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  • we're in our garage right now we have
  • something to show you Andrew so you guys
  • remember this car you've done some
  • videos with him he's awesome he's that
  • the subwoofer the kitchen some lights
  • but like buttons we just got this the
  • Barbie mobile we got this thing custom
  • wrap it's a colour changing paint
  • coating with fresher than fresh we've
  • got the Mercedes here custom camo seats
  • on this guy so we can't just keep these
  • cars in the garage and need to get out
  • let's get some daylight it's almost
  • winter who's gonna help us no we got
  • three cars there's only two of us we
  • need some friends bro I know
  • oh yeah thank you
  • what do you guys think of our cars
  • impressed very nice but I know what all
  • this waste of writing this one dude what
  • do we need to do then no I need you get
  • these freshened up no I don't wanna be
  • seen in public driving this Steve yeah
  • all right let's take to the wash
  • guys we've got all the vehicles on but
  • the hood almost blew off there look at
  • this guy buddy who win buddy buddy
  • trying to fix cliff alone you'll put the
  • underwear away but he's fixing the car
  • in the middle of a road traffic this is
  • just beautiful but luckily all the toy
  • cars didn't fly off while we were
  • driving we're making a quick pit stop at
  • the Apple store because in order for
  • this guy to play it's custom sound
  • system we have to get like an adapter
  • for the new iPhones since they don't use
  • these anymore ah guys just what we make
  • very much okay 9 bucks now we can play
  • tunes yes tunes are a must okay we are
  • installing
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • buddy thank you vacuum vacuum all the
  • dust - windshield
  • very dusty he's like $100 yeah okay we
  • were here at our first stop where we're
  • thinking some Burger King guys which car
  • which car do you want okay I think he's
  • taking the rap that's where I would take
  • you're taking this one does it look like
  • we're at like a car show you know how
  • people show up without the cars on their
  • truck band it's like boom like look at
  • everyone watching dude I'm getting in
  • got it there I'm in alright it's time
  • for the first drive-thru in the
  • brand-new whip
  • I am in a vehicle
  • I'll just get a 10-piece chicken nuggets
  • all right hello the director thing
  • wasn't going off and that's why I
  • thought oh yeah awesome thanks have a
  • great day
  • [Music]
  • got some Nuggets for the boys yes oh
  • hello yes it's time for the trifecta
  • yeah
  • just there was just me who went through
  • the drive-through but now three cars and
  • one drive-through you ever seen it done
  • well toy cars
  • [Music]
  • I'm getting in this is the only one I
  • figured or man sorry girl it early
  • barely fits in this start
  • full speed ahead go it's not going push
  • no maybe big boy can give you a push we
  • got a four dude my battery's dead we've
  • been charging at this whole time just
  • we're curious guys leave your comments
  • which of these is your favorite vehicle
  • they all got something unique about it
  • so the fan favorite this one's got the
  • custom seats sound system fidget
  • spinners custom color just so quick
  • though this mine has like very little
  • battery we're gonna see if it push me oh
  • yeah that's not works you know that
  • works that works wrong 300 I'll watch
  • out for the real car boys okay we're in
  • line hey I gotta get in my car
  • alright here we go chick-fil-a
  • drive-thru guys guy in front of me is
  • acting like a maniac dude yeah both of
  • you get off your phone I'm just holding
  • it okay
  • I should put one card three actually
  • buds got it in the back he's gonna pay
  • I'll take a spicy chicken no pickles Oh
  • Justin with the pies
  • freak show if it's perfect
  • just gonna receipt and look what they
  • put for guests minicars that's a size
  • fellas the fries are a little cold I'm
  • gonna put them in the microwave for a
  • little bit
  • is Wendy's Wendy's it's okay why because
  • they're technically not a vehicle we're
  • just on a quick road trip just need a
  • couple Frosty's I'm wondering you guys
  • can come inside I can't do it you guys
  • the speaking to a manager right now we
  • spent a lot of money on these cars
  • probably more than real cars
  • I still cannot have two hazard
  • when these just said we can't go through
  • on these because they're not real cars
  • so we have a solution the solution
  • Justin's gonna drive the actual car all
  • three of us go in these cars and then
  • we're gonna order from the trailer we're
  • on a car on a trailer being towed by a
  • car just hunt the Frosty's right then
  • Frosty's yeah can we just get a couple
  • Frosty's ari are you inside a bargain
  • you can't be in the back of this booth
  • this is like just art moves I'm sorry I
  • don't want to argue with y'all you can
  • come get your bra skis thank you thank
  • you
  • get your snacks yeah so after 40 minutes
  • we got Frosty's worth it though the
  • whole time we've owned these cars we
  • have never done a single race so we are
  • gonna race the Ford with the camper van
  • have you guys seen The Fast and the
  • Furious this is basically an exact copy
  • he's about to get wrecked though fresh
  • the paint job what else do this more two
  • that are safe if I'm being honest dude
  • I'm not confident in this car doll I
  • mean look at that and then look at this
  • he's got every advantage I'm probably
  • gonna take it out but I'm gonna try to
  • go
  • Oh
  • [Music]
  • good
  • dude how's that thing so fast
  • I don't do you think you can write this
  • one over here sir
  • oh you can if the manager would let us
  • shop and sure we'll wait okay we just
  • want to check because do you know
  • there's people who ride the lake yeah
  • okay well where are you heading today
  • that might be too out of a ring No
  • how would you rate your uber experience
  • Oh
  • six stars wow it's good job best can
  • cruise around in these things on private
  • property but when it comes to the point
  • of doing that kind of thing at Wendy's
  • and they don't like it you know you guys
  • got to get out of there if they tell you
  • to get out or whatever else I don't
  • think they told you to leave or anything
  • like that I think they just told you
  • that kind of obey their little rules
  • with ordering and whatnot yeah so it's
  • not really a big deal you got a buddy
  • who has open property that's the best
  • place to do it maybe someday we'll make
  • yeah we'll modify them the blue one
  • electric they're all electric right now
  • Eagle is pretty quick if you're playing
  • music for there just be careful all
  • right sure thank you you well we hope
  • you guys enjoyed this video leave a like
  • for cars and check out the fellas
  • Ireland boys link in the description
  • summer on the screen kts was a dude all
  • I gotta say put God first aim a man
  • let's close it off with that goodbye
  • please

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