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  • ha sis it is so time for me to step
  • outside of my comfort zone I had so many
  • goals and dreams and then life became
  • more of a priority since I am so sorry
  • for putting love over money love over
  • goals it's time to refocus what if I
  • wrote a list of everything I wanted out
  • of life and based my everyday schedule
  • on just those goals what if I used my
  • next year so till June 12 2018 to focus
  • on me my goals my passions my mind my
  • body and my bank account I would be a
  • beast it's time to bank on me
  • good morning guys how is it going I
  • really just wanted to sit and talk with
  • you guys really quick before I head to
  • the gym I know I have been a my yang I
  • know I've been mi yeh
  • I've literally just been feeling it and
  • getting my emotions together but your
  • girl is back with the blogs look I'm
  • like fiddling around because I'm so
  • nervous to be in front of the camera
  • again but guys I am just committed to
  • using my full potential committing to
  • maximizing my full potential to make
  • sure I ends up being exactly who God
  • created me to be and so I had to write
  • down a list of goals and accomplishments
  • and desires for my life and I have to
  • make sure that each and every day
  • everything I do everything on my
  • schedule is specifically toward making
  • those goals reality towards
  • accomplishing those goals and just
  • staying focused i'ma have to apologize
  • to myself for choosing love and had to
  • apologize to myself for putting someone
  • else first had to apologize for kind of
  • slacking and not prioritizing my time in
  • the best manner but I'm back and so it's
  • 7:30 I told myself I was going to wake
  • up every single day at 7:00 so I can go
  • ahead and head to the gym before work
  • and today is day 5 I have been super
  • consistent and my best friend Anthony
  • has been my gym partner and just making
  • sure I'm healthy inside and out making
  • sure I'm happy inside and out and making
  • sure those feelings are genuine and I'm
  • not just pretending and so it's not easy
  • every day it's like you got to try this
  • thing called life again we gotta try
  • this thing called life again but every
  • day gets easier and easier I can say
  • that and so I'm just super excited to
  • bring you guys on this journey with me
  • so far I've committed one year to just
  • focusing on myself developing myself
  • working on myself from the inside out
  • and so we'll see how that goes and where
  • I'll be in the next year so I am super
  • excited let's get the day started
  • and if you guys want to come
  • meet with me let me know comment below
  • or tweet me let me know if you
  • definitely want to join the bandwagon
  • and you guys want to commit to
  • maximizing your full potential for the
  • next 365 days definitely comment below
  • and say I'm all-in ok guys so before I
  • leave I have to show you guys the
  • vitamins I have been checking because I
  • know a lot of you have been asking me so
  • the first one is this mirai pure skin
  • clarifying supplement and so it's just
  • those daily vitamins supposed to take
  • two of the morning into a night but I
  • only take two in the morning because too
  • much of anything is just not good for
  • you and so the pills are super big but
  • I'm no longer on birth control which was
  • helping clear my skin so now I'm just
  • trying to drink a lot of water eat a lot
  • of vegetables eat a lot of fruit and
  • take these um vitamins in order to help
  • my skin so right now my skin is just
  • like couraging but I'm fine I'm still
  • confident I know it's going to heal soon
  • and the pills are like super big if you
  • guys want to see like they are so fat so
  • it's really hard to swallow it so I have
  • to drink like this huge glass of water
  • in order to get both of them down
  • [Music]
  • for the next one is ultimate floor by
  • probiotic woman's care um it's basically
  • to help with your digestive system
  • immune system and to promote vaginal and
  • urinary health so as a female I just
  • always recommend taking a vitamins that
  • will help your immune system your
  • digestive system most importantly the
  • good bacteria down there in your lady
  • parts so I just take one and this will
  • actually isn't oh there's the way the
  • bowel looks and this pill actually isn't
  • that bad so I am on a pediment I know a
  • lot of you guys follow Aaliyah J already
  • seen this bottle and basically it's to
  • help you gain weight usually people like
  • anorexia or bulimia things they take
  • this on basically boost your appetite so
  • you'll get super super hungry and you'll
  • just want to eat a lot um but I just
  • take a once you're forced to take it
  • three times a day I just take it one
  • time a day because it leaves you so
