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Video No Man's Sky | Part 82: THE NEW TEXTURES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! RUINS!!! [NMS | Atlas Rises 1.3 Update]
23:30   |   12/11/2018 at 23:36


  • [Music]
  • hello YouTube elbows back once again for
  • the more no man's sky and our beautiful
  • space adventure and without to hit this
  • planet because there's an anomalous to
  • broadcast here which i think is still
  • part of my little quest things at the
  • beginning i've managed to meet what
  • they'll hyperdrives in the last episode
  • i haven't found any answer at the end of
  • car powering yeah but I wonder if this
  • patient might help
  • is the frost bound planning with
  • so I expected his be covered in snow it
  • looks pretty cool was it that's the
  • lantern it was Bernal
  • - why - initiate landers you're crazy
  • you are great with this already of the
  • 1x I was struggling to hurry
  • Oh while his girl walks but he began
  • after my mini golf
  • why here creatures III sea creatures Oh
  • warm there's loads of them
  • nice we found our first little snow
  • planet in the new update
  • holy hell these new textures look look
  • at this the most birds up there oh man
  • that looks so cool man this all day is
  • like the best thing the textures are
  • just so good I need to try and scammers
  • birdies tonight my recently so I saw the
  • last thing I saw at the station in The
  • Blueprint Raider there's a load of
  • analysis vibe that upgrades and stuff
  • that you can get that actually help you
  • get more units for scanning animals and
  • help you scan bear stuff and all this
  • kind of all this kind of good stuff that
  • we need to work toward but I didn't have
  • the rankings to get it yet cuz I'm still
  • I just go I'm still a little scrubber
  • but we'll get there we'll work our way
  • up to it for sure it's so much new stuff
  • why I'm still really overwhelmed by the
  • Marines my orderly contended with me
  • this looks really cool oh I should scan
  • this before destroying good ice camera
  • look well it's gone now I will go back
  • to that thing that we just landed at
  • don't worry we'll check out some of the
  • creatures here now this is a weird plant
  • with these qualities crazy rock
  • structures everywhere hello this is the
  • people it was a little horn I didn't
  • notice that
  • oh did I scan you yes hey old geezers
  • Gamzee grub up so
  • look here's no pighead
  • uh-uh Oh No I just don't want shit like
  • that who's read through this act like
  • not really keep you get them Jim
  • Brickman Camellia attack now as well
  • where do you want okay right yeah that's
  • right run away well I'm gonna start he
  • took quite a lot killing
  • although saying that we have to go the
  • little startin of the molle tools with
  • us will be understandable this place
  • looks awesome
  • I've been really enjoying flying like
  • super low to harm and use bushes on it
  • I've been enjoying like flying super low
  • on the planets like through all the
  • little canyons and stuff that's probably
  • my favorite thing so far with a new
  • update I know we haven't seen my hardly
  • anything to do update so it's a bit soon
  • to be picking our favorite things but
  • that's my favorite football team and of
  • course the graphical overhaul that like
  • just huge I've got it already got it
  • what do we got discovered sin mammals
  • all traffic 7,500 unit that because
  • we're explorers guys we go do the
  • traveling anything here that could
  • appeal what is your part no Lou at all
  • sure all right I've going here let's see
  • oh no one of these buddy boys hello I
  • wonder if these are more dangerous power
  • we are we your friends just hi guys
  • don't buy be discovered as I awful this
  • was an honest deal and what oh yeah now
  • my conscience will fix this up and give
  • ourselves the text in our country yes
  • it's all I don't have enough iron
  • typicall typicall what do we get from
  • here I'm still getting no okay just
  • check it up into them to do all of we
  • got here repair by removing the
  • corrupted material okay do I want to
  • keep it on keep it in situ our travel
  • online selecting key decrypting success
  • nailed it the down-low we've clogged
  • with an unnerving pulsating slime block
  • nevertheless it appears to function as I
  • touch the input panel the alien
  • substance reacts violently I make a note
  • to avoid getting closer the device opens
  • revealing a single unblinking crimson
  • eye it deposits a sample of antimatter
  • accompanied by SH yes I need it
  • antimatter yeah boy we are on the road
  • to Viridian city you will find us when
  • the time is right
  • 16 16 16
  • now I'm just going to creep myself out
  • there that's craft a water cell I can
  • totally do that yes but first I want to
  • have a look around here
  • there's no rush way well maybe we should
  • do it right now just it oh no this is
  • been pretty valuable so I mean I'll keep
  • it
  • I'll keep in and we'll sell it if I
  • don't know if anyone's gonna want to buy
  • it I mean it doesn't seem it's pretty
  • gross would you like to buy some goop
  • sir oh this is cool as well so each
