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Video SILENCED Sniper RANDOM EMOTE Challenge *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale
22:56   |   views   |   01/08/2019


  • Sundays with the addition of the new
  • silent sniper introducing scorecard
  • [Music]
  • challenge so you guys know the rules we
  • have all of the the scorecard numbers
  • right here starting with terrible loop
  • all the way down to the new snipers an
  • awesome loop we're doing three different
  • rounds mariokart scoring with five
  • different attempts at weapons and just
  • like before dudes uh here's the deal if
  • I do the scorecard right and it's above
  • six you got to hit that like button
  • all right come on game you guys gotta
  • hit the like button now also hit the
  • subscribe button if you guys are new
  • around here hit that little bell hope
  • you guys enjoy all right you guys ready
  • sub already explained the rules its
  • sniper challenge let's do this everybody
  • ready got your story dude first round in
  • three two one go go come on come on dude
  • Oh
  • Nikko got it nine I'm gonna take this
  • I'm taking this I'm taking this I'm
  • taking the suppressed pistol so whatever
  • you pick up your guns say what it is so
  • I can just hear it I'm gonna show you
  • got a shotgun hit a heavy heavy AR have
  • you AR got attack tax okay you guys
  • ready yep in three two one go before
  • Nikko gets it I got the new snipers are
  • you kidding me and you got the new
  • sniper yes I do
  • I wanna see what I want to hear what
  • this thing sounds like when you write
  • this thing sounds like I love it are you
  • guys ready you guys ready yep in three
  • two one all right hey 9 a guy are you
  • kidding me how many nines are you
  • getting dude I'm holy God
  • what's wrong with you dude I'm taking
  • I'm taking heavy shotgun that's eight
  • Nico Nico that's eight can you not count
  • it's kind of a special boy we all know
  • this what did you guys get say what you
  • guys got six shooter alright round
  • number four are you guys ready Oh
  • actually hold on yeah since we haven't
  • implemented this and none of us has
  • gotten this
  • do we want to add if you get a zero it's
  • like bankrupt oh no no no I don't are
  • you guys ready 3 2 1 go are you kidding
  • me say no I don't cause anybody see my
  • luck I literally just sold it I don't
  • want to do this then the first dollar I
  • pull off is a zero
  • that's just your luck dude are you guys
  • ready for the last round Craner you have
  • to get something besides a 0 or a 1 or a
  • 2
  • oh and 3 2 1 for 8 ok 7 take it what's
  • it for I don't know if I want anything
  • dude you gotta pick up something dunno I
  • guess I'll take that all right great SMG
  • yeah go me all right take the Koala what
  • did you get Craner what's your only gun
  • so first run we're fighting in craner's
  • island we each have three lives
  • winner takes all that we're going to
  • second round which is I believe on my
  • island I don't know we'll figure it out
  • all right let's do this all right you
  • guys ready so we each have three lives
  • we're doing wire cars scoring every kill
  • counts as a point in three two one has
  • to do sniper anyway I'm kind of afraid
  • right now I do dude you can't even hear
  • me it's it only Huey and yep of course
  • it is Miko could have taken it but he
  • wanted the shotgun he was a little try
  • hard eat why don't you take it Miko
  • because I didn't trust it dude Niko
  • needs a headband dude what did that
  • sound like on your screen oh you go
  • camping little man you will a camper
  • well hello hey stop it
  • Niko okay what's a name girlby
  • co-workers together right now oh my gosh
  • both of you are cheating oh dude I'm not
  • working together with you dude
  • the enemy Oh Lily just watch that hit
  • home I didn't even see you coming dude
  • whoa whoa whoa wait who's got it well
  • Craner says you ride with the deagle oh
  • my god just trying to get it the only
  • gun you have it
  • now where's runic I haven't seen him at
  • all right here Craner down
  • wait credit is one life left I only have
  • one life left
  • yep Yolo all right where's Nico Nico
  • show yourself if you're rooming thank
  • you
  • [Applause]
  • oh okay credit remember when he kills
  • you have okay I have one that's easy
  • how many lives do you guys have why
  • don't always die first what's wrong with
  • you guys dude nothing dude what's wrong
  • with you oh that whole thing is coming
  • down now stop don't shoot me aah oh my
  • goodness Rudy how many wives do you guys
  • have I have two one like that I have two
  • right yeah you have to heed you you die
  • yet no I died three times oh it's so low
  • though come on I can smell you he'll
  • come down here Oh Oh Nico's whoa you
  • smell that bad
  • riho I didn't know you were that low
  • okay alright so you have one life
  • this rule again you know he's doing
  • runic things literally just walked in
  • front of it okay I got to land on my
  • platform cops just on the opposite side
  • of empty look at all these sweaty builds
  • dude how are you guys doing today oh my
  • god yes I am so pro at this game
  • wait so he goes out Nico's up so it's me
  • versus verdict critically as one life
  • though stop building boy stop building
