Video John Beilein couldn’t pass up job with Cavs

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John Beilein couldn’t pass up job with Cavs
John Beilein couldn’t pass up job with Cavs thumb John Beilein couldn’t pass up job with Cavs thumb John Beilein couldn’t pass up job with Cavs thumb


  • [Music]
  • it didn't take me that long but it there
  • was some a lot of consideration in that
  • I'm just where we are today is but the
  • best thing to talk about right now this
  • is really great to be a part of this you
  • know
  • fifth victim to graft we get a 26 pick
  • of the draft we're in great shape it was
  • good returning players we're in great
  • shape what was it about this job in
  • particular the kind of piqued your
  • interest oh I think that just once I met
  • that you know I watched some film on
  • that a lot of films saw the great young
  • talent and then meeting the support
  • staff meeting Dan Gilbert those who are
  • all like made this a tough decision much
  • easier will be another woman now the
  • retirement you know there's never a good
  • time to leave you know and you can make
  • a couple choices you can leave too early
  • maybe or you leave too late
  • you never know when to leave and and it
  • was a I think this was this was an
  • opportunity that has so much potential
  • it was too difficult
  • is too difficult to pass up it was the
  • right thing to do intrigues you about
  • this roster
  • oh I think first of all it was a great
  • help from our front office begin to
  • shape it now we have good young players
  • Kevin Love today and I got to get some
  • guys with a lot of experience especially
  • with winning
  • I talk with all the players today and
  • this is just I feel good karma right now
  • that last year although is difficult for
  • all we all learned a lot and everybody's
  • going to grow from it attack next year
  • with a lot of just a lot of enthusiasm a
  • lot of spirits a lot of optimism

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STORY: http://s.mlive.com/YKJXaiW John Beilein speaks with the media following the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago.

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