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Video Dinaklisan Festival (Currimao)- Tan-ok ni Ilocano Festival of Festivals 2014
06:48   |   27K+ views   |   07/18/2018 at 22:02


(Check storyline below)
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The vast sea is a haven of great wealth. From it springs incredible marine life and the livelihood of lowly fisherfolks. Sa dagat ding ito sumisibol ang pag-ibig – pag-ibig sa biyayang handog ng Diyos at pagmamahalan ng mga magsing-irog.

Ngayong taon, nais ipamalas ng bayan ng Currimao ang natatanging pagmamahalang dulot ng simoy ng dagat at ng hangarin ng isang binatang mangingisda na bumuo ng isang payak ngunit masayang pamilya.

The people of Currimao, though living in simplicity, are hardworking, devoted, and loving fellows. But there is one young man who’s as devoted to his work as to his love for a beautiful maiden. It is only through fishing where he sustains his life and which he deems as his destiny. And this life he wants to share with the love of his life. But he is challenged to offer the maiden the greatest bounties of the sea.

To do this, he sets out to sea swimming by himself and braves the cold water and all the dangers thereunder with the hope for an abundant catch. But such a pity, he comes back with only one fish, and worst stung by a jellyfish. This disappointed his beloved. But his great love compels him even more to sway her of his great intentions. He builds his own Bangka and takes on another journey to the sea. Undaunted by any danger, he swims deep and beholds a wonderful treasure thereunder. Amazed with what he saw, he takes out his fishing tools and starts grabbing the biggest fish he could catch, until he fills his Bangka with abundance.

As he nears the shoreline, he waves colored flaglets as a sign of good catch. His fellow fishers and the young boys around are gladdened by this sight and help the conquering lad take his catch to shore. At ito ang tinatawag ng mga Ilokano na“dinaklisan” – showing a sense of community and cooperation. As the lad alights from his Bangka, he runs toward his beloved who is flashing a sweet smile for this conquest. But the man is even happier for he knows he has finally won the queen of his life. At that same moment, he asked for his beloved’s hand and got the sweetest ‘yes’ he has ever heard. Intay nanamen ti sam-it ni ayat babaen kadaytoy a pabuya iti Ili ti Currimao!

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