  • thing has a different like we have
  • different inventories now in our ships
  • so I noticed as well I just noticed I I
  • can build stuff in here if I wanted but
  • I've actually got a specific technology
  • slot so that's where I built my
  • hyperdrive I don't know if that's the
  • optimal way to do it but I did it boil
  • so now we have to craft ourselves a
  • chipper I need to craft myself a walks
  • out right what else do I need I need
  • four boom no I don't have a B for B of
  • God jab it what I'm like for them man
  • you guys are always telling me like I
  • was very to also sell a muscle you just
  • get rid of it when I didn't care before
  • but now I going back to the beginning I
  • can see how important will be it is and
  • how spare sparsa is I can never find it
  • give you the full view please what did I
  • do all the thingies are in yeah I didn't
  • say I do
  • no I don't think I did did I didn't do
  • this maybe I did no I did of course I
  • did what a gyp oh come on
  • what a planet I love I'm loving this
  • grass bingo these rocks are awesome like
  • this is totally new for Spencer oh I am
  • we need iron I'm certainly going to get
  • that going fix that thing and get one
  • now our countries how could I forget we
  • can be rich Fela people yelling all
  • right cool man the terrain improvements
  • are quite quite something on me I think
  • this this little scene right here is old
  • battle-ax oh that looks so cool huh that
  • looks really really cool if I can get
  • some grass in there as well yeah what a
  • shot if you just see that is that little
  • tiny space station up there as well you
  • could just about see that maybe we did
  • not want to put the Sun there and that
  • is cool this game is beautiful
  • and it's just getting more and more
  • beautiful all the time which is awesome
  • Wow I can't even have a more like the
  • next update is going to be this certain
  • like everything I could think of was
  • pretty much added in this update all in
  • one go little cheerful had us all a
  • little like measuring our expectations
  • of being careful and then BAM they just
  • stopped everything at once what little
  • ones I just do I totally forgot what I
  • was about to do I was gonna I saw I'm
  • looking whoa whoa whoa what's that what
  • hit me
  • come on him you little get rekt voice
  • what you like joining ahead little play
  • so much plutonium in a minute I'm
  • fighting prytaneum like crazy miles on
  • every planet but for them not so much
  • oh hey who the hell the praying mantis
  • more freakazoid no no no no please get
  • out here I'll go get you this buddy boy
  • okay oh oh oh nice freaky of hell
  • Alex awesome boy huh I'm genuinely looks
  • really cool what a guy what a guy right
  • now is killing if all you aggressively I
  • need to get me that plasma grenade
  • broadway's but yeah I don't even have a
  • bolt car fare like Blair passing you
  • what in your loop I'm hitting them again
  • yeah you just tumble down a hill or fuck
  • up I like that I was good right
  • enough enough jibber-jabber I don't mess
  • around love interruptions it just looks
  • so cool
  • I can't believe how cool it looks like
  • everything just looks so much sleeker
  • and smoother and all the time to be
  • alive right oh these are cool too I will
  • take your carbon
  • hey this is giving you rubbish off the
  • car what is your part I put into the
  • water for now oh yeah I'm looking for
  • volume right of course where is a phobia
  • like come on
  • oh hello oh no who's covered let me out
  • you the heck are you ah the creatures
  • here a crazy Oh cleavable don't kill me
  • don't kill we dig in with it come on
  • come on we can take it ask anymore if
  • you like so much for the central canal
  • Ian you know as we go it's not what for
  • is a self-defense
  • well no I don't think I've been this low
  • cave yet let me go is this a cave on and
  • the snow is awesome I need is 15 see
  • what was thought do I don't like seal
  • the input of case the minor this was a
  • math you look like a Cajun it's like a
  • slight indentation in the cave but it's
  • a very small one by Little Italy and
  • let's just go further back and I know -
  • oh it does good my far back but anywho
  • alright let's get down their neck the
  • skin oh this looks super bright and life
  • sweet that looks really good let's
  • follow the trail see what we get I love
  • talking to some of my ship anywhere now
  • so I don't have to worry if I the best
  • thing for me any four moves down here
  • one of the chances are probably pretty
  • slim
  • [Music]
  • and yes
  • [Music]
  • what if we got all the Reuben from this
  • town is that this pronouns off-planet no
  • if I still off-planet so we need to I
  • definitely wanna go check out the rooms
  • I don't I don't know what ruins do I
  • think they're part of the story now so
  • it will be cool to go and check them out
  • for sure God thank you shorts on you you
  • just yeah when the game looks like this
  • you just have to you just have to do it
  • right leve some of the shit this is I've
  • had enough walking around on foot thank
  • you very much
  • doing on on this how did I do that
