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Video Media Ethics Course Introduction
02:20   |   99 views   |   08/20/2018 at 23:59


  • welcome to media ethics I'm Carl
  • Houseman this course i believe is
  • increasingly important in the connected
  • digital world this is a world where
  • anyone can be a publisher anyone can
  • reach thousands of people instantly
  • worldwide this magnifies the possibility
  • of harm magnifies the possibility of
  • damage to someone's reputation and
  • magnifies the chance that your
  • reputation will be damages if you make
  • an ethical mistake here's how the course
  • works we have eight modules and total
  • each begins with a lecture sometimes the
  • lecture is broken into two parts there
  • are three basic sources of readings one
  • is crisis of conscience that's a book
  • that I wrote several years ago some of
  • the examples of course are old but the
  • second source which is current events
  • readings keeps it fresh keeps us updated
  • with information about what's going on
  • currently in the world of media ethics
  • there is a book called media ethics at
  • work these are scenarios that you're
  • likely to encounter early in your career
  • most of the readings from this have been
  • posted in the syllabus although
  • occasionally i may post a chapter in the
  • current events section if it deals with
  • something that's unfolding at the time
  • there are three films in the course one
  • is called the insider this is a movie
  • about profit versus of responsibility
  • and about ethical relations with sources
  • the next movie absence of malice it's
  • about relationships with sources the
  • nature of truth and about privacy the
  • third film shattered glass about
  • fabrication and plagiarism there are
  • also discussion boards where you can
  • weigh in about current events and the
  • topics of lectures and films what I want
  • to say in conclusion is covered in the
  • early lectures but I think it bears
  • repeating here studying ethics is not
  • really about abstract issues it's not
  • about an instructor telling you how to
  • be ethical that won't work it is about
  • seeing how others have handled ethical
  • dilemmas and seeing what best practices
  • have evolved it's about learning from
  • the mistakes of others learning from the
  • mistakes of others is easy learning from
  • your own mistakes that's painful so
  • while
  • and I hope you enjoy this exploration
  • into media ethics

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