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Video 2015 SYM T2 250i - Entry Sport Shootout Pt 1 - MotoUSA
03:34   |   146K+ views   |   08/20/2018 at 23:56


  • the sy MT to 250 I may not be quite at
  • home among the sport bikes of the
  • shootout but as an entry-level mount
  • it's hard not to look past the
  • affordability of this machine we wanted
  • to see how the Street Fighter held up
  • against the more sport oriented
  • motorcycles in the segment so put it on
  • the road to find out
  • people are probably wondering why the
  • sym is even in this contest
  • I mean Street Fighter 50 CCS down on the
  • competition but honestly like it's a
  • pretty good bike it's over $1,000 less
  • expensive than any other bike here I
  • think if you want to kind of get a
  • motorcycle you want like a real
  • motorcycle that's like bigger than a
  • Honda Grom but not so gnarly as maybe
  • like a RC 390 and you don't have a lot
  • of money that's why I'm the motorcycle
  • it cost thirty hundred dollars brand-new
  • I think that'd be a good option for
  • someone who just want something that's
  • really affordable but maybe not the best
  • before
  • the Sun fighter is kind of a tough one
  • to swallow in this lineup it's
  • definitely a little outclassed by a lot
  • of these bikes the ergonomics were a
  • little weird we kind of had like a
  • bunched
  • elbows and bunched knees even for a
  • small person like me so I think a lot of
  • riders might find that a bit
  • uncomfortable definitely awkward feeling
  • the bars come in tuck in and it's a real
  • different sensation especially coming
  • off of these other bikes what wasn't
  • uncomfortable was a seat it was for sure
  • the plushes seat out of all these bikes
  • so if you're going to log a lot of miles
  • doing freeway or kind of casual street
  • riding like you'll be definitely
  • comfortable sitting in that seat
  • traveling straight you know it was it
  • was super comfortable and I really
  • enjoyed it so when you got into the
  • corners that got the funky Bend of the
  • handlebars you know really kind of made
  • your elbows dig into your side it's a
  • little slow in the power but I think it
  • as far as top speeds go it'll keep up
  • nicely on the freeway with all the rest
  • of these bikes the thing that really
  • kind of got me is as soon as you hit the
  • redline power cuts off abruptly it did
  • kind of jars and and you know you got a
  • really pay attention to not going over
  • you know 9,000 rpm the motor has good
  • torque down low doesn't have a ton of
  • horsepower obviously being a 250
  • it's not the fastest thing on the road
  • but it works you know it handles pretty
  • well I'm sure the ergonomics are a
  • little bit goofy it's probably going to
  • favor someone who's a little bit smaller
  • just needs a little bit more refinement
  • you know the bars are a little bit
  • better if the suspension had a little
  • bit more dampening I think anybody can
  • be super happy with it it's by far the
  • cheapest bike here as far as price so I
  • mean I you know as a first first-time
  • rider you know somebody buying a bike
  • for the first time I think I think it's
  • a good choice the sym was outclassed in
  • terms of engine performance and needs
  • some refinement in the braking and
  • handling departments as well high marks
  • in fuel economy and its low price make
  • this bike an alluring commuter option
  • though along with a comfortable seat and
  • upright air goes as the entry level
  • segment continues to expand we don't
  • doubt the sym will find a receptive
  • audience but against the current crop of
  • load displacement sport bikes the sym
  • places fifth
  • you

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A little out of place among the assembled sportbikes of the shootout, the 2015 SYM T2 250i nonetheless demonstrated its worth as an entry-level motorcycle thanks to its great fuel economy and affordable price tag. Read the full comparison:



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