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Video What if the Seahawks Ran the Ball?
11:44   |   today at 16:22


  • [Music]
  • but
  • [Applause]
  • so he breaks up the play for every
  • single person who tuned into this game
  • it's deja vu the helmet catch flashed
  • into everyone's mind
  • and the outcome was seemingly inevitable
  • a slow and painful realization for
  • Belichick Brady and every Patriots fan
  • in existence they gotta try and stop the
  • most unstoppable running back that I've
  • ever seen not once before times in a row
  • good luck on first down they barely
  • stopped on he was so close to getting
  • into the endzone
  • the Seahawks had put up nearly 400 yards
  • in that game they just needed one more
  • one more yard to solidify themselves as
  • a dynasty
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • I don't know what's more obvious fact
  • that Seattle should have ran the ball or
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  • video and now let's get back to the team
  • at question the Seahawks that
  • interception and the Super Bowl
  • single-handedly ruined them this was the
  • breaking point that led to the eventual
  • collapse that was the Legion of boom the
  • Legion of boom thrived off of attitude
  • but Seattle had a history of issues
  • within the team and following the loss
  • in the Superbowl this locker room
  • problem would escalate a year before the
  • fade old Malcom Butler interception they
  • were fresh off of winning it all the
  • previous season there was an early
  • summer practice where things got heated
  • Sherman picked off Wilson in practice
  • and this is what took place according to
  • witnesses Sherman threw the ball back at
  • Wilson and yelled you effing suck
  • another fight broke out Sherman was
  • cussing and yelling Wilson seemed
  • stunned P Carroll stopped practice and
  • would later hold a series of meetings to
  • remind the players they need to build
  • each other up not tear each other down
  • and that they needed to support their
  • quarterback further pissing off a
  • defense that already thought the head
  • coach went out of his way to protect him
  • look attitude happens when a team comes
  • together as one completely buying into a
  • coach's message these players were
  • completely bought in until that play if
  • you don't think that one play can throw
  • everything out of whack this
  • this many of the core players have
  • criticized Carol for years this snippet
  • from the New York Post said that quote
  • Averell is not the first xcr to
  • criticize Carol this offseason as both
  • Sherman and Bennett have taken shots of
  • their former coach Sherman accused Carol
  • of quote devaluing core players and
  • Bennet suggested Carol was redundant and
  • easy to tune out I do think the team
  • would have bought in more to what coach
  • carol was saying instead of going the
  • opposite way of this is what we thought
  • the foundation of the team was and
  • that's not what happened on this
  • particular play so I think guys started
  • questioning him more moreso than
  • actually following his lead if we had
  • won that Super Bowl trust me on this
  • when your coach becomes redundant and
  • easy to tune out and gets away from what
  • made you a great team you lose that
  • critical connection between the two
  • Seattle fell into a bit of a panic mode
  • following the Super Bowl just barely a
  • month had passed before they traded away
  • their two-time Pro Bowl Center and their
  • upcoming first-round pick for Jimmy
  • Graham Jimmy Graham is a complete freak
  • and at the time this seemed like a solid
  • move to give this offense a reliable red
  • zone threat but let me show you how the
  • Seahawks were built best defense in the
  • league they don't force a lot of
  • turnovers but you can't move the ball on
  • them let alone trying to put up a bunch
  • of points they complement this with the
  • number one rush attack in the NFL and
  • they dominate time of possession
  • especially based on the length of their
  • average Drive this strategy is
  • undeniably successful and it's the
  • reason that this team became so
  • devastating now let me tell you about
  • that Jimmy Graham trade again Seattle
  • gave up their center piece on their old
  • line and burned a first-round pick for a
  • non-blocking tight end with a massive
  • contract and coming off his worst season
  • since his rookie year I know it's a
  • little bit of hindsight but if this
  • front office sticks to how they build
  • his team organically through the draft
  • sleeper picks overlooked Talent
  • they could have kept building on to what
  • they had already established instead we
  • saw an offense quickly turned into one
  • of the league's worst by 2016
  • running behind a shallow injury prone
  • offensive line Marshawn Lynch had his
  • worst yards per carry average since the
  • year that he was
  • traded to Seattle dealing with that
  • along with getting injured was enough
  • for Marshawn to realize what was going
  • on here just two years after being
  • arguably the best running back in the
  • league he called it quits he decided to
  • announce his retirement the day of Super
  • Bowl 50 eventually other players have
  • retired most recently kam chancellor
  • others have been on the trade block and
  • most of them have just left altogether
  • at the Rose Bowl 2006 history just seems
  • to repeat itself On January 4th 2006
  • USC had the chance to cement themselves
  • as the first legitimate powerhouse of
  • the 21st century they had one of the
  • year before also tied for the title in
  • 2003 this means that they could have won
