Video Luckiest and Unluckiest Moments in Sports History

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Luckiest and Unluckiest Moments in Sports History
Luckiest and Unluckiest Moments in Sports History thumb Luckiest and Unluckiest Moments in Sports History thumb Luckiest and Unluckiest Moments in Sports History thumb


  • Just look at his ability there as he stayed in front of Rosco off the ball screen
  • Boy, the three-point line has just not been kind. Oh my goodness. Hi Cabela's just threw it in Denver's basket
  • I have never seen that actually thought AJ Jacobson was good, but watch this. Oh
  • It is a three-pointer
  • and what I don't know is if there's something about if the other team does throw it in if it has to be a -
  • I don't know but that's completely behind the line. I've never like I'm right there with you. I've never seen anything like it possessed
  • Oh my god a masa. Is that each of you have boot khamseh the movie?
  • With crocodile read back the food shot. Yep
  • Welcome thought there's a big guy at was a foul right there
  • One two, three, four, five six seven bounces. That's the part of the game. Oh, no, no, no
  • What a night for Roy he's in double figures with 12
  • Yamaha's said the good omen he'll appear gnarly huh set the globe analogy and here has been I'm open I looked up at
  • all kinds
  • Pizza buddy Garcia Durant will take the phrase
  • It's good the thunder latest by one and Durant has tied a career playoff high with 41 points
  • But then you talk about a specialist reporter in the 2012-13 season. This is the one right here
  • How about the soft touch?
  • side out of
  • That's a deep shot off the backside. I
  • saved my
  • 300
  • Man we made more than that in Fernandez Scott. That was huge
  • It was supposed to be as save and it goes in
  • and again, Gabrielle Gary
  • Hook shot from the corner just like the good old days
  • Amazing Wow
  • Getting off the top of the chart very quickly in DJ channel from Vancouver 26, you're Canadian an accountant
  • All right, well this is a desert disaster this is des for cost
  • Who was complaining about the smell the visibility and where the crash mats were dangerous
  • Miss the shot and then hit the ball back out. Now. You got to match up with the guys behind the 3.0
  • Which he didn't want to he knew collisions to get out from under this Wow
  • Lillard throws it down court after being fouled do you believe that Manu Ginobili is
  • Smiling at the basketball gods thinking why not just watch see they matched up with the guys behind the three-point line
  • That's what you have to do
  • not naturally Ginobili threw that ball hard and then miraculously how he couldn't make that if you tried that again he's going to do that's
  • Absolutely not
  • Not just
  • We've defender on him in Heinrich
  • Bob or is it it's a shot. It's a free for Evan Turner nice shot
  • We'll take it. Yeah they smile about
  • Look at this John here
  • Do that this is it the last 100 no
  • 146 on the clock Queens is kicking again
  • We have Nile AdWords to the front DC you in seconds Paul peppered its neck and neck all oh
  • My god neck in a genie Mac. We have to bloody Paul from them
  • He will have to get true to the final based on that I have never seen that on athletics
  • He was tied up SEC spider-man true something Adam
  • Nelson is over
  • Verbanski
  • Giada do as read Matt Ravi Romero Toki Jacob Ursula do
  • shondo Eduardo swallowed Isabella pagana trabajando para otra travel Saviano, Giovanna, Travie
  • Nina
  • Has two points
  • Still haven't crashed got at the shop
  • Would we be happy three-point line
  • Shot we sympathize crazy stop disease
  • Look at that that ball was down
  • Just
  • Who what at all know that scenario Garrity had a better the variable where where I can immediately tell
  • Tell us at the field land again. Yes. Hallelujah. Hallelujah, you said?
  • She's home
  • Took them aside
  • - and I guess that
  • Leprechaun does travel because the way this ball stayed up on the rim right here
  • look at the backspin that Bradley puts on that shot till he's knock down that three a
  • lot of game
  • Looking smooth and easy on the track carrying that speed from the start down the track. Oh
  • Now somebody has dropped one of the little paper fans that the school kids have in turn eggs a couple of years back
  • but it's a it's just a
  • Folded up paper fan and there it is and she can see it clearly. Oh, he's a boy away from it. Trying her hardest
  • Clark went on like back the other way and a foul is called on Lowry and he left little doubt
  • Rockets
  • Wow that wasn't each fault, I don't think you know, we'll need a replay of that. I think the blackest
  • Tanning cream you like you know, what the other?
  • Eagle of the seventh very makable putt for the Swede. Oh, my goodness is gone literally 300
  • North Carolina guys chatting there as far as about two in back science, Calderon
  • Gets to move. It's Anthony
  • It's gone without
  • holds the bowl
  • Puts up a touch
  • Shocking defeat as dirk nowitzki wins the game

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Luckiest and Unluckiest Moments in Sports History
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