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Video The 108 Tai Chi Moves DVD (as taught by Master Moy Lin Shin)
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  • this exercise is used countless times
  • during the Tai Chi set and it is the
  • foundation of many of the Tai Chi health
  • benefits the Danu which means spine
  • stretching is a squatting exercise meant
  • to work primarily the pelvic region the
  • legs and the lower back number 14 shot
  • with fists with the left foot at a 45
  • degree angle step with your right foot
  • in front of the left one to form a 90
  • degree angle between both of them
  • meanwhile the left arm goes to the side
  • and the right arm goes to the left
  • shoulder level then twist your hips to
  • the right so that they are forming a 45
  • degree angle and Bend both knees

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Trailer of "The 108 Tai Chi Moves" DVD, for beginners. The full DVD contains the foundation exercises, step-by-step instructions of the 108 moves, and the full 108 moves of the Tai Chi set as taught by Master Moy Lin Shin.
Royalty free music: Huang He, by Jonathan Geer
Introduction to DVD:
Detailed explanation of the first few moves:


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