  • there we go he's coming hopefully
  • they're very honest such a cool feature
  • I hadn't even thought about that for
  • such a that has just made exploring
  • planets so much better well I don't have
  • to worry about fame or the triple time
  • what does exclamation marks
  • what is that build a wall say a I mean
  • permeable I don't know where there is it
  • what is over to these I guess we'll go
  • through like the old the good old
  • question mark where unless we want to go
  • to another planet here yeah I do point
  • at your hand on the planet I've got a
  • couple of drop pods as well so our suit
  • inventories I think three I've got three
  • slots bigger than it was within the last
  • episode you know we'll make slow
  • progress on it
  • unlike some stops between state yeah
  • things let's just do it let's go to
  • check out one of the other time I'm so
  • eager to see all the like different cuz
  • there's an exotic planets now and I've
  • never seen one in my life so I cover it
  • across our first one of those that's one
  • of my like early goals I think so have I
  • been to this planet it's weird to some
  • of the planets gives you like some sort
  • of description about what's there and
  • then others don't what a lot of to say
  • unmask but some of them say like for a
  • frosty planet or something like that or
  • was that one we saw the other day like
  • super critical planning of something
  • which is basically a super toxic one in
  • description the crane or would very
  • close to this
  • study me to edit it out let's see let's
  • see if they're artists or exactly see if
  • the planets do look like how they look
  • now by our command recession something
  • them all so this one's looking kind of
  • brownie I guess like a lot people expect
  • like yeah it's definitely let's take us
  • so far
  • it's always seems like it right it
  • definitely seems like they're more like
  • Europe from outside so if we see a
  • bright green like touristy little planet
  • we've got a fruit we're going to find
  • this looks like a real bearable I hate
  • is being a green or the pink agreements
  • so gasping to me what is that you got is
  • that some weird glitch there like a
  • weird thing just directly in front of me
  • there that was very strange
  • let's see slightly flylo's while oh so
  • cool especially on the planets they have
  • like deep canyons this one though this
  • looks quite hilly but I can't see any
  • big Canyon so far
  • can we do I'm just thinking like once
  • they actually put in because obviously
  • their work on the more you play like
  • crazy right now I ended up being more of
  • a thing than I thought is going to be
  • there obviously like trying to build
  • that properly into the game so at some
  • point if we can actually have like
  • player on player ship races that will be
  • so cool quite podracing through the
  • valleys I love it I kind of a go-to
  • stamp Bruin I'm really excited to see
  • Arun for the first time in the new
  • update do you want to do that now I
  • guess I should at least my land on this
  • comment I feel bad for my but if I ever
  • get a try let's go hey let's Lam the
  • slammin a little Tony look around see
  • even the barrel like the barrel looking
  • planet like this look way cooler now
  • [Music]
  • what if we go why what is Victoria below
  • 0 phobia but I'd be a geode right here
  • cannot believe it alright I think I'm
  • going to pause there I'm gonna have a
  • little look around since for me and
  • we're gonna build a hyperdrive I don't
  • know if there's any more planets in this
  • sisters but I haven't explored yet if
  • there is we'll check one of those out if
  • not I think we're gonna try and walk to
  • a new system so I'll see you in a second
  • okay we're back because I found this
  • absolutely beautiful ruin and back on
  • the fiery planet that we started on this
  • is where the ruin symbol was coming and
  • I just just come in and have a look at
  • it's awesome
  • I've already pushed this little ball
  • down the hill I wish I thought the
  • record it clearly it was pretty fun it
  • was at the top there and it just rolled
  • down here well put a little bit of glue
  • and then sweat all the way down here
  • yes swine is the word I used it does not
  • make sense it is not real word but
  • that's what I'm going for
  • look at it the shiny wheel ball fly down
  • the hill you can do it buddy don't give
  • up keep going freedom
  • laughs I didn't expect there's a role
  • for that bar but the reason the main
  • reason I want to be here I've taken a
  • few pictures to the fourth is one of the
  • reason how Cleese these foreign oil is
  • important the reason is because legend
  • have it
  • behold the flagpoles of ruins supposedly
  • point towards portals so it's either
  • pause or they directed to other ruins
  • that then point you to another place
  • which will eventually end up to pull
  • some thinking I mean why not let's just
  • just give it a little tiny fly in that
  • direction and see if we do happen to
  • stumble across i'm not going to search
  • forever like I'm not gonna like
  • rigorously test this thing I'm just