  • their third title in a row
  • [Applause]
  • after losing at Texas P Carol and USC
  • would fall into utter chaos spiraling
  • downwards until P Carol left in January
  • 2010 four years later this is a
  • prediction based on history
  • if P Carol resigns or is fired around
  • February of 2019 not only will Malcolm
  • Butler and Vince Young be sipping tea
  • together but deja vu will have brutally
  • run its course there are two sides to
  • this what if that need to be talked
  • about let's start with Malcolm Butler
  • his life changed because of one play
  • want me to prove it he entered Super
  • Bowl xlviii as the fifth string
  • cornerback he only had one star of that
  • entire season and hadn't exactly proven
  • himself I read an article discussing the
  • build-up to Butler's incredible
  • interception during practice that week
  • they'd practice against that very play
  • but Butler failed to stop it the article
  • mentions the Patriots weren't even sure
  • who they play in that situation the reps
  • were split between three dudes Butler
  • was only in in a Super Bowl because Kyle
  • Arrington had played poorly in the first
  • half that play in the Super Bowl was
  • enough confirmation of Belichick to dump
  • the three other corners in favor of
  • Butler now if we say that Seattle ran
  • the ball Malcolm Butler would be
  • remembered as the unlucky guy who this
  • happened to it's possible that he would
  • even go to his role as backup cornerback
  • to be honest Belichick has an eye for
  • talent and Butler would still most
  • likely be good eventually at worst he
  • may never go to the Pro Bowl but this is
  • what you're here for the biggest what-if
  • that stems from this entire scenario
  • what would have happened to the Seahawks
  • if they had just ran the ball
  • the Seahawks settle into the offseason
  • as back-to-back Super Bowl champions
  • it's the 2015 NFL Draft now just a
  • little different originally Seattle sent
  • off their starting center and
  • first-round pick for Jimmy Graham in our
  • updated situation I'm gonna go with the
  • old phrase if it ain't broke don't fix
  • it
  • they just won their second Super Bowl on
  • the legs of games MVP Marshawn Lynch
  • they know they don't need a further
  • decimate this offensive line so based on
  • team needs and what ma graph said that
  • they would have done before the trade
  • they had tightened Charles clay in the
  • offseason a lesser version of Jimmy
  • Graham but this is still an effective
  • option and now they have their starting
  • center back and their first-round
  • selection and with that pig they would
  • now take an offensive guard which the
  • highest rated one left was Mitch Morse
  • he will develop into an excellent run
  • blocker and eventually make the move the
  • center when max Unger retires with these
  • simple changes Seattle now has the best
  • defense in football and their offense is
  • even better this is the season that
  • beastmode suffered a midseason injury in
  • missed extended time but based on how
  • they rallied without him if he gets hurt
  • I think they're still fine and they make
  • the playoffs anyway they win two more
  • games than they originally did which now
  • has them taking the division and
  • swapping places with the Cardinals
  • meaning that this never happens
  • ultimately at near the end of the
  • 2015-2016 season
  • Denver's still goes on to beat New
  • England in the AFC Championship and on
  • the NFC side of things instead of
  • Seattle playing the Panthers in the
  • divisional matchup they now me in the
  • NFC Championship
  • remember how bad Seattle played in that
  • playoff game and almost came back this
  • time they don't start nearly as poorly
  • and with a stronger roster and be smote
  • healthy they advance to their third
  • straight Super Bowl 50 the rematch
  • things look a little bit different than
  • when these two faced off two years prior
  • instead of having a record-setting
  • offense
  • the Broncos now have a tenacious defense
  • meanwhile dealing with a gimpy armed
  • Peyton Manning although the Super Bowl
  • is much closer than the previous game it
  • doesn't matter in a low-scoring
  • defensive
  • the Seahawks three-peat this is the
  • first time this has ever happened in NFL
  • history
  • just naturally based on how this team
  • was built it would have slowly began to
  • fade but at that point it wouldn't have
  • mattered they could have been in
  • consideration for one of the greatest
  • teams ever but when we take a look at
  • reality instead of remembering how good
  • this team once was we will always
  • remember them as the team who failed to
  • win back-to-back Super Bowls they have
  • become the ultimate example of showing
  • how one play can ruin everything
  • not just the fact that they lost that
  • Super Bowl but the decision to past was
  • so catastrophic it began a max exodus
  • out of Seattle for many players and it's
  • ultimately just a matter of time before
  • the next man who's on his way out is the
  • man who made that ill-fated decision in
  • the first place
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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The Legion of Boom fell as fast as it rose to the top, and this can be traced back to one single play that changed everything. It was such a shocking moment that people will always wonder what would have happened if they handed the ball to Marshawn Lynch AKA Beastmode. In this video, I provide the events that led to the downfall of this team and play out a realistic situation of what could have possibly taken place. Enjoy!

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