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Video FLY BOY BACK INJURY • WWE 2K18 Tournament
14:52   |   today at 09:48


  • [Music]
  • welcome back to the WWE 2k tournament
  • the second annual pal chop tournament
  • before we begin get into the matchups
  • this evening we came across some footage
  • some found footage of one of our
  • competitors here tonight we don't
  • exactly know what he was doing earlier
  • today in the ring but it seems as though
  • he was checking out the ring and making
  • sure everything was stable the rumour is
  • that one of our competitors Trevor
  • sustained an injury a self-induced
  • injury yesterday evening
  • quite late in the day while everybody
  • was watching now we also received the
  • said footage of that injury yesterday
  • we're going to show you this extremely
  • extremely graphic footage now please
  • please put your women and children to
  • bed and make sure that they are not
  • around to see something so graphic roll
  • the clip
  • so as you can see Trevor may have
  • sustained a very very serious injury
  • yesterday which may have been why he was
  • checking out the ring earlier today
  • during intermission we don't know how
  • this is going to affect his matchup
  • tonight but we're still going to be
  • going through with the match as planned
  • and a scheduled let's let's let's let's
  • go to the next segment it's all we have
  • for you today right now I mean
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • then there is the flyboy himself he
  • flies high it's scrubbers as you can see
  • he is definitely still feeling the
  • effects of that injury that we saw
  • earlier tonight
  • it must actually be taking its toll on
  • his body you break your ask it or what
  • it's my lower back now you got to sit on
  • a wood stool how serious could this
  • injury be how serious is this going to
  • play into things for Trevor to fly high
  • man don't build them like they used to
  • huh get there please
  • human bodies coach might be a little bit
  • a little bit drunk today he got a late
  • start today and still wearing the same
  • clothes as he did yesterday I'm fine
  • God's sakes clean yourself up I live in
  • this what kind of professional are you
  • all right where's the other one the
  • other one is stalling I believe there is
  • it's simply Jacob that he is a simple
  • boy for a simple man and a simple taste
  • in the simple town but he's ready to
  • take it to his opponent today Trevor and
  • Jacob going toe-to-toe in a
  • brand-spanking-new match type never
  • before seen only seen today Wow I don't
  • know if I want to do this match anymore
  • with these special rules
  • [Music]
  • I'm gonna come in there and explain
  • things do you buy their competitor hey
  • there hey there competitor all right now
  • these rules are very very special this
  • is an MMA cage fight which means that
  • they can only end the match if one of
  • you submit or get knocked the fuck out
  • the match will continue until either of
  • those two things happen you come up here
  • and talk like you know anything about
  • MMA you're probably fucking born
  • yesterday ready I didn't make some rules
  • on here papi papi what's MMA papi show
  • me what's this
  • oh just um whatever oh you never judge
  • you that races did I actually go yeah
  • there's a lesson from your pocket
  • goddamn it coach now I'm gonna dig again
  • what's your problem
  • oh good look at this look at this guy
  • why do you do that he bleeds real blood
  • uh-huh it was a it was a it's a blood
  • spot it's like you know like he can't I
  • got to show the effects of it so it's
  • like that happened and then I gave him
  • herself to show the damage toughen up
  • kid you're going up like him I gotta get
  • back to my station and commentate on
  • this unique MMA style match coming from
  • Atlantic City
  • the flyboy Trevor that's me I'm uh I'm a
  • pilot part-time sometimes you take
  • aviation interests that's noise your
  • skin like thing why do I look so gross
  • look over you fucking pig grease that
  • your skin did dude it looks like I got
  • you that was the picture you gave me
  • what the fuck is that I hate the back oh
  • the spotlight comes down on
  • jegos what an egomaniac one let's go
  • I didn't flex but you know I've got the
  • grace cage is lowering there is unique
  • MMA style matchup begins you think you
