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Video LIFE SENTENCE Official Trailer (2017) Lucy Hale Drama Series (HD)
03:50   |   today at 06:30


  • let me guess you two need a wedding cake
  • actually we need a funeral cake I'm
  • dying
  • [Music]
  • okay I played the cancer card but you
  • have to play the hand yourself after all
  • I am dying you're not dying what did you
  • just say Stella you're cured
  • so what are you gonna do with the first
  • day or the rest of your life I'll get a
  • job I'm planning on doing that the same
  • way that every millennial with a funky
  • haircut and no college education does I
  • will be a barista its Timothy with an I
  • got it actually the eyes at the end
  • seriously we didn't have a future but
  • now we do and I want us to be honest
  • with each other about who we are I don't
  • want anything to change
  • well actually isn't my favorite movie I
  • respect me I can't keep going outside
  • every time I have to fall I mean
  • winter's coming and I'm not going to be
  • able to spend that kind of time outdoors
  • what the hell oh oh my gosh what is
  • going on this doesn't mean what you
  • think it means
  • don't tell me we should talk about this
  • or would you maybe later yeah this is
  • between you and your mom I will stay out
  • of her it I was there a bit
  • they have always put our family first
  • but now it's my turn to think about my
  • name mom just left do you want a waffle
  • dr. Chang told us creating a positive
  • emotional environment would give you a
  • better shot at beating cancer I get up a
  • scholarship to Columbia to stay here and
  • help take care of you
  • cancer is expensive we may have to sell
  • the house
  • Aidan sell soup ad do medication to
  • soccer mom and uses your cancer to guilt
  • them into sleeping with them you all
  • have secrets you've been hiding from me
  • for the last eight years I also have
  • access to three flavors of tasty strudel
  • plus six months I did whatever it took
  • to make a happy how do I say into her
  • life now that she's not dying tell me
  • one good reason wash them fine I have
  • cancer
  • is that true not the cancer part the
  • cancer part was the only part to have
  • all the answers but now I don't know
  • anything at all
  • to be certain debt think you can figure
  • out how to handle under certain life
  • so there it was the end of my cancer
  • movie but the beginning of my life
  • sentence which has fooled Thomas for the
  • first time I found out I wasn't dying I
  • was truly happy to be alive
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]

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LIFE SENTENCE Official Trailer (2017) Lucy Hale Drama Series (HD)

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When Stella finds out her terminal cancer is cured, she's going to have to learn to live with all the choices she's made when she decided to "live like she was dying."

Life Sentence is coming soon to The CW!

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