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Video Do Mammograms Hurt? I take You With Me.
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  • so I am in this small tiny little booth
  • getting ready for my mammogram I need to
  • take off everything from the top of this
  • what I'm told waist up and put on this
  • lap and I gown try not to be jealous
  • we'll see how this goes not quite sure
  • what to expect but somebody told me I
  • need Advil sounds very good time nothing
  • like a flowered cape to make a girl feel
  • sexy look at this lovely number try not
  • to be jealous okay so it's about a full
  • four to five minutes since the last
  • video I did and I am completely done now
  • all of the hype about how terrible this
  • is I don't know maybe it's because I'm a
  • small chested girl but it really wasn't
  • nearly as bad as I imagined it would be
  • for pictures definitely some squishing
  • involved and next - when I was
  • breastfeeding and pumping likely the
  • most unattractive I have felt breast
  • wise but in the grand scheme of things
  • not so bad so now I am waiting to find
  • out whether now we're going to do an
  • ultrasound actually get results so I am
  • in love with where I am because they're
  • going to tell me what's going on right
  • away okay apparently technology has
  • improved a lot over the years this is
  • the dreaded mammogram machine you do get
  • squished a little bit in between that
  • black plate in the clear plate but
  • overall not nearly as bad as I had
  • feared okay so they decided to do a
  • quick ultrasound of the offending rust
  • if you will and that was my left and
  • I'm waiting for the results on that so
  • we'll see this process very quickly I
  • think I've only been in this whole place
  • for less than a half an hour so we've
  • been right at all so in less than an
  • hour I am out of the entire process and
  • this is the good news no lesions or
  • abnormalities I am good I am healthy
  • they said it is apparently as you as you
  • get older your breast tissue changes so
  • just one more thing to add to my list of
  • Wow it's fun to get older so either way
  • the good news is that I am healthy and I
  • do not need to worry about having any
  • major cysts or any lesions in my breasts
  • so good news glad that I did it
  • happy bit it is over
  • you

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Two weeks ago, my doctor found 3 lumps in my breast. Today I went for a mammogram - fingers crossed.


Breast Cancer Mammogram October Pink

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