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  • luckily a key okay good that family you
  • see this young forest niggas drop it
  • straight cash so else
  • [Applause]
  • at night how to fuck me me again so much
  • truth
  • [Music]
  • what's going on guys Tyler here from
  • lifestyle lifted here we're doing a max
  • out week here so we just finished up a
  • 12 week program um so now we're doing a
  • max out week so basically we're starting
  • off with bench then we're gonna do squat
  • and deadlift we're gonna do them on
  • several days but we're gonna be
  • combining the videos together to make it
  • all one max out vid
  • cv has the strongest lifts overall
  • you're probably not me but we're gonna
  • see so right now we're just warming up
  • and obviously we're all at different
  • weights going go get the boy leaning out
  • here he's locked in right now you know
  • I'm saying he's ready to go
  • but the big boy headphones up and today
  • because you know we gotta get in the
  • zone keep a hype up linen what you guys
  • what you think your max interview bro
  • what do you think the total is gonna be
  • overall I'm cool to go to - what does
  • that even mean warm - before Charles out
  • here you know that's a rare occurrence
  • so yeah like I said we're gonna record
  • us doing Max's and that's going to be it
  • for the video so if you want to see this
  • match go ahead and keep watching if you
  • don't so keep watching because why not
  • you're not doing anything else
  • there's a lot of people today but as the
  • week goes on you know
  • yeah be like just us - at the end of
  • yeah
  • alright so Tyler is about a hit a
  • lifetime PR of 225 he's been in a gym
  • for about I say good two years and we
  • all know he hasn't been able to hit this
  • yet so I'm pretty sure he's gonna hit it
  • off and it's gonna be gonna be good
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • all right this one is for all the
  • marbles
  • JJ his sis I gotta buy him Denny's a
  • little extra motivation you know you
  • know there's no food no to be no
  • motivates us I hear you guys know where
  • he started from he started working out
  • with us in June and I believe he did
  • 120-125 mmm now he's about to hit 185 so
  • what nothing nothing at all
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • i'ma stop making bastard of course meal
  • and you trying to max out all right
  • charlie
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • all right to 60 throws the Kospi funny
  • what's up this is my max like my real
  • max like two years ago so if I get it
  • again plate
  • Linden on the plate through it's not
  • play for 285 right now I think this is
  • gonna be a lifetime PR it hits it last
  • Max was 275 which I just hit so it's
  • gonna be 10 pounds more than that so
  • this is this my actual
  • [Music]
  • that's right that's right
  • lifetime PRA yeah bro nice no nobody's
  • home right now so what's the max right
  • now my real max though cuz you and Max
  • is 280 but I gotta hurt myself the same
  • day
  • let's the other clue yeah yes survive so
  • you would be able to see those over
  • right now
  • I took a week off I tried maxing again
  • they'll work out very much but just
  • what's the song choice for the missus
  • Irish guys we gotta see you always got
  • an interesting battle choice my god the
  • East Side
  • yeah you know it was Keri Hilson
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • flatline like you know girl cut that out
  • [Music]
  • you're gonna show the audience that you
  • can relate to this as a CEO then I need
  • to see that fight yeah the reigning
  • champ they always want to challenge me
  • bro
  • they always want to challenge people
  • this guy's sending the video last week
  • saying he could hit oh he hit 280 bro
  • oh but it don't matter it don't matter
  • bro I just want ten bucks yeah I don't
  • care about the money
  • guys whatever know my real max all right
  • guys so that's gonna wrap up day one of
  • the max out video so you saw all of our
  • Max is there my goal was to hit 225
  • tonight and I finally I haven't been
  • able to hit 225 all of my lifting career
  • I don't know if it was mental or what
  • but I hate 235 tonight Charles injured
  • still hit too
  • what I do in the clip of 280 so yes at
  • 280 so that's is max for right now J 250
  • PR JJ went up from I think like fuckin I
  • don't even know like 120 pounds of like
  • 195 and Linden with the top PR of if it
  • was 285 I think it's pretty hit
  • obviously shot in the video so you know
  • yeah Sebastian wrecks all PR tonight so
  • we all maxed out so day two we're gonna
  • be doing squats and that's coming at you
  • right now alright guys so it back out
  • here day to max out week so we're doing
  • squats and deadlifts tonight we're plan
  • to do squats on except for night
  • deadlifts on a separate night but we're
  • gonna combine tonight and kind of kill
  • ourselves and just fuckin do it so we're
  • gonna start it off we got Linden JJ's
  • here tonight we don't know who is he's
  • just he's one of a he's a client who's
  • checking out our program so so you know
  • we got new clients out here I say
  • special
  • I said that's behind the cam and then we
  • got Jay over there so yeah we maxed out
  • on squats tonight I'll show you that
  • huh yeah bro you know I got a one with
  • the legs bro warm up man
  • we saw Bronson shed dad looks a little
  • different today
  • [Music]
  • so best up enough for a 285 max right
  • now
  • I think it'll pretty easily so I gonna
  • go up as expected
  • jigeon's oh all right Jay stepping up
  • for a 275 right now I don't think he's
  • ever done this way so we'll see how it
  • goes
  • [Music]
  • no I think he might just almost hit it
  • what what are you talking about mom I
  • mean fuck
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • that's it that's it bro I mean
  • bullshitting me after that but you know
  • at the end of the day I'll take this
  • shit you know
  • next book I'm going up for a three sixty
  • five right now all right I don't hit 365
  • Romania have a backbone right now yes
  • 395 I'll buy him Dennis but basically
  • he's saying it's a wrap right
  • I'll be I'll go up like ten pounds bro
  • are you feeling out like a light
  • [Music]
  • how's that feel bro touching four or
  • five next time if you like the rock huh
  • let me close the battle all right so we
  • have here doing deadlifts now so the
  • same night we killing it so we all just
  • maxed on the squat as you saw and how we
  • doing Delos we warmed up
  • [Music]
  • all right let me step it up for 3 to 5
  • right now
  • [Music]
  • what's gonna I don't know if I'm a hit
  • than I could we just discussed last week
  • [Music]
  • yeah all right guys that's gonna wrap up
  • our max out week the overall winner
  • total weight highest you know it feels
  • pretty good not gonna lie but my goal
  • was to hit a thousand overall this is
  • actually a lifetime because back in high
  • school I only hit 700 high school yeah
  • get back in high school might be my
  • total of 700 but I think oh no it was a
  • good fucking week we all hit PRS than we
  • did I think we maxed out before the
  • program yeah we all PR please guys make
  • sure to LIKE comment share if you like
  • this video if you want to see more
  • videos like this if you want to get
  • another max off video at the end of our
  • next 12 week program go ahead and drop a
  • like and yeah see you next time light
  • like a light like a light
  • a light light like a light get a bastard

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Max out week! We finished out 12 week program and are maxing out to see what new PRs we can hit, and see who is the overall strongest! Like, comment, share, and subscribe! - Download Hi-Res Songs

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