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Video I High Fived Kylo Ren! He Freaks Out!! | Trolling Kylo Ren and Storm Troopers | Star Wars
07:42   |   today at 15:55


  • I got a high-five though okay I'm so
  • sorry sorry okay here we go
  • hey okay so right now we are in
  • Hollywood Studios B Hollywood studios
  • we're gonna try to meet kylo Ren we're
  • going to try to get kylo to be our
  • friends last couple times I've met him
  • he's been a jerk but today I have hope I
  • have hope that kylo is gonna be
  • different today and that he'll be my
  • friend I'm gonna try to give them a high
  • five
  • oh also we're trying to get Kai loaded
  • jab Nathan what you have to say I've
  • never met kylo but I'm really hoping
  • that maybe he'll like treat me
  • differently maybe he'll be nice yeah
  • yeah so anyway that's gonna be kylo and
  • I'm excited here we go Nathan are you
  • excited I'm very excited
  • almost of the effort that's how excited
  • he is guys friends friends right friends
  • that's that's what that means I mean
  • yeah I'm not apparently I'm not allowed
  • to say the F word my mom will send me to
  • jail I don't want to go to jail she sent
  • us a legal first what we did today is we
  • went over to the Jin worked out here's
  • what that looks like right now we're
  • walking over to me kylo Ren but Nathan
  • right there are some lightsabers I mean
  • like we can't just pass my lightsaber
  • does not have a lightsaber battle right
  • sure I'm very true it is very true
  • alright here we go
  • you want to do it in front of the
  • Chinese here Justin's the best use the
  • camera woman Jessica me thumbs up that
  • was good I get a high-five
  • comic control Oh
  • later later then okay can I see you Deb
  • that's your dad skills
  • [Music]
  • okay so right now we're here in front of
  • launch they were right about to go meet
  • kylo Ren and I'm excited are you getting
  • nervous yet I'm a little nervous I'm
  • like actually a family I just run away
  • you don't run away but just be warned he
  • is kind of mean he's like a big jerk and
  • stuff we're gonna try to soften his
  • heart we're gonna try to see if we can
  • get him to be French maybe all he needs
  • is a friend somewhere to reach down be
  • like hey bro like let's be friends and
  • such you know what I mean but first
  • right before we go meet him I want to
  • show you guys what else we did today
  • often the gym we hit up the hot tub
  • here's what that looks like why did he
  • putting to us
  • we're just told here in a hot tub look
  • I'm sorry man I just wanted to show
  • everybody like the hot tub that we show
  • that it was awesome
  • you don't want to see has to show here
  • in the hospital when you go meet kylo
  • Ren just let me paddle rindy yeah you're
  • right man I'm sorry everybody wants to
  • see us meet Kyle oh so that's we're
  • going to do oh there's some sort reverse
  • cowgirl high-five
  • can I use all our on control so they
  • said right now they're on pitocin I
  • can't do it but later when they're not
  • on patrol we're going to see if we can
  • see their sweet that you will give me a
  • hug
  • you will give us our way
  • [Music]
  • no value with me go strong super thug
  • life he got me though we're here for
  • protection all right hey Kyle Oh what's
  • up man how you doing
  • I have a question I see your sweet dab
  • skills
  • oh sorry I got a high-five though okay
  • I'm so sorry about that okay here we go
  • we'll do that
  • actually can we might go up like that
  • like just doing like that all right
  • please no no hugs okay
  • [Music]
  • what a dude I never saw I just like I
  • just really want to be part of the dark
  • side that's all I want one mykhailo one
  • day on this year sweet nap Killswitch
  • neck high/low where's the good lighting
  • here we go it's not really good letting
  • Christ which is neck high/low and uh
  • yeah dude I was pretty sweet
  • I like high-fived um I had to trick him
  • native and I five now we're gonna go
  • meet Chewbacca cuz I've never met
  • Chewbacca Korra I'm so excited Nathan or
  • excited to meet Chewbacca I'm freaking
  • excited dude he's so freaking excited he
  • always almost said the f-word because
  • that's how excited he just constantly is
  • one day's gonna come out dude you're
  • gonna say the effort don't have to
  • believe you know what I'm gonna say to
  • Chewbacca I'm gonna say I choose you
  • this is my shirt says I choose you get
  • it like chewy chews to baka huh nothing
  • all right I got a hug yes oh so you're
  • the Ben chewy I just wanna let you know