  • stop building oh you stop building the
  • water building building is money the way
  • those people stop when he's playing
  • fault die dude dude this thing sounds
  • sick
  • I like that okay so I win round one with
  • four points so 9 plus 4 and 13 all right
  • let's do up the points let's go to round
  • 2 I so after round first of all look at
  • this map look what Stephen built in like
  • 10 minutes we asked them to make it as a
  • fighting air you made this in like 10
  • minutes
  • wait can I just can I do can I do an
  • impression of you real quick Ian yeah go
  • ahead teabag Steve man do you not have a
  • life anyways okay round 2 I so after
  • round 1 the scores are crater has two
  • Nico has six
  • Bernanke's 8 and I have 13 points you
  • guys ready come on
  • okay in 3 2 1 go 5 to 7 or Ford ok 5
  • what's in 5 I'm taking the pump I'm
  • taking the pump I'm taking what you get
  • oh you got a cool app for Oh God
  • where'd you get Nico a shotgun are you
  • guys ready for round 3 remember zero is
  • bankrupt in three two one go oh yeah
  • he's got a zero
  • let's go I have to do it Chad I have to
  • do it I got it again
  • hey why do you keep getting it dude
  • what's wrong with you I got this
  • silenced again okay you guys ready in
  • three two one go six one oh come on two
  • in your luck today is like insane go do
  • the lottery thing or something dude I'm
  • gonna do the lottery thing dude
  • okay got the heavy AR what did you guys
  • get I got a slurp infinite slurps buddy
  • this round I round for you guys whoever
  • remembers zero is bankrupt in three two
  • one
  • come on why are you so nervous about
  • getting you have a gun wait oh yeah just
  • my bankrupt dude he doesn't have a gun I
  • think so many heals I'm gonna take this
  • where what did you get got a big shield
  • letter slurp I'm not gonna die at all
  • this wrong you say you know the nigger
  • you don't have a gun at all I have a
  • rift to go and a mini oh nice all right
  • final roll right here are you guys ready
  • go
  • ten only gun what can I choose I'm gonna
  • take the presents I'm taking the
  • presents I literally just stole the new
  • puppet on a blue lake dude
  • okay record I mean even though it's not
  • my home anymore but whatever Nikko what
  • are you getting for your only gun I
  • don't know double barrel only Oh God
  • all right let's do this all right round
  • two everybody ready yup in three two
  • [Music]
  • okay it hurts every time I try it this
  • oh yeah I forgot about this I have
  • presents
  • wait did somebody oh yeah that's Nikola
  • yes we're good I don't have much but I
  • have a rhythm no I want to keep this
  • nothing nude I don't want to get any
  • I'll get rid of that get rid of that
  • okay throw this no don't want that no
  • want that no what's that press it you
  • know you to impress his buddy
  • I just got it I just got a gold
  • we're gonna slurp okay ah get off it get
  • off me get off me get off me no job go
  • think Runa gets on this way look I don't
  • know where you are stop don't come on
  • screener
  • really Yeah right anything else man what
  • what the heck just happened let's get
  • out of here boy did anybody see that
  • that's probably happened oh you're
  • stupid doubler that's all you got I
  • remember that how's the I have to reload
  • it just happened Oh a porter for it okay
  • wait who is portable boards oh that was
  • close
  • that was scary Hey I think that's Ian
  • with the PATA falls baby I am present
  • oh how did I miss double-barrel dude
  • yeah he like shoved it in my face I
  • didn't like it
  • what the heck why you're so good with
  • that thing dude
  • no whoa hi Tripp oh that was damaged
  • okay here a lot of that's what I'm
  • talking about really get out of my house
  • hey I'm just healed up a little bit and
  • I'm back to fight what makes you think I
  • won't cut you please don't
  • hey Ian stop now Wow
  • push whoa ah geez you scared me dude
  • why dude he's like 10th party to us dude
  • get out of here Nikko no baby literally
  • has no life left
  • Nikko has killed me twice hashtag Nikko
  • in the stupid chat well I got a crater
  • good job
  • we went up I got one health dude one
  • health or one life one life you know
  • what it's time
  • whoa whoa shoot kidnapped me turd Oh
  • where's Nico he is a double barrel Nico
  • where are you show yourself he's right
  • here dude he's trying to kill me you
  • just got double-oh-seven so we all have
  • one wife left crap yeah we did how do
  • you Iike a full life all he has is a
  • double barrel what how do you keep
  • lasering me when I'm on the move dude
  • hey boy were you at don't if I die by
  • that stuff I'm gonna know you got a
  • while what about what about yeah what
  • are you going about all the time gosh
  • get out of here yeah what a little kid
  • job he could house miles a good play
  • well played sir okay so you take the
  • third double barrel the worst shotgun in
  • the game okay so let's go to Round three
  • let's add up the points let's go to
  • Round three dude Steven this is a good
  • map Nate I so last round we're fighting
  • here back at lucky landing and the
  • scores are I have 24 points I'm in the
  • lead in second place Nico with 19 third
  • place with 12 and crime in last place
