • already know isn't gonna work in my
  • favor right I have to make it so
  • everything was in my favor and
  • completely destroyed me so here's what I
  • asked for
  • I'll take it under one condition give me
  • a return policy that lasts a week and I
  • don't know whether he misunderstood that
  • a return policy means that I get my
  • money back in case his account ends up
  • being trash or there's no name change or
  • fake account or if it's not a townhall
  • 10 or whatever something is bound to go
  • wrong along the lines here I just know
  • it so I asked for that okay and so I go
  • I'll pay half now give me the info and
  • I'll see how it feels to be a townhall
  • 10 PayPal right
  • how about Skype yes PayPal okay I'm on
  • vacation just have to eg alright
  • what's his PayPal so this is where I'm
  • going to chop a little bit and jump
  • so I go I'm sending over $100 okay he
  • didn't want to sell it then but now he
  • stopped playing send 120 now really
  • doesn't matter how much I send at first
  • 115 I go no it's in your best interest
  • for me to send 100 and no I lol Sunday
  • trust me you know who I am
  • never heard of you hmm well that's
  • probably why you fell for this oh you're
  • not a sub
  • I know people bigger than you personally
  • Oh aren't you cool I stopped playing
  • clash in 2014 Oh same lol yes I
  • technically to stop playing clash you
  • just never stopped making videos on it
  • s-class youtuber which is why I'm close
  • friends with mole Nikki Nikki I have a
  • gaming FSU all clad in white lighting
  • which probably isn't which probably is
  • true but that's great I don't know what
  • exactly you're trying to accomplish by
  • doing that and telling me all that
  • okay so jumping just a little tiny bit
  • ahead not really I just sent him an
  • image of the fact that I sent in 100
  • over PayPal he goes received and this is
  • the information right here information
  • that was changed later on the only
  • reason I'm actually reviewing this is
  • you guys can go ahead and test out it
  • doesn't work it doesn't work anymore
  • interesting okay past weirdo hold up
  • send the other one 35 please all right
  • you need to chillax I haven't even
  • gotten on to the thing yet so let's
  • let's take a look at here need to
  • reinstall class to get in give me a
  • minute all right
  • and all right I'm in sweet give me three
  • days I want to see if it's good for my
  • base build I'll send you the rest that's
  • not how it works
  • oh yeah how does it work I asked for
  • seven days send the rest now and three
  • days if you don't like it you can get
  • your money back you can get your money
  • back alright so keep that line in mind
  • as well and while we read the rest of
  • this okay so here's the thing that's not
  • how it works bah bah bah yes but I'm
  • worried that he's logged in and that's
  • perfectly a normal thing to worry about
  • think about it if he's logged in on one
  • end and I'm logged in on this end he
  • pushed me off anytime what if I made
  • raid that doesn't work I'll get him to
  • logout he will as soon as I send the
  • money I do that I can't you have to send
  • the rest
  • money hmm
  • you

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