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Video BaLLeR Witch 2★★ attack -HoLpS - Forums vs Reddit, Clash of Clans
02:34   |   222 views   |   06/21/2018 at 21:52


  • one of my favorite compositions you see
  • it quite a few variations of the bowler
  • wooden strategy but the you know eight
  • or nine witches and then seventeen
  • bowlers with only one goal and for
  • coverage I find in the adequate in most
  • cases he starts off with the Giants up
  • top which is to start creating that
  • funnel and their job on the corners is
  • to head down the side of the base the
  • giant trying to take out this mortar
  • taking on a lot of incoming fire so far
  • so on the other side looks like it's
  • working pretty well yeah triple jump so
  • you've got three jump spells there's the
  • second one
  • and notice that second jump spell is
  • going to touch one two three four five
  • six different compartments with one jump
  • spell and that's what we're talking
  • about precision if you know the radius
  • of your jump spells there's the last one
  • in first and let them get to the far
  • inferno and that's key for getting out
  • and trying to finish the three-star yeah
  • it's looking really good so far
  • directing his troops like a boss but
  • question is honestly that three wizard
  • tower compartment up on the basis Splash
  • Damage is awfully scary but look at this
  • the queen is actually heading that
  • direction doing him a massive favor by
  • taking out not one of those those splash
  • towers but it looks like he might be
  • able to get another one as well assuming
  • she keeps patty in that direction but
  • the pups actually redirect her she's
  • just confused I'm back in it yeah well
  • she's gonna head and take out that Expo
  • and now it looks like if the jump you'll
  • stay up there you go one two jump spells
  • she's using the third wall so that's
  • beautiful how those jumps up fells
  • expired she's in a lot of trouble this
  • is she jumped her way over to the other
  • side it's gonna be tough you got a
  • mortar the cannon to wizard towers the
  • Tesla there's a lot left of it there at
  • the top he be look at the look at the
  • the push coming from the bottom weapon
  • fortunately I don't think it's gonna get
  • there in time he needed to get those up
  • the side of the base and it looks like
  • the forums are gonna fall a little bit
  • short in this one too much Splash Damage
  • up there with the mortar and to wizard
  • towers to accompany the three point
  • defense is still left up in this base
  • very nice try from Hulk's Falls a little
  • bit short though in this one
  • you happen to notice the warden hitting
  • that wall after the Queen died the
  • warden gave about three or more four
  • more shots to that wall I've given up on
  • hero AI I don't know oh my goodness and
  • then he did move on he'd start jumping
  • around but but he wanted to smack that
  • wall for the Queen they're almost 90%
  • it's gonna be so close yet so far
  • because it's almost all the fences left
  • as a valiant effort though the packing
  • was going great so far but honestly that
  • Queen just taking so much time walking
  • back and forth back and forth taking
  • multiple jump spells trying to figure
  • out what she was doing

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BaLLeR Witch 2 stars attack BaLLeR Witch 2★★ attack HoLpS Forums vs Reddit Clash of Clans BaLLeR Witch HoLpS Forums vs Reddit

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