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Video ID107 Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Wristband - Gearbest
11:08   |   today at 13:13


  • hey folks welcome to a review here today
  • of the ID 107 bluetooth fitness
  • wristband for Canadian guns and gear I
  • purchased this wristband from
  • and I will provide a link
  • in the description of where you can get
  • one so let's begin so right here we have
  • the ID 107 wristband so I've just got
  • some talking points here and I'm going
  • to kind of go over them and explain a
  • little bit about the wristband so the
  • first thing here is what's its intended
  • use well the purpose of this wristband
  • here it fills a couple different roles
  • but predominantly the main role is it's
  • a pedometer or step counter and what
  • that's going to do is you're going to
  • wear it throughout the throughout the
  • day and it's going to keep track of how
  • many steps you've made in the
  • application that I will show you shortly
  • it sets goals and keeps track of that on
  • a daily basis along with that the other
  • purposes is going to have it's going to
  • provide our act as a watch it's also got
  • a few other features that we'll go over
  • here once we get to the features but the
  • main purpose is either the fitness
  • tracker and being a watch so comfort
  • I've been wearing this for the last
  • couple days as I've tried it out and
  • I've found it actually be quite
  • comfortable on my arm around my wrist as
  • you can see here it does also have a
  • heart rate sensor on the back and you
  • don't even feel that when you rang it
  • it's a quite comfortable design and
  • quite comfortable to wear everyday even
  • now just sleep while you're sleeping so
  • it is quite comfortable we'll go a bit
  • into the construction and design of it
  • it is a all plastic the wristband itself
  • is a kind of a rubbery material but the
  • the watch or the device itself is
  • actually plastic so it's certainly not
  • the quality of say a Fitbit or something
  • else that's going to be using higher
  • quality materials it is made of plastic
  • but at the end of the day it does
  • provide it at a cheap
  • price point the big thing I did notice
  • with the plastic I'm not sure if you can
  • see it on here but I do do I do have a
  • few scratches on the surface of my
  • wristband I was wearing it when I was
  • doing some yard work and such and it did
  • get scratched up a little bit it's
  • nothing terrible it's a nothing that's
  • going to stop it from functioning or you
  • know cause any major issues but just be
  • aware that if you are going to be using
  • it for anything where you're gonna have
  • stuff rubbing up against it or
  • potentially coming in contact with it it
  • can scratch because it is plastic it's
  • not glass or another material that may
  • be more scratch resistant it is
  • waterproof they say somewhere on here
  • it's water like water lifeproof
  • essentially so it will prevent any water
  • damage from splashing brain sweat and
  • such I did wear it and run it under
  • water and I had no issues with it as far
  • as I know they wouldn't suggest swimming
  • with it but if you wear it in the shower
  • I'm not sure about that but rain sweat
  • even washing it under water to clean it
  • off I found I've had no issues with that
  • battery life so when I got the watch it
  • wasn't fully charged but after I fully
  • charged in wore it I found that he uses
  • about 25 percent of its battery life
  • every day now I suspect that as time
  • goes on that may actually decrease just
  • because of being a battery over its life
  • it may not be as effective but out of
  • the box it's used about 25% of its
  • battery life per day so that gives you a
  • range of between three to four days
  • before you have to recharge it so you
  • can get good three days out of it and on
  • the fourth day you may want to charge it
  • so the features will go into the
  • features as I spoke about earlier the
  • first one we're going to go over here is
  • the fact that it's a watch as you can
  • see it pops up with the time there now
  • it's actually designed so that it when
  • it's on your wrist and you look up as if
  • you're looking at your watch it'll
  • actually display the time well the other
  • time it's not actually on so it doesn't
  • waste the battery life it pulls your
  • time from your phone so when you sync it
  • up with your phone it's going to pull
  • time off at and as you can see just
  • switch it off there off the time I have
  • it in a 24-hour clock mode as you can
  • see there the next function in one of
  • the main functions is the fact that it's
  • a pedometer or step counter now if we go
  • into the step mode there's a heart rate
  • mode right there's our step mode it's
  • saying that I've had 10,000 steps today
  • I found through the use of it it
  • actually kind of overestimates the
  • amount of steps you take during a day my
  • wife actually has a Fitbit Alta and my
  • steps compared to hers when were doing
  • similar activities through the day
  • mine's usually about doubled so it does
  • a quite overestimate the steps that
  • you've actually taken but I mean you can
  • adjust that in the app by essentially
  • doubling whatever target you would look
  • too sad and just double it and that will
  • kind of compensate for the step the over
  • estimation of the steps by the watch HR
  • monitor so as I mentioned earlier on the
  • back it has a sensor here it's got a
  • light in a little some sort of a camera
  • and when it's on your wrist it will
  • actually sense your heartbeat right now
  • it's given some sort of reading but it's
  • kind of a false reading just because
  • it's not on my wrist I found this is
  • actually quite accurate it takes a few
  • seconds actually to obtain your heart
  • rate but once it does is I found that
  • it's quite accurate compared to when you
  • actually take your pulse for a wristband
  • anyway it's not going to keep track of
  • anything crazy while you're doing
  • exercises because it doesn't can have a
  • hard time when you're doing strenuous
  • movements or your heart rate is changing
  • a lot but just to take your pulse say
  • after you've gone for a run it's quite
  • effective for that sleep monitor is
  • another feature that this watch provides
  • now what it does is it essentially while
  • you're sleeping you wear the watch and
  • it will track your sleeping pattern so
  • whether you're moving whether you're
  • tossing whether you're turning at night
  • so on and so forth and it will provide a
  • report
  • or that on the application I will see
  • shortly and it can show you how many
  • hours of sleep you've got and how many
  • hours you're restless versus deep sleep
  • another great feature of this is that it
  • does push when you have a synced up with
  • your phone any texts and phone call it's
  • one of the big issues I noticed with
  • that it's not deal breaker or anything
  • but it does scroll along from right to
  • left with the text alerts I found though
  • that the screen went out before you
  • could even read the text so it scroll
  • across and who's calling you or who's
  • texting you but then the screen would go
  • blank on its own before it even finished
  • the finish displaying what the text is
  • saying or who's calling so I don't know
  • if that's an issue with the software of
  • the device that may be updated at some
  • point but you just have to keep pressing
  • the button to keep activating it so it
  • will at least vibrate and let you know
  • that you are getting a call or text in
  • case you don't feel it or hear it on
  • your phone and then it also includes a
  • camera remote control in the application
  • will show you shortly and you can put it
  • into a mode where you can essentially
  • tap on the bracelet and will take a
  • picture for you it's kind of like a
  • remote control button for your camera I
  • guess nothing crazy pretty simple so
  • we're going to take a look here at the
  • application I'll just show you the
  • basics of it when I first got the
  • application it wasn't quite working
  • properly I did update it and it seems to
  • be working out right now so this is the
  • application here it's called very fit
  • 2.0 so on the main page here you can see
  • how many steps you've had if you tap on
  • it'll actually show you some different
  • statistics when you swipe to the left
  • you will show you your previous night's
  • sleep as you can see I go 7 hours and 50
  • minutes of sleep tapping on it will
  • actually show you throughout the night
  • what these bars basically show whether
  • you're in a deep sleep light sleep or
  • your fear awake if we go down to the
  • details tab it will give you a
  • essentially a history on a local
  • paragraph here
  • showing you your previous history of how
  • many steps you've taken and then you can
  • switch over to sleep and so on and so
  • forth so forth for your sleep under our
  • device tab here gives you the
  • information about your about your actual
  • monitor itself you have a bunch of
  • different settings here whether you want
  • call alerts alarms SMS alerts so on and
  • so forth
  • here's the camera that I was speaking of
  • earlier as you can see you got a little
  • vibration on the wristband and if you
  • tap on it it will or should there we go
  • press the button on the side and it will
  • take a picture for you so we'll cancel
  • out of that and we got some more
  • features a wrist sense anti lost alert
  • find phone and device updating you can
  • unbind it to now add a different device
  • so under the user essentially you can
  • putting your user information and it
  • will ask you for things such as your age
  • your height in your weight to kind of
  • help it calculate whatever it calculates
  • for your steps so now our last point
  • here is going to be the price I
  • purchased this on gearbest I believe was
  • on sale at the time but usually the
  • price is around between twenty to
  • twenty-five dollars Canadian which is
  • actually quite a good price for a
  • fitness band that does so much now I
  • mean it's not great at everything some
  • things it's a little stronger at and
  • others it's not it's definitely not a
  • Fitbit if you're looking for a Fitbit
  • you're going to be spending quite a bit
  • more money upwards of 150 to 200 dollars
  • it's not that but for the price it gives
  • you quite a bit and if you take into
  • consideration like I said that a Fitbit
  • cost between 150 to 200 dollars it is
  • definitely great bang for your buck so
  • that is the review today for the ID 107
  • Bluetooth fitness band thanks for
  • watching and like I said you can check
  • this band out in the description I'll
  • put a
  • to gearbest thanks for watching

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Today I reviewed the ID107 Smart Wristband purchased from

Sure the name in leet speak means idiot, but you sure won't be an idiot for buying one of these.

This is a great little wrist band for the price. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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