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Video 5 bài tập tại nhà giúp bộ ngực thêm nở nang, gợi cảm Lam dep 24h
03:44   |   229 views   |   06/21/2018 at 21:39


  • hey guys I'm trainer amy-jo with
  • athlean-x sex for women and today we're
  • doing the five best chest exercises
  • okay guys I got my heavyweight we're
  • going to get started with our five best
  • chest exercises so I've got my dumbbells
  • here I'm going to roll forward on my
  • ball we're doing alternating chest press
  • I'm going to go 10 each arm so I'm going
  • to 12 2011 keeping that chest out clips
  • whip 20 good and one arm down now we're
  • doing single arm chest while still on
  • the back someone just 5 10 each side
  • good keeping that chest out don't let
  • your shoulder top / want just to be the
  • chest right on the PEC squeeze 910 can
  • really feel this one in the core two
  • stabilizing on the bag squeeze for good
  • three two one awesome my next one is
  • your decline push-up you're going to use
  • the ball go out same thing we're going
  • to do ten and you can start out here or
  • beginners can bring the knees in a
  • little bit more 10 here we go abs tight
  • three last one could bring it on down
  • stability ball in crime chest fly so
  • grab the dumbbells again sit on the ball
  • Rock forward this one we're going to
  • drop your hips sir heating mode the
  • incline on the chest same thing ten here
  • think about the top of the chest five
  • four three squeeze one nice and our last
  • one is a mirror grip chest press and I'm
  • going to use my plate because my elbows
  • are gonna be in end with a bang nice and
  • heavy we'll all the way out you're in
  • table top it was in press squeeze the
  • chest think about it every rep five four
  • three two one boom all right there you
  • have it five best chest exercises you
  • can go faster you can lift heavier two
  • great ways to increase your intensity
  • check out athlean-x x for women for more
  • programs just like this one that can get
  • you in the best shape of your life I
  • mean DJ we'll see you next time

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