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Video March 1943 US Army Field Ration C Dinner B Unit MRE Review Vintage Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test
19:32   |   views   |   02/28/2019


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • we're gonna be checking out a 1943 data
  • production World War 2 US Army Field
  • rash and CB unit specifically a dinner B
  • unit by June 1942 that the B units not
  • only had coffee but they also included
  • lemon juice powder and cocoa beverage
  • powder just depending on which being
  • that you were getting this can is in
  • great shape he's still on the bottom
  • just a couple small dings it's amazing
  • the gold lacquered can biscuit
  • confection and beverage now the M unit
  • of course meat meat unit you'd get three
  • M units and three beans per day says
  • save key to open M unit that was 43 and
  • onward the sea ration B units they would
  • change and very pretty much like month
  • by month a breakfast be and it would
  • have coffee printed at the top actually
  • was always five letters instead of six
  • so you were always short that e but then
  • a supper be in it had cocoa all right so
  • let's check this out pull off that key
  • with that tab
  • no hits
  • check that out right off the top one in
  • one to five ounce domino cane sugar
  • granulated American Sugar Refining
  • Company New York New York whoa what no
  • wait sorry I'm freaking out
  • it's it has cigarettes in there dude yes
  • this must be a March 1943 date of
  • production I've read about this
  • okay a little that's a little 3-pack
  • Chelsea better cigarette trademark
  • registered u.s. patent official
  • manufactured by the makers of Edgeworth
  • America's finest pipe tobacco made in
  • USA Reed tobacco company branch florists
  • and bro Company Incorporated Richmond
  • Virginia new mildness yeah a little
  • 3-pack so this is this is the original
  • c-ration cigarette okay it was only in
  • the breakfast and dinner B units didn't
  • fit in the suppers because the cocoa
  • beverage powder took up too much space
  • all right so you get three candies hard
  • candies
  • this is unbelievable I can't I'm sorry
  • I'm just so excited they only had them
  • in B units breakfast and dinner B and as
  • they tested it for a month I read that
  • the tobacco poisoned the flavor of
  • everything else like it made everything
  • taste like tobacco I don't know we'll
  • see lemon juice powder synthetic that's
  • hardened up but not like a hundred
  • percent manufactured by Henry Hyde
  • incorporated new york new york USA
  • vitamin c potencies 60 milligrams will
  • seven gram pack of lemon juice powder
  • synthetic he a bunch of sugar a pack of
  • cigarettes no matches three hard candies
  • it looks looks like you get two
  • of one flavor and then one of another
  • lady butterscotch maybe orange this is
  • like glassine you know it's like a
  • parchment paper double layer near your
  • biscuits and they smell fine actually
  • you know what they do kind of smell like
  • tobacco a little bit yeah
  • so then you get five biscuits so there
  • you go that's looking pretty good
  • all right let's get sat on your tray
  • nice okay so let's first start off with
  • that synthetic lemon juice powder got to
  • kind of work it around a little bit so
  • this is 75 years old going on 76
  • Chelsey's will be I've had Chelsea's out
  • of a k-ration oh my gosh even this is
  • looking pretty good
  • and I think it's at the front whoops
  • yeah well it's not all black and you
  • know like oxidized man this is one of
  • the coolest rations I've ever opened it
  • really is okay
  • drop this in a mess cup yeah we're not
  • the smell it smells dull of lemon like a
  • dull must eat lemon but it's not that
  • bad that's the best looking lemon juice
  • powder synthetic that I've seen yet well
  • you that box sweeten it with domina
  • that's a big old box of sugar
  • little box of sugar might as well use it
  • all see if this stirs up very well at
  • all or they're not kinda looks like yeah
  • you'll be getting those these like
  • little lemon bits they'll take a minute
  • I've seen this kind of thing before but
  • you know just heavily oxidized so I'm
  • going to stir this up and take a few
  • minutes potentially is try it as is like
  • a nice mild and very sweet surprisingly
  • strong lemonade considering that they're
  • still so much like at the bottom that's
  • not you know mixed in yet yeah that's
  • awesome
  • it's like tasty lemonade this is a
  • ration that is perfectly preserved as
  • far as I'm concerned the cigarettes they
  • they don't feel crunchy in these
  • biscuits
  • speaking of crunchy let's see if these
  • have a nice crunch here let me grab a
  • candy too actually a grab all right
  • looks like a lemon juice powder yeah
  • that's pretty pretty chunky but it's
  • getting there yeah these the biscuits
  • they do smell like tobacco and you just
  • try a little piece of robot
  • and it perfectly fine okay so late
  • tastes like a whole wheat like a little
  • bit of a roughage course you know green
  • texture I'm just gonna dip it in lemon
  • juice oh well lemonade would sit down to
  • crumbs
  • it's bothering me get out of spoons from
  • 1917 the lemon juice powders you know
  • small extra space that's freed up would
  • be allotted for that three extra sugar
  • cube amount but in this one they're not
  • messing around they give you a box of
  • sugar you're gonna need it and this
  • stuff was really not light a lot of
  • times but it was also the only perform
  • if I even see that those soldiers were
  • getting I think I'm gonna stop stirring
  • at this the spoon this 1917 spoon just
  • smells and tastes like metal mess of
  • batty boy I'm gonna eat my World War 1
  • ration with it but that's about it
  • and he doesn't matter that it's just
  • really old it's like you know I'm not
  • worried about the the spoon smelling
  • like metal with that one but this I want
  • a pleasant experience it's a perfect
  • ration mmm this is so cool well little
  • mop the metal excuse me a little bit of
  • metal oxidation on that one probably not
  • gonna eat that one the helmet looks fine
  • oh yeah I'm just gonna eat this real
  • quick
  • has a hearty wholesome biscuit every
  • time is the airy kind of like wafer get
  • those sweet white for the lemonade I'll
  • admit it has a slight tinge of something
  • I mean it tastes awesome but then
  • there's just this weird other flavor to
  • it anyway
  • so it's candy we have a cellophane
  • really not wanting to come off at 100%
  • how it looks like Yammer check this out
  • it smells light of butterscotch hmm it's
  • a fruit flavor it's not butterscotch it
  • smells like butterscotch but it's like a
  • fruity flavor is hard candy this really
  • reminds me of a cylinder shaped charm
  • like an orange pineapple hmm you have
  • these biscuits
  • yeah he's happily go really satisfying
  • and unique Airy crunch and natural whole
  • grain flavor and texture they're
  • relatively theorist provoking they have
  • a slight metallic flavor something
  • that's probably stale or I'm not sure
  • but I actually I couldn't get to sleep
  • and this is what happened
  • so then this candy this definitely looks
  • different from the other one hmm okay
  • now that's the butterscotch I knew I
  • smelled butterscotch
  • whoa hey I got an extra I'm gonna eat
  • that thing I should save it for display
  • too you know with this biscuit but it'll
  • probably liquify if I dip the candy in
  • epoxy or something and then rewrap it
  • that's a natural sweet butterscotch
  • flavor I'm just gonna stand here and
  • enjoy this thing alright let's check out
  • this smokes
  • I don't want to mess up the packaging
  • too much if possible yeah it's a little
  • 3-pack that's for sure the only other
  • time ever seen a 3-pack was in that
  • emergency parachute ration
  • smells like raisins sweet flowers I
  • think it's some kind of like gardenia or
  • something and a light amount of vanilla
  • which is something I've never smelled in
  • a cigarette before that's no joke
  • you smoke
  • not as notable on the drive home just
  • lightly sweet
  • that's me that's for sure smooth a
  • little bit dry and again I mean the
  • smell was the most notable part the dry
  • pole was very mild the flavor is so far
  • at least pretty mild just tastes like a
  • you know full flavor and unfiltered
  • cigarette that's a little bit dry
  • whoo yeah this is this is strong that's
  • a strong cigarette but it's not nearly
  • as strong as that Chelsea out of the
  • cater option dinner that that was awful
  • this is a real cigarette experience it's
  • not like a a drag this is kind of
  • burning fast but um so the things
  • exceptional I mean I read the Raleigh's
  • which we haven't come across in Raleigh
  • yet
  • looks like a guy from the three
  • musketeers on the front of that pack
  • [Music]
  • two or three packs of Raleigh's would
  • trade for one pack of Lucky Strikes yeah
  • so those weren't very good tobacco not
  • sure how this would fare I'd still say
  • Lucky Strikes and candles are the best I
  • think I like this more than Chesterfield
  • it's not quite as strong and bold a
  • little bit lighter and you know tobacco
  • and for being an unfiltered that's nice
  • because usually these things will make
  • you feel like you need to sit down
  • halfway through this taste like a normal
  • good quality slightly dry full flavored
  • unfiltered cigarette can't go wrong
  • US army field rations see dinner be in
  • it from March 1943 you don't find that
  • every day it was the first generation of
  • the sea ration cigarette well anyway
  • this is Steve 1989 I hope you liked the
  • video I'll be coming back at you with
  • something new
  • her old alright cool
  • see
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]

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This specific WW2 C Ration Dinner B unit was produced for the month of March 1943. It's not just your average well-stored Dinner unit with biscuits, candy, lemonade, and sugar. It has one extra morale-boosting component that makes it the first generation of it's kind. The first C Ration cigarette.

This video also shows a brief photo-set preview of a 1906 US Army Emergency Ration in the credits. This is my newest project and am currently 50% through the filming process. This thing has held up beyond even my wildest expectations. So stay tuned.

For correspondence, or to send a Military Ration for review, my mailing information is:
3616 Harden Blvd
Lakeland, FL 33803

And thank you everyone for watching & subscribing - hope
you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
** All Music By: Steve1989 MREinfo **

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