  • can hit me too but you'll wait and see
  • oh we're gonna win it
  • Oh die bitch I know wait what happened
  • Super Why What did I get what the role
  • of like city bitch myself I'm gonna
  • fucking break your neck here lie what
  • you die like a bitch I really can
  • I'm going to fucking zip these pants up
  • I'm about to put these do it yeah I'm
  • trying to grab him come here oh what's
  • this
  • signature of you went to hit it but I
  • missed it I'm sorry bitch still has a
  • signature me use your triangle charge
  • finish there keep going I hit it but
  • what's happening I go oh no that's all
  • finish I didn't commit to spinning on a
  • guy that won't be ready now I break your
  • neck again breaking on that neck how do
  • I defend against it you just have to
  • reverse it the triggers yeah one trigger
  • right spring wind like no I got it good
  • night nope oh I said I called it really
  • Jacob right now is on the debuff where
  • he can't reverse anything while he's in
  • that yellow there we go
  • I'm gonna fucking slam into you I'm
  • waiting to stand here no I'll go over
  • here stop oh that body drop that's so
  • fun there's he's cheating it he's
  • cheating dude he's fucking this match up
  • I could do this all day he's got a
  • signature trenders got a signature move
  • is that triangle get him up drag him out
  • of the club get up Glenn what's the get
  • up put look boom I'm gonna try but he's
  • all I got dumb bitch it's over for you
  • I've got trained with it I got I got it
  • oh that's it nope might be a oh no
  • another finish is coming up
  • no no he was too fast oh my god so like
  • I'm in this wait what I think he's still
  • in I think it's a replay he's still on
  • it I'm showing this big move one more
  • time one more time Trevor just like real
  • life your body is broken I got you oh
  • there we go
  • I just wanna show you oh my god not a
  • third one is it is it over is he knocked
  • out still clinging to life it's over
  • decisive victory
  • Trevor's been eliminated by knockout
  • sleep i loose my credibly dean ambrose
  • for some reason has a vendetta against
  • multiple people in this tournament oh my
  • god with Jacobs fighting back Jacob's
  • gonna hit the finish on Dean Dean should
  • not have come out here oh my god
  • Jacob standing do almost think he was
  • Jacob advances to the next round of the
  • tournament wanna know what the fuck was
  • that
  • that's an ape
  • back in the grave young man back in the
  • grave
  • busy rushing hot and easy I need Oh
  • Jacob just went to the middle rope
  • disrupting the belt
  • not until the world championship title
  • disrespecting it I'm King around here
  • okay but abouts gonna be mine oh my what
  • a show
  • what he's touching the belt he's got the
  • belt you guys kissing an idol he's
  • kissed I'll be back for you baby no
  • words what you thought was a show of
  • sportsmanship turned out to actually be
  • a double cross a boot straight into the
  • heart of Trevor insult to injury
  • not only does Jacob get the win and
  • advance to the next round but he may
  • have debilitated his opponent
  • indefinitely Trevor are you okay Trevor
  • Trevor Trevor and now a quick word from
  • our sponsor and coincidentally also our
  • winner today's event is sponsored by
  • booty owes my choice for energy when I'm
  • gonna get in the ring and dominate my
  • opponents let's crack this fresh box
  • open
  • that is pure energy inside this bowl of
  • Lucky Charms I mean videos I like to
  • wash mine down right before an event
  • every time we do a wrestling event but
  • with a nice nice warm glass of almond
  • milk I can see where the milk and
  • physics so much cereal for energy for
  • energy slighted by booty hoes look
  • perfect perfect for my booty big there's
  • a lot of nutrition in this it looks like
  • we have mostly sodium and saturated fat
  • a lot of sugar I see some calcium about
  • 10% 10% of your daily value daily values
  • calcium Wow I really like videos they're
  • actually just shitty Lucky Charms I'm I
  • don't feel comfortable sponsoring this
  • product
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • thinking guys watching his episode of
  • wrestling where I got the meat in by
  • Jacob so be sure to check out all the
  • other videos wowhead check out the
  • subscribe button and check

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