  • with a big ol 4 wait check this out you
  • ready ready to take this out that's how
  • I feel about my score dude all right
  • ready three two one go tonight can you
  • get it again I'm taking it again I'm
  • doing it again I'm taking the gold one
  • you're taking the gold one
  • okay what did you guys get okay so as
  • soon as you guys pick up the gun say
  • what it is so I can hear okay ready
  • ready 3 2 1 go
  • oh jeez five seven yeah seven purple air
  • nice day to start it I've got an SMG
  • suppressed pistol okay okay I'm gonna
  • take a pump shotgun yeah I'm gonna take
  • a plum just in case okay you guys ready
  • for round three yep don't get a zero
  • please yes this is all do do I guess I'm
  • a double barrel boy again I'm not gonna
  • pick up heels again because that worked
  • out badly for me I picked up shockwave
  • four days dude you're sure dudu I'm
  • gonna take this I'm gonna take this I'm
  • gonna take the AR you took shockwave
  • gray AR where'd you get Nico I got the
  • double barrel again Oh God all right
  • ready for Round four remember if you get
  • zero it's all over in three two one
  • see what is going on with me dude I got
  • seven right I think I know why you have
  • only four points I got I grabbed an ache
  • a face Campbell me your video right now
  • cuz I'm raging did I get this I'm gonna
  • get this green tank wash okay you guys
  • ready for the last one I got the
  • quadrature can't wait to have one weapon
  • whoo I last scorecard in three two one
  • go
  • Henry I've got the four four times what
  • the crap dude
  • yes I'm gonna get the present again en
  • want to see my only gone dude what did
  • you get you Simoni gun yeah that's my
  • only con dude it was either this or
  • six-shooter okay why what do you guys
  • you guys got some pretty oh this stuff's
  • doodoo oh well I only go for I have a
  • fourth four times I final round let's do
  • this alright final round in three oh
  • okay oh wait I forgot I got Grizzles I
  • got present are you guys fighting
  • already
  • no I'm gonna keep this sniper take that
  • AR I'll take that AR Nico can stop him
  • dude I'm busy um I don't know
  • oh yes slurp I'll probably take the
  • slurp over the present after I'm done
  • stat the only weapon else we got else we
  • got minigun don't care oh this is so
  • broken why am I doing this
  • presidents are so broken me and Boudicca
  • having a very intense build off right
  • now oh you're way over there no yes a
  • shotgun oh I just caught you digging
  • those was the opposite you only have a
  • crossbow Ian trainer stop
  • like where are you telling me to stop
  • this is fun I we fight each other you
  • killed me with this silent do that thing
  • sounds so sick
  • give me a break stop stop always ask for
  • stop and give me a break whatever he's
  • fightin good Thank You Ian come on
  • down boy left again what is going on see
  • when your cross bone you good
  • double-oh-seven
  • [Music]
  • leave me alone
  • guys please somebody all you had was a
  • crossbow hey hey what makes you think my
  • brain well why do you do that what do
  • you think dude huh yeah build over here
  • boy I'm trying this when you follow four
  • dude what do you fall for Boyd
  • I'm falling for you my city boy whoa
  • whoa holy dingus
  • you weren't to be next you punk oh no oh
  • no I don't like redeploy
  • I don't like redeploy whoa dude I have
  • two lives left there's two lives left
  • all right we all have two lives left I'm
  • gonna be dude tell him to stop ruining I
  • didn't know if this sniper would one
  • shot so it is confirmed
  • okay Craner you be the cheerleader you'd
  • be the cheerleader cheers - oh let's
  • don't sandy and runic save me the tree
  • is IMG oh my gosh I'm in the middle oh I
  • don't like this anymore I don't like the
  • same oh oh wait did I steal your joke
  • I'm sorry it's my job now I stole it
  • they call me spider-man
  • okay so we all have one life I wish hell
  • did you have life that I had SiC hit
  • points wit Elliott dock
  • I mean keep going Oh oh no you have a
  • rocket oh no oh no I gotta go Retreat
  • retreat retreat Nico you're such a
  • little sweaty dude you're such a sweaty
  • [Laughter]
  • sweaty dude my stuff oh sorry guys a
  • little sweaty dude don't comment that
  • Nico's a sweaty comment that he's a
  • lovely sweaty where are you boy hey boy
  • what you doing down there - little man
  • huh
  • I don't know I'm so scared I'm leaving
  • eco I'm leaving eco he's too sweaty for
  • me oh oh oh oh that was such a good hit
  • here we go calm down
  • This Is It this is it let's drink this
  • let's wreck this you are so low that
  • shotgun did so much damage there goodbye
  • [Applause]
  • [Laughter]
  • what did you win I wanna do with seven
  • kills Nico came in third so uh yeah I
  • think I win these if you guys have
  • enjoyed this video be sure to show us
  • some love hit the like button down below
  • also hit the subscribe button for you to
  • any of our tales take that little baby
  • go took you wait too long Nico I'm sorry
  • see you news next time
  • [Music]

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Today in we play the Random Emote Challenge with the NEW Silenced Sniper!
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