  • if you are Pokemon I would choose you
  • okay I said I thought it I thought it
  • was funny Joey hi-5 makes so much ooh
  • just do they call the SAP
  • we're gonna have to resort to the force
  • powers your will of due to Deb
  • all right I'm going to working my fourth
  • powers next time we're going to the tap
  • thank you so much is nice to meet you
  • alright so that's a lot didn't jobs but
  • there's no one another one over here
  • when it gives Istanbul sab here we go
  • do you do any dances any job why dances
  • not to dance
  • doctor dance thanks for teach me your
  • dance skills I appreciate this is one of
  • my dancers it's AB no the job was scared
  • of the deaf oh hey here's this Jawa okay
  • I have you come back to dab hey you have
  • beautiful yellow eyes
  • gosh darn you must like it so many Java
  • ladies but I like your lot oh all of a
  • sudden like we're like Nathan I were
  • just in here chillin meeting the jobless
  • and if somebody comes up to me they're
  • like hey I watched a video Nepal is
  • awesome - Cole give me some wise words
  • of advice always go to Disneyworld
  • oh that's like perfect advice right
  • there I love it right give me one more
  • wise words of advice make the Dawa me
  • the Jawas awesome place
  • alright Nicole I'm gonna need a high
  • five in the thumbs up okay okay here we
  • go
  • Oh especially right now we're leaving
  • launch day and the stormtroopers are
  • right there
  • so Nathan I dare you to just go up in
  • front of the stormtroopers and just are
  • dancing high maintaining safety just
  • wanted to dance Patrol okay sorry Nathan
  • you did a good job okay I almost got
  • executed your desk Oh calm down they
  • keep saying like not while we're on
  • patrol but what time you get off patrol
  • I can pick you up at like 8:00 I can
  • pick you up at 8:00 we're gonna have to
  • figure out when they go off a patrol so
  • I can see the stormtroopers dabbe skills
  • maybe like eight or nine it's like a
  • good time when people get off this is
  • likely can do I don't know I'm saying
  • all right Nathan we were about to leave
  • Hollywood Studios but no vlog would be
  • complete without a sweet dancing shot
  • here we go
  • [Music]
  • all right so that wraps it up here at
  • Hollywood studios was so much fun we got
  • to meet kylo Ren he's a jerk like always
  • so then we met Julie and he was awesome
  • Chewie gave the best hugs are so cool
  • now we're going to head out here we go
  • so right now we are leaving Hollywood
  • few years what an amazing day was so
  • much fun it's always not a fun meeting
  • kylo Ren even though he's a jerk it's
  • always fun meeting him in Nicole nice to
  • meet you thanks so much for watching the
  • video
  • Nathan and I were about to head out he's
  • hit me with the dad hey hey can you hit
  • me with the dad he's dad for me oh come
  • on you're second that was too good I
  • need them hit with a high five as well
  • Charl there was like a triple jab right
  • there she has like the dab skills right
  • there I'm trying to get that talented at
  • dabbing I want those dad skills actually
  • I think I'm pretty tempted of that
  • that's gonna live guys hey can I ask you
  • a question real quick do you think that
  • I have dabbe skills you guess she
  • guesses okay thank you that was pretty
  • cool
  • now we're heading out what an amazing
  • day was so much fun Anubis thumbs up
  • Nathan a hold also one more thing guys
  • subscribe for more videos we are making
  • new videos every single week we're
  • making like three videos every single
  • week so subscribe for more Disney
  • Adventures Orlando ventures all the
  • kinds of different adventures so if you
  • want to see more stuff just comment down
  • below what would you like us to say next
  • time we meet kylo Ren what you guys want
  • us to do to kylo Ren next what do you
  • guys want to see us do we can do
  • anything Magic Kingdom any of the parks
  • Universal Studios what would you guys
  • like to see let us know scribe and we'll
  • see you next video
  • [Music]

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Meeting Kylo Ren is always fun! I feel like I am making progress in our friendship. Fun day! What should we say to Kylo Ren next time?
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I High Fived Kylo Ren! He Freaks Out!!! | Trolling Kylo Ren and Storm Troopers | Star Wars Hollywood Studios | Disney World 2017Storm Troopers made me cry! Kylo Ren is a Jerk! | Disney World Vlog | Star Wars | Hollywood Studios - Download Hi-Res Songs

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