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Video Don't Buy This INSANE Gadget...
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  • [Music]
  • all right so first stop don't blame me
  • for this you need to blame Willy do aka
  • hilly whoo this thing here I mean you
  • can tell from the presentation very
  • sketchy but I inspected what was in this
  • bag and I was like man that is so crazy
  • that might just be crazy enough for me
  • so let me show you what I'm talking
  • about oh my goodness
  • a little muzzle there it's called blocks
  • Vox this strap and these earbuds now
  • this thing is crazy it's bananas it's
  • wild what you do with this thing is you
  • strap it on your face and you supposedly
  • you have a private conversation in
  • public so that the people around you
  • can't hear what you're saying while
  • you're talking into your headset so this
  • is what you're gonna look like something
  • like this
  • you can play nearly right now I assumed
  • you could still hear me wait muffled a
  • little bit I don't really of course the
  • tighter that you put it on man you
  • really gotta breathe through your nose
  • yeah I'm gonna choked out the tighter
  • you put it on the quieter you're gonna
  • sound okay the quads the tighter you put
  • this on the quieter that you will sound
  • now I get it this goes over your mouth
  • this thing straps on to hold it there
  • but then how are you talking there's no
  • microphone in here right there's a
  • little mesh area over on the side right
  • there it's the size of your microphone
  • piece on a generic straightforward
  • headset like this one there's a little
  • slit on the outside and this inserts
  • into there like that so now you have
  • access to the mic and then this goes up
  • into your ear I'm gonna talk to will I'm
  • gonna try to talk to will I'm gonna try
  • to call will through this and we're
  • gonna listen to what it sounds like he
  • didn't tell us if it makes any sense or
  • if this is the most ridiculous big to
  • ever come through unbox therapy HQ
  • you're gonna look a little bit insane
  • obviously wearing this in public Jack
  • you can't pull it off but guy like you
  • oh man oh my goodness
  • is already it's feeling really bad right
  • now tighten this up a bit here can
  • anyone hear me right now you guys can
  • hear me right now oh man this is
  • uncomfortable it's just weird can you
  • still hear me right now
  • keep down what if I'm this volume right
  • here very mentally can say okay well get
  • over here we need you brother who's not
  • comfortable oh my this is wrong are you
  • sound good you sound pretty clear yeah I
  • mean it's not bad I can probably hear
  • you there's no muffling there yeah it's
  • it's a bit weird though because I can
  • hear you clearly hear of what you're you
  • know here it's like a low-end situation
  • what's that
  • [Music]
  • I mean it does work no no this is this
  • is what you did see I think the truth
  • about this is that wills trying to
  • muzzle me and hearing my crotchety old
  • tones yeah sometimes well that's rude
  • first of all tell the people the truth
  • it's a little ridiculous looking tried
  • on here you go her oh yeah no try it on
  • I don't care you take it off take it all
  • in oh that's your whole story right
  • there it's really slick this is not
  • possible
  • this is not a thing do you want to see a
  • future in which people are walking
  • around is on there no no it kind of
  • works if you want to mumble yeah it is
  • what it is I guess I mean you're shaking
  • ahead should people go and buy this
  • thing yes or no will oh man yup of the
  • others but no I would say no exactly you
  • roll up into the Starbucks with this
  • they're seriously gonna wonder what
  • you're about even if this thing worked
  • perfectly just the appearance of it
  • alone it's so catastrophic yeah so
  • offensive yeah that it cannot possibly
  • exist you wouldn't you would need to
  • have a private conversation so badly in
  • a public place to justify ever reaching
  • for this thing this is a disaster I mean
  • we're cyborgs the whole strap is uh very
  • this is gonna be forever associated with
  • Willie do you happy but is your identity
  • brown Willie do well yes he believes
  • this is the future he put this thing in
  • front of me he ruined my day and also
  • ruined yours all right so there it is
  • [Music]

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