  • going to pop in I'm going to fly over
  • that direction for a little while see if
  • I happen to stumble across a ball very
  • easily if I do that'll be amazing if not
  • then we'll head somewhere else that's no
  • biggie but I figured since I have been
  • hearing that more and more lately
  • I'll give it a quick yo I don't know if
  • it's true I don't know how how it was
  • like directly this way so we went and we
  • can actually probably fly low now as
  • well so I'm gonna fly alone what's it
  • whoa oh gosh I hit the floor pretty hard
  • there it was this a way I think my words
  • for sticking to my plan probably go the
  • wrong way already I feel like it was
  • over here
  • whew I will take it in how about so we
  • didn't see a portal just yet but we
  • didn't really do much harm either oh
  • wait I've not been here already am i how
  • long I guess a little very soon find out
  • I need I can't find any for them now
  • that I've like desperately trying to
  • find it to make an C bar is nowhere to
  • be seen it's always the way isn't it the
  • second you need something never never
  • going to find it they even charge
  • so one thing left - Emmett by making our
  • little mark in the new gallery I didn't
  • realize how cool these tree things look
  • but with the smoke and the new textures
  • floor and everything I was pretty damn
  • awesome man I love this game
  • all right okay after nine times I
  • ignored it there's loads of buildings
  • here the heck hmm very interesting
  • let me improve although I come bearing
  • get a staff and destruction let's do the
  • puzzle please be an easy one
  • yes three 908 908 308 three nines and
  • there should be eight three nine zero
  • Hey almost click the first one almost
  • tricked me why he read it whoops
  • we found something I missed it what a
  • gyp oh I will I'll be stealing this
  • thank you very much
  • I need to film you please give before
  • you blink you see somebody anybody help
  • me
  • anybody out there maybe in one of these
  • other people somehow one who did I just
  • find another another ruling on one of
  • those other planets it's pretty shortly
  • go back before forever will give up
  • what a poor man might argue over how
  • good space looks now like from the
  • planet hello ah
  • Nikhil Chris I knew I saw some other
  • corner of my eye oh I just discovered a
  • rock - Wow my Santa suit huh
  • oh you're going above bottom remember
  • thank you see that was it gets canceled
  • are you kidding me it's my scanner
  • birthday what's up Oh
  • oh my god this thing is awesome what the
  • heck I don't even see it you get out
  • here fool
  • I don't even see this guy looks so cool
  • the heck nice what find he is because as
  • I look at that over little Bulba and
  • then I found this guy like without even
  • noticing
  • ah he's cool is he of I scanned in is he
  • feeling he's doing here you see anyone
  • what about you I mean it's kinda chill
  • flat out yeah good without the other one
  • was like not maybe scanning if you liked
  • it
  • he's high-paid our there little guy
  • I can't believe it it's the nerve of
  • these creatures all platinum I'll take
  • down Shh
  • ah my fault yeah well drifter I have
  • traveled ten
  • oh holy moly we found a big boy oh man I
  • did not give this planet out of Thor me
  • in the air we need more of this waitress
  • for him
  • I don't know phormium shows up on a scan
  • and actually once doesn't find it I
  • should know this one they leave America
  • and I want to go check out the guy he is
  • huge two hundred and seventy kilograms
  • almost six meters tall and he has lots
  • of legs
  • what the heck what a guy he looks like
  • hideously deformed Alex one was clean I
  • could the textures on him look awesome
  • though the hardest time is a pretty
  • gross looking one at a time in the myth
  • where but this guy looks awesome Wow
  • look at he's like he has like stone
  • things like staggered on skype typing
  • now it's awesome
  • it almost looks like there's an actual
  • rock like growing out of him I like that
  • I like this news the new textures and
  • stuff it's regal voice just poses
  • alright we'll leave it will even be I
  • kind of want to kill it and see yeah see
  • how much more do I would get from in
  • person a little bit a little bit of a
  • harsh reason to commit
  • first
  • there was still that little one or the
  • man there was a real one that escapes me
  • without relating with scanning here's
  • all kinds of stuff to scan and all kinds
  • of Units for us to get which is good
  • because we're pretty we're happy we're
  • not doing too bad we're doing okay yes
  • form um does show up on the scan I
  • thought I'm just on a hard-line point Oh
  • what can I get rid of exosuit let's have
  • a look I can pulled it from the other
  • one all right I think that's gonna do it
  • for today's episode guys hopefully you
  • join the series as always if you are
  • please do drop a like and a comment that
  • stuff helps like crazy and I'll be back
  • in the next one for some more no man sky
  • and our beautiful space access you take
  • a guy's ear piece
  • you

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