  • tired and so drowsy and today is day two
  • so I'm trying my best to gain as much
  • weight as possible um taking as much
  • calories as possible and then workout
  • daily in order for the weight to go to
  • specific areas in my body that make
  • sense it tastes so bad to be whew ok now
  • we're off
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • hey guys ready for this workout yes I am
  • like if you love Evan E's braids haha
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • guys I'm so embarrassed so why did I see
  • another infinity in the parking lot and
  • so I go up to the car and I'm clicking
  • the car clicking the car clicking the
  • car and I'm wondering why the door isn't
  • opening and then I look inside and I'm
  • like wait this doesn't really look like
  • what I had in the car and then I look in
  • the back of the car to see if my purse
  • was there in the lesson so now I'm
  • freaking out I'm like oh my gosh and
  • then I noticed that it wasn't even my
  • car so I kept looking like oh sorry Lord
  • but I had an amazing workout thank God
  • so now I am about to go grab some
  • Chipotle with evany and then I am headed
  • to work I feel so good and believe it or
  • not I'm actually not tired or drowsy cuz
  • you know me taking the syrup it makes
  • you really really sleepy but I'm
  • actually not so oh girl come on
  • everybody probably sitting there looking
  • at all her pictures and crap
  • so yeah I had an amazing workout I know
  • I'm going to be so sore later today was
  • the leg day so once I grab something to
  • eat I'll be on my way to work so I'm
  • sitting there working out and then I get
  • a call from this Tennessee number so I'm
  • like who the heck is calling me from
  • Tennessee well how about it is Joel
  • tanker literally Joel tanker calling my
  • cell phone directly and I'm like hi miss
  • tanker how are you she's like hey
  • Brittany um I received your lead on my
  • website I know you want to learn about
  • um
  • trading foreign currencies and
  • everything involving um trading
  • currencies and I'm just like yes ma'am
  • and she's like well I really want to
  • talk to you she asked me a few questions
  • like my age and my credit score how much
  • I have saved and she's like I would love
  • to teach you how to do it and how to
  • build wealth and I'm just like oh my god
  • Joel tanker literally is calling me
  • directly on my cell phone like I was so
  • excited so I've been doing a lot of
  • research on how to basically how to
  • create passive income and how to have
  • different streams of income without
  • doing too much work making your money
  • work for you pretty much and so I came
  • across a viewer youtube videos and then
  • I went ahead and applied to her website
  • just to get some more information about
  • it last night you she literally called
  • me the very next day personally and I'm
  • so excited so I will be learning how to
  • trade foreign currencies and I am so
  • excited like guys I'm just so focused on
  • the money I'm so focused on having salad
  • multiple streams of incoming
  • you know I'm just being able to build
  • being able to allow my money to work for
  • me so that is the goal like my ultimate
  • goal is to be a millionaire by 25 I'm 21
  • now and this is the thing not to create
  • a million dollars because anyone can
  • make a million dollars that's easy but
  • to be able to keep a million dollars and
  • keep growing a million dollars and
  • different things like that that is the
  • goal because believe it or not the
  • average person is going to make a
  • million dollars in the lifetime but the
  • average person can never keep growing a
  • million dollars they can never keep a
  • million they can earn a million but
  • keeping it is a completely different
  • ballgame and so that's just what I'm
  • learning as we speak and that's one
  • thing that my dad taught me that is so
  • important so I'm excited I'll keep you
  • guys updated on what happens but I'm
  • just so excited to be speaking with her
  • another thing is that I just spoke with
  • my app developer for sisters in Christ
  • so we have a bunch of new things coming
  • to the app right now I'm trying to get
  • an actual group chat like a live group
  • chat up and running on the actual site
  • actually have to call him right now so
  • I'll talk to you guys in a second let me
  • go ahead and speak with my app developer
  • so we can get that squared away
  • [Music]
  • this a pediment is no joke I'm saying
  • here with me battles sunflower seeds
  • that smoothie like I am just hungry
  • I'm not tired thank God but I'm just
  • hungry so I'm about to get this
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • Oh
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • my available
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]

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