Video Top 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults! (Customer)

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May 04, 2018


Top 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults! (Customer)
Top 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults! (Customer) thumb Top 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults! (Customer) thumb Top 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults! (Customer) thumb


  • Gordon Ramsay is a well-known star chef around the world not only for his cooking but also
  • for his sharp tongue and hilarious comebacks.
  • While most of those are directed at his apprentices and the business owners he’s helping, there
  • were several occasions in which the customers weren’t spared either.
  • During the heat of the tense service night, many have failed to frazzle the always-sharp
  • Gordon and following are some of the best situations...
  • You look exactly like a Quail
  • As usual, Gordon was pissed off because one of the competitors messed up the scallops.
  • An angry customer decided to complain about his food, not to Jean Philippe as he should’ve,
  • but to Gordon Ramsay himself.
  • Gordon ignored the customer, but the guy didn’t understand the silent message and kept standing
  • there for a while.
  • After which the customer angrily pointed out... and left the job of communicating complaints
  • to Jean Philippe.
  • This caused Gordon to go over the top.
  • Sorry about the old bag
  • On one episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon went to a struggling Italian restaurant called,
  • Campania, where he met the owner, Joe.
  • As most of the episodes on the show, the food that was served to Gordon was worse than dog
  • food and dinner service was just as bad, to say the least.
  • Noticing the struggles this restaurant was going through, he made a complete remodeling
  • of the interior as well as the menu as well and a relaunch of the restaurant.
  • During the reopening dinner service, the restaurant was crowded with customers eager to try the
  • new food selected personally by Gordon.
  • As expected, everyone loved the food and enjoyed the different flavors he put together.
  • One table of customers seem to hat the food they got.
  • Because Gordon is an experienced chef, he recognized that these were just people who
  • wanted to cause trouble and personally went to their table.
  • The older woman got up and complained once more to him directly.
  • But the old lady pushed onwards and he just left her standing at the door while he was
  • apologizing to the entering customers.
  • You look more like a dog than I do!
  • You would think that five seasons of a show would be enough for someone to learn Gordon
  • Ramsay’s manners, but there were still people who wanted to act smart in front of him and
  • critique the food he was letting out of the kitchen.
  • On one of Hell’s Kitchen’s episodes, the already pissed-off Gordon had to chase away
  • a lady who whistled at him like a dog.
  • Gordon politely thanked her and tried to turn back to the contestants and continue with
  • the dinner service.
  • The woman called after the chef one more time and after being ignored...
  • A rather rude comment, but perhaps one that
  • was deserved?
  • And if that wasn’t enough, when he sent her food out...
  • Take the giraffe back to the table, please
  • There is never enough drama in Hell’s Kitchen and there is always someone that won’t be
  • satisfied.
  • Whether it’s Gordon being disappointed in his contestants and the way dinner service
  • went or the customers for the food they got or didn’t
  • get, the end result is never good.
  • And for some customers that tried to voice their opinion, the end result was even worse.
  • Besides being left with no food, they got chased off in the traditional Hell’s Kitchen
  • way.
  • We saw that in season 3 when a seemingly tall lady came up to the hotplate.
  • Gordon asked Jean Philippe for the lady’s table number so he could see where the food
  • was.
  • Although she was shocked at first and seemed like she was waiting for an apology, she realized
  • soon enough that it’s of no use to argue with Gordon after he cursed at her once more
  • and quietly went back to her table to wait for her food.
  • Thank you and f*ck off
  • As a newly opened restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t as famous 17 years ago as it is now.
  • But some things have never changed and one of those are the struggles during the first
  • few dinner services when many of the contestants weren’t still used to working in a fast-paced
  • and tense environment.
  • And as if the pressure of creating a first good impression in front of the clients wasn’t
  • enough, Gordon had to deal with some tough customers and additional pressure coming from
  • the dining room.
  • On one of those occasions, a couple approached him telling him they’d been waiting…
  • Gordon disappointingly told her... and that she could realize what was going on behind
  • him without him having to explain it.
  • After they kept going on about how the time had passed, he completely brushed them off
  • and continued talking to the contestants.
  • It seemed like even though it was a newly opened business, Gordon had no fear of negative
  • feedback.
  • You do nothing for me Season 1 of Hell’s Kitchen was packed with
  • Gordon’s explosive moments not only with his chef apprentices but also with the diners.
  • Many decided to skip Jean Philippe and file their complaints directly at the head chef
  • himself – not realizing this is a huge mistake.
  • And even though Gordon apologized (something he rarely does) and explained the situation
  • politely, the young man just said...
  • After a brief confrontation in which the male customer told Gordon that he didn’t understand
  • why it was so hard to get food out of the kitchen.
  • After this comment, he proceeded to chase away the customer with his an explosion of
  • curses and proved once more that...
  • His confrontation with Vic Reeves
  • Having a celebrity come to your restaurant is something many chefs dream of experiencing.
  • But not Gordon.
  • He treats every customer the same and honestly is not hesitant to flip someone off if they’re
  • acting rude, no matter who the customer is.
  • Even Jean Philippe was hesitant and didn’t deny his mundane order.
  • He wasn’t even bothered when he found out who the customer was and had no problem with
  • telling him to his face ... Reeves continued to argue with Ramsay and during this confrontation.
  • Vic Reeves tells him that he doesn’t like anything on the menu to which Gordon repeats
  • his answer that he won’t make him any eggs.
  • He then turned back to the kitchen and his cooks and ignored Reeves’ further requests.
  • Would you mind taking your breasts off my hotplate?
  • There isn’t a kitchen where the working environment is tenser than Hell’s Kitchen.
  • The contestants fight their way to the top in front of millions of viewers under difficult
  • circumstances that not many are able to work in.
  • The dinner service started horribly with chefs cooking scallops in a pan that wasn’t a
  • non-stick one, followed by a few raw chicken steaks, Gordon’s all-time arch enemy.
  • Food was running late, and there were some mad customers in the dining room and an even
  • madder Gordon on the other side of the aisle.
  • So, when a disgruntled diner approached the hotplate asking how long she will have to
  • wait for her beef, Gordon immediately turned and told her...
  • After the woman started flipping trays of food that were ready for serving, security
  • was called and escorted the lady and her friends out of the restaurant.
  • People don’t seem to know how to choose the right moment to complain to Gordon.
  • Diced or whole?
  • This one is one of the Gordon moments people still talk about.
  • It’s a true representation of Gordon’s explosive character combined with his hilariously
  • genius English insults.
  • Even though it was obvious that he was pissed off at a horrible first dinner service, it
  • wasn’t enough for a young male diner to back away from coming to him and asking for
  • more pumpkin in his risotto.
  • After he kept asking for more pumpkin in his risotto, Gordon again asked if he could stop
  • being rude and let him talk, but some people seem to just love provoking Ramsay and pushing
  • him into a deeper state of rage.
  • And of course, after this situation, no other customer dared to approach the kitchen.
  • Escort the two bimbos back to Plastic Surgery
  • During a tense night of butchered lambs and raw salmon, a young lady (probably unfamiliar
  • with Gordon’s character) came up to him complaining about how long she and her friends
  • had been waiting for their food.
  • Although it was the first ever Hell’s Kitchen episode and Gordon’s manners were unknown
  • to the audience, you would expect this to be a good enough lesson and teach anyone not
  • bother Gordon while he’s working.
  • But her friend didn’t seem to take Gordon seriously and had some other ideas on her
  • mind.
  • Instead of sitting patiently, she went back to Gordon with the first girl and told him
  • he insulted her friend.
  • And if you know Gordon, you know he doesn’t care about other random people’s feelings.
  • It’s one of those situations you can’t help but laugh at.
  • Although some of these comments are unbelievable to some, Gordon still manages to tell them
  • in a way that makes the whole situation pretty funny.
  • It seems like the saying “the customer is always right” doesn’t apply to him.
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Enjoy the top 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults on Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay is well known for his countless wide array of insults that he constantly hurls at contestants and people on his various shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. For your entertainment, we here at Babble Top have gathered them all and put together a list of Gordon Ramsay’sTop 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults! Enjoy the list! Gordon Ramsay is a well-known star chef around the world not only for his cooking but also for his sharp tongue and hilarious comebacks. His restaurants have been awarded a grand total of 16 Michelin stars, and he’s also one of the biggest and highest paid stars on television. According to Forbes, Ramsay made $60 million in 2015 alone. They rank Gordon as the 21st highest-earning celebrity in the world. But what exactly is it that makes Gordon Ramsay so popular? Here’s a hint: it’s not just his cooking! It’s also his angry, expletive-ridden insults against budding chefs. This may sound awful, but that’s what sells: people love it! TV Guide included Gordon Ramsay on their list of The 60 Nastiest Villains of All Time, but they meant it in a good way. He’s a likable villain, and his rants are highly entertaining. He tends to get very creative with his invectives. We have already compiled a list of his greatest insults back in 2017, with the title "Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults!" So for this year are happy to show you the Top 10 Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults ...towards customers! as of 2018.

What is more entertaining than when Gordon Ramsay yells at a scared customer who just stands there speechless, arguing with an awkward customer, or witnessing the best of Hell's Kitchen Customer Fumbles? While it's great to see him tell off chefs, it's even better to watch him tell off customers!

If you think Gordon Ramsay has the best insults on Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare, then comment

# “You look exactly like a Quail.” (Hell’s Kitchen S07E08)
# “Sorry about the old bag.” (Kitchen Nightmare S01E09)
# ”You look more like a dog than I do!” (Hell’s Kitchen S05E09)
# “Take the giraffe back to the table, please.” (Hell’s Kitchen S03E04)
# “Thank you and f*ck off.” (Hell’s Kitchen S01E02)
# “You do nothing for me.” (Hell’s Kitchen S01E02)
# His confrontation with Vic Reeves
# “Would you mind taking your breasts off my hotplate?” (Hell’s Kitchen S02E07)
# “Diced or whole?” (Hell’s Kitchen S02E01)
# “Escort the two bimbos back to Plastic Surgery.” (Hells Kitchen